Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Joyce Renee Navarra
    Joyce Renee Navarra

    bitch if you f***ing hate miley cyrus STOP VIEWING HER PICTURES!!!

  • Lilyann

    Okay, everyone knows this isn't a flattering picture of her, but everyone gets those, so it doesn't make her ugly. I like the dress but I just think it should maybe cover a little more of her lower chest because it seems like she might have a little exposure soon after this photo was taken. Not her fault, just the style of the dress.

  • TenYrOldInTheWrongPlace

    Read my name and u will know why i want all of u 2 stop cussing & fighting cuz Miley is pretty and u r not u mean jealous,immature ,adults & maybe even teens

  • Big time rusher forever
    Big time rusher forever

    People are we really making a BIG deal over one girls opinion? seriously?.... What Miley cyrus does is HER BUISSNESS and nothing you can do or say can change that

  • Ellie Pelensky
    Ellie Pelensky

    So what I want to know is where is the Risque outfit album for Beyonce or Rihanna or Gaga or any other artist out there.

  • goodgirl12

    and you think she's a virgin!?!? ha...

  • kbh

    @bananas2 If you don't like Miley Cyrus, then why are you wasting your time looking at her photos and commenting on each and every single one of her photos?! you obviously got your opinion out there so no need to say it 50 more times.

  • dish

    hey u egg shaped face or r donkey. i cant believe that people have lack of common sense

  • Felipe Quiroz Quezada
    Felipe Quiroz Quezada

    I dance with you till dawn

  • Truth

    You are so ugly, I looked at your pic. What are you jealous of Miley? Miley looks even hotter now and you get more and more fugly.

  • Dude

    She must b a po*nstar not a singer

  • Pyra

    Your right. it does look like that. Ive been viewing her pics because I'm curious about what she looks like now. She may dress "real" to some people. but where I come from. that's what we call looking like a slut. People should seriously stop messing with you for having a "dirty" mind. Miley has a dirty mind for wearing all this stuff.

  • Talia Baksh
    Talia Baksh

    EWW!!!! HOE BAG


    YES. Please do it.


    Everyone 'defending' Miley can't spell or use grammar for shit. I don't even need to say more. Go to school.


    Yeah. Sexy in a trashy way.

  • Jpizzle

    I really want her to become pregnant with my swimmers. This picture is really hot. Whenever anyone says miley for now on im gonna think of this picture.

  • Jpizzle

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo u tell her. that semicircular crease at the bottom of her boob of course coundnt be her boob. after all its not like she wearing a skimpy outfit or anything leaving herself open to wardrobe malfunctions

  • Jpizzle

    i hope english isnt ur first language

  • Jpizzle

    lol miley is photographed using a stripper pole. Its really funny to listen to all these 12 year old girls who squeem at the word "sex" and will defend miley to their last living breath. I literally lol at anyone who idolizes these dumb slutty broads

  • emuse

    yeah bananas, you clearly "have too many SEX in the mind." fucking retards learn to speak ENGLISH.

  • emuse

    yes. she is.

  • Abc

    I don't care how she dresses, I'm grown up and I don't really need role models to look up to, like the 11 and 12 year old and even younger girls.... I hope my kids won't be looking up to that kind of girl when they get older.

  • Mohini

    i like her dress or what ever it is but...come on guys.... u could take a better picture right?

  • Isabelle

    Well, well. Why does everybody insist in the fact that she must be a role model? PARENTS should be a kids role model. It's like they're putting all their responsabilities with their son/daughter in a 19 year old who doesn't even fucking know you. MILEY ROCKS, AND SHE CAN WEAR WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS.

  • Mc

    ooh will you shut the fuck things up already! If you hate her so much why would you even waste your time to look at her photos. Mind your own bussiness!

  • Ashley

    She dresses like a tramp onstage. Yes, I hate her because she is a retard. No I don't hate her because of how she dresses. She is still a teenager, teenagers LIKE looking sexy. Why? Because if we don't we feel ugly. Now everyone shut up.

  • Ally


  • bigfun

    how can you not hate on her i mean come on u see her pics all over the net half naked and her legs r like a revolving door and she suppose to be a roll model then she dresses like this on stag wow u must dress just like her and get all kinds of guys flocking to u but guess what they r the wrong type of guys that just want to use a woman as a piece of meat

  • JJ

    So much HATERS! You should SHUT YOUR FU##ING MOUTH!!!!!

  • anonymous :P
    anonymous :P

    Its not because shes on disney its because she's alot freakin younger than them . I know shes 18 but what the hell she's still a young girl not a full fledged woman. i mean if she showed all of this skin now what is she gonna show 5 years later @#$$% ps dont try to think about it :P..... just a passin by comment

  • Natalie NeverThink Nilsson
    Natalie NeverThink Nilsson

    disney channel ??

