Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Lilyann

    I don't think her make up is as bad as it has been; it actually suits her and I really like her hair. That said, The dress isn't great. I don't think the see-through thing would have been such a problem, IF she had something white underneath that gave her a bit of modesty, NOT just her underwear.

  • Mrs Ludwig
    Mrs Ludwig

    guys she is marrying gale, not peeta calm down



  • Brit

    Just Beautiful!!!!!


    what is scaring me the most is the fact most of you are like "Miley is fine the way she is!" ya sure, wearing hooker outfits at kids concerts is fine. independance is great, but come on. People wonder wtf is wrong with the world, well maybe its people thinking a girl not even an adult tramping herself around is a problem.

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    She looks beautiful!! And this was NOT for a show of hers, she was performing for some other show in Germany. Everyone remember the Daniel Radcliffe scandal???? This is like that, but she has ALOT more clothes on

  • Abby x
    Abby x

    no one is jeaous of miley they are saying it's pervey the was that man is talking about miley looking good when he looks older than her dad

  • cameron traynor
    cameron traynor

    well i think she is soooo fit and legs soo long she don't have to wear any cloths and sing

  • Amadea

    This picture was not captured at the right time :) but her outfit was verry prettyy

  • Mygirls3

    Give Miley a break people!! She's a PERFROMER and she dresses like one!! I think she looks great.

  • kimmy

    who the hell r u 2 b telling people of any age 2 b getting off the internet? do u own it? i dont think so, so shut your stupid mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimmy

    what the hell is wrong with all you haters? there is nothing wrong with miley, its all you idiots that wish you looked as good as she does. thats right, youre all jealous of her because she is beautiful. and you all know if you looked that good you would show off your body too.

  • Kelli

    Why are y'all making fun of this guy? I understand she seems a little young to be gawking at, but it doesn't give ANY of you a right to make fun of him. He is somebody's dad, I'm sure. How would you like someone to talk about your dad that way? I just don't understand where all of this violence comes from. Some of you people need to grow up and develop some manners.

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    LMFAO, & you're 70... get off the internet grandpa.

  • Name (visible) XD
    Name (visible) XD

    Her face says... Duhhh... o.O

  • britt

    and thats why miley you should tone it down a lil. i mean, theres old creeps looking at you!!!! (barfff) but i must admit this is a pretty pic of her though

  • Felicia Renee
    Felicia Renee

    People need to get off yer back. I mean seriously. Anyone of any age can say that someone looks attractive, that doesn't necessarily mean that they're sitting there fapping about it. Sheesh. People need to stop freaking out about every little fucking thing. And I completely agree with you, she does look faaantastic in that outfit. It's my fave c:

  • chelsea

    ewwwhhhhh! ur creepy.... looking at young girls...pervert

  • coutneybaaaby

    miley is amazing, she dresses like this cause it looks good, she isnt hannah montana anymore, and she should be called a slut just because she was disney channel actor and now dresses like this. she is an adult now, and beyonce and many other singers dress like this when there peforming and in there videos, and there not called a slut, there called beautiful, so why should miley be called a slut and not them, miley cyrus is a beautiful talented girl, i love you miley, fuck all the haters, its true ALL you guys dont know what a slut is, its not how they dress, it when you sleep around alot, miley doesnt so stfu,

  • Ourworld Megan
    Ourworld Megan

    She is like 'Oh my god, There is such a fit boy right there!'

  • Concho A-Secas
    Concho A-Secas

    Male wanking material... seriously who the hell designs her outfits? Pamela Anderson?

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    Key word there being "had". She's long past that stage with all that make-up she borrowed from the stripper next

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    That's some lovely lingerie she's got there, but it's exactly that, and most ADULTS keep that behind closed doors, unless ur a pole dancer or a street walker. I used to think she was very beautiful and an excellent role model, but my mind has DEF. changed!!

  • Tatashak


  • mike
    mike YOU"RE one of dem old freaks on the internet... so not understandin...are you not ashamed?...not even a little?

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby


  • jassyb

    sorry but thats just gross old man...

  • moni89

    she looks real pretty here.

  • stazzieable

    she had an angel face!

  • Liz Astick
    Liz Astick

    lol, dad even, next time i will read before i post!

  • Liz Astick
    Liz Astick

    i think everyone was thinking the same he's probably older than her day, lol, he looks it anyways...i'm 25 and although i like her must i sort of feel wrong admitting that! lol!

  • wathh

    wtf she crazy sl**

  • sam

    she's beautiful! no matter what!!

  • allie

    i was thinking the same thing....

  • Matthew

    Seriously? How old are you? that's jus nasty!!!

  • billyinc1

    Exquisite .... Looking Good Miley.

  • shama

    Foreal...what happen to clothing...all those stripe clothing ..i swear if she could sing she would be a stripe

  • krissy

    romance novel cover or some sht

  • lilan