  • Adriana Moreira
    Adriana Moreira


  • lzziebooo7
    lzziebooo7 about all the slutty pics she took of herself when she wwas like wht 14! what about her pole dancing at the teen choice awards....or just the outfits she wears on stage. She is a slut,,,but I love her anyway

  • Amanda Woodall
    Amanda Woodall

    She Looks Great.......If you say she doesnt, then you are probably Jealous.............She doesnt Look Trashy, She Looks SEXY...................I guess TONS Of You are JEALOUS Of her, Hahahaha............

  • Tomme73

    So, you're contributing to the *arguing* by arguing against arguing people who you say are crazy for arguing with other people who are arguing something they really have no business arguing about. Am I right?

  • Tomme73

    It's called a rib. You'd know that if you could see yours.

  • Tomme73

    Do you have proof that Miley takes payment for sexual favors? Do you also know how to spell? I'm going to guess "NO" to both of those questions.

  • Tomme73

    If you stopped liking Miley after she smoked a LEGAL herb in PUBLIC, you obviously never really were a fan.

  • Tomme73

    Miley Cyrus is the least of this country's worries. Start with Washington and work your way west!

  • Tomme73

    NO! Little girls looked up to Hannah Montana, A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!! Miley Cyrus is her own person. Little girls' parents should teach their daughters what to look for in role models. The only way your role model will never let you down is if they die shortly after becoming your role model.

  • Tomme73

    Are you gay or something? Where's your proof she's a slut?

  • Tomme73

    You can't even spell your own name correctly and you're knocking Miley?!? Can you sing better? You must be able to. You're obviously making more money than she is in the business.

  • We're Not Buying It
    We're Not Buying It

    I'm not a hater and for God's sake, it's just my opinion but......why is it, every young girl who finds fame, thinks she has to prove herself as an adult by dressing like a skank and push sex in their stage performances? She's taking the Brittney Spears path and people are just about sick of her! Can't a female celebrity choose to grow up with some class? It can be done folks! You can break out of the Disney mold if you want to but keep the focus on your talent, not the trashy look!

  • Caitlyn Dooling
    Caitlyn Dooling

    People posting things about her on some one outta thousand celeb site isn't going to disrupt or keep her from living her life, especially if she's confident enough to be wearing what she is. Just saying.

  • Chrissie

    Ha ha! That's actually true! I am not even going to ask why you were looking in that place up close anyway... ;D

  • Chrissie

    Ha ha. You guys have dirty minds. I didn't even think of that when I saw this picture, so I don't think she intended to look like she was... you know. :D

  • Annuhh

    I think ALL OF YOU who are argueing with each other in little typing arguements are crazy ! Come on people , seriously ?!

  • sammytristan

    Let's face it - Miley's not gonna be this perfect virginal girl all her life people so grow up & let her be... at least she's not doing pornos like that whore... maybe you've heard of her - her name is Paris Hilton. Miley has a nice body & gorgeous looks along with a great career ahead of her. I'm proud of her - wish her the best.

  • KM

    I find nothing wrong with what she's been wearing....I think we have all seen worse from other artists

  • Sarah

    does she not have anything else to wear other than swimsuits?

  • omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.
    omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.

    omg your the coolest 7 year old ever like seriously! like i just love how you think your so great after you hate on someone!

  • Coty's Wife
    Coty's Wife

    BANANAS2...... Shut up you look like your taking a sh!t in ur pic. ur ugly and jealous. Get over it shes hot ur not so go get ur face fixed stop being a HATER. like plies said HATER thats sad brah brah

  • Pazoua Vue
    Pazoua Vue

    damn.. her tit is about to fall out under hher outfit

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    yall stop making front of miley just go away and not leave one of your message if ur just going to make front of her..

  • chainmefree

    Some one needs to do something about the Disney girls because there all becoming sluts not just Miley but ALL of them! and I don't care if people make the excuse there all grown up now... the role models that the late 20 year olds had were NOTHING like this! yeah shes all grown up but she doesn't have to behave like a heathen(if you little ones don't know that word google it!) and show her goods to anyone willing to look!

  • ols

    salvor !! then obviously u wont liking miley for her talent seriously lady gaga and all musicians wear worse but just cause she was on disney people seem to attack her gossshhh !!!

  • ols

    relax . . she's all grown up now so her fans have change so big deal !!! and she is not hannah montana anymore so she doesn't need to please disney fans seriously she's almost 19

  • Taylorfan

    Ok I really thunk your comment is irrelevant but it's kinda true!!!

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    i'm seriously tired of seeing your ugly shit face everytime i view the comments.

  • TJS

    I honestly dont really care for i dnt have a comment towards her but i do think all of you who are actually getting mad about this is clearly too childish to see that you look like an ASS!!



  • lookinthemirror

    Have you ever seen pictures of Cher? She rocks and doesn't give a flying f**k what anybody thinks. You go Miley! F**K all the jealous freaks on this website. They probably don't look good in anything.

  • zoe5

    I know that miley shouldn't wear these clothes but really @bananas2 you are loseerrr haven't you got a life?

  • marianellaSMILER! is crazy
    marianellaSMILER! is crazy

    ur crazy girl lol calm down, not everything is out of jealousy and who would be jealous of that!?! i'm not trying to be a bitch i just think ur getting too personal about this xD

  • Estefi

    i see all of you dont have life.. LET MILEY LIVE HER LIFE!! i hope you die all haters........ when miley is giving tours around all the world and making people happy you are doing NOTHING! wow thats amazing.. she makes ME happy every single of the day and the only thing she is trying to do is making her dream come true like any of us so let her be and if she like being dress that way is her problem not ours. it seems you have no life well this is only saying.

  • marianellaSMILER!

    i hope u die in miley's shadow and you knoww what ? u r just saying that cuz u're jealous of her and u wish to be there on the stage and have over 10,000,000 likes on ur facebook page.... but guess what u r NOT her and if she wants to be fab and look sexy and hot that is NONE OF UR BUSINESS! so F*CK u for messing w/ her!!! I AM PROUD TO ME A SMILER AND I WILL STAY LIKE THIS FOR EVER!!! and in the words of miley "stop trying to live my life for me" (by me is meaning miley) !!!!

  • Haneul

    Because not liking what someone's wearing automatically = jealousy. Of course. That's perfect logic. /sarcasm

  • Abbie

    I believe Julia Roberts wore the exact same "outfit" when she was dressed as the hooker in Pretty Woman... oh, but hers was blue and white.

  • genvieve12

    I agree, somehow she makes everything she does look orgasmic. She's a pathetic excuse for a singer and a waste of time.

  • chantale

    she look so ridiculous !!! i hate herrr after i saw these picss

  • Roxanne Elliott
    Roxanne Elliott

    Hore just go away!!!

  • honest

    i think bananas2 is right it does look like she is raping the stairs be HONEST repliers!

  • bananas1

    get your nob out for us

  • ...

    god ur ridicilous, everything has to be bout sex to u? i neva knew sweatin was a crime, btw ur so perverted its gross.

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    To all the people who commented on what shes wearing your probably just jealous because never in a million years would you people ever be able to rock it like she can. so... jealousy is sickness get better soon. :) and get over hating on miley.

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    Totally Agree Dude!!

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    I totally agree dude!!

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    LMAO...this is a little racy!!

  • Salvör:)

    DAMN YOUR RIGHT!, good luck America!: )

  • Salvör:)

    Hey, Roos. Save yourself and stop being a Miley-fan. I was, and i regret that every day. Get a real role model, not the Queen of sluts.

  • Salvör:)

    I's that even a dress? I was a fan, but thank god i stopped being after she smoked some shit! If your a "Miley fan", i mean it save yourselfs and get a real rolemodel . Not the Queen of the sluts: ).

  • nicole

    Shakira wore something like this in the beautiful liar video... why is it so bad that miley decides to wear it too?

  • Ana

    Oh, EXCUSE HER for walking down the stair case at her concert... and HOW DARE SHE sweat from performing on stage. That dirty slut (sarcasm). Sigh.

  • Sonya Peña
    Sonya Peña

    Wao! She seems to enjoy every moment on stage!

  • jassyb

    Girl, you MUST be horny over miley or something because you've commented every one of her pics with something about sex, really now?

  • Roos

    boy, they make these pics at very unflattering moments but i love miley gotta give her credit she's kinda rocking the bodysuits. if you don't like miley don't place a comment cuz ur not helping anyone. that you feel so bad that you have to comment shit to these pics. jeez

  • me

    Its called walking down the stairs and she just did a concert so shes tired and sweaty.-.-'

  • dyl

    shes not a minor, shes 18

  • MR.XYZ

    Shit its like her right boob slowly slipping out if you look close

  • savy

    I like how everyone is freaking out about this comment, and yet none of this r'tards are realizing that their "idol" is the one thats, in this photo anyway, a minor on stage thinking shes hot enough to take her clothes off. People should really think harder about who their defending..

  • Megggaaan

    It is sad.. :(

  • Steph

    If this is the future of our country we're screwed!

  • Jenna

    obviously Bananas has the one who has too many SEX in the mind

  • Tori

    and little girls look up to sad!

  • Tabtiha

    OmyGosh people she was singing and dancing you get sweaty and tired grow up !!!!!!!!!

  • GotnothingonYoU

    "grow up". u say she needs to but i think u should first. when u do "grow up" come back and rethink your comments.

  • John J. Grant
    John J. Grant

    What a f***ing train wreck! She will make LiLo look like Mary Poppins. Not sexy, not pretty, not talented, just a slutty girl looking to f**k anything and everything

  • bananasmell4

    Are you getting attacked by a big wall of shit!? oh no.. just your face :)

  • krissy

    lol. this is in public. I wonder what she looks like before sex.

  • lilan

    stop viewing her pix, if it makes u sick, bananas....banana or wat ever

  • CC

    look at her face can't be prettty without TTTOO much freakin make up on???? ohw please! help her.

  • 45_Optimusprime

    Umm this is scary she looks a bit...I dotn know...drunkish and the thing looks like a bathing suit gone wrong

  • smile101

    what more to think,,and besides she is MILEY Cyrus!!

  • bananas2

    Is she having SEX on a staircase?