Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Lilyann

    THIS seems more like Miley (make up and hair) than many of the others. Still not a fan of the dress though.

  • john44


  • kbh

    @trina cates its not that people are being mean to her its just that she comments on EVERY SINGLE PICTURE she obviously put her opinion on here and she clearly does not like her so why keep looking at the pictures? Plus if shes going to talk shit, she should be able to take it. I'm just saying.

  • dish

    u r so very cheap

  • Mari

    She just looks flawless... This pic is just great!

  • sikth

    banana pls suck my banana

  • Lopsided panda
    Lopsided panda

    looks like Ke$has hair.. Luv you Miley tho

  • Talia Baksh
    Talia Baksh

    She looks beautiful!

  • Bethy

    people need to understand that she's not a little kid any more or HANNAH . . . Lol you guys need to understnad PEOPLE C H A N G E !

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    Her hand is down too low to be the outfit me touching her "kitty". The outfit may be sheer but you can see her undies and it's above her her wrist, so if by "kitty" you mean her leg, then yes, she is touching her "kitty"

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    The old her was a person that she hated and was miserable with. Is that the kind of person that you really want to look up to? Someone who hates themselves?

  • audrey

    wait why are you contradicting yourself...she can express herself but so can we...

  • trololol

    LMAO i cant believe the amount of people getting angry at bananas2 lol. CHILLAX and let her troll around as much as she wants. Its a free world, trolling is optional. and fun.

  • omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.
    omg you so freaking cool i want to be you.

    your retarded and i don't like you .

  • Anonymous

    Clearly this bananas2 character is a troll.

  • Miley

    i wana lick her pussy

  • lol

    parents cant really control who their kids choose to look upto and little girls already know and love her as hannah montanna and they will keep loving "hannah" even if miley did quit

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    stop making front of mileyy...plss stop..

  • shawtyyygetlo

    you have some serious issues....

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    you really want her, don't you?

  • Courtney Alexis
    Courtney Alexis

    I think all of you should calm the heck down. Everyone has an opinion. honestly she is an idol to children. She shouldn't be wearing anything that is seriously risque. Until she turns 25 or older or maybe even 23 she can wear the most skankiest outfit she wants. otherwise. No. That's just my opinion

  • zoe5

    You are right but she can't comment on every pictureee and being rude

  • Shae

    Look, i have been seeing your comments on miley's pictures here and honestly, you are beginning to piss me off. I am not a miley fan but i dont think its very nice of you to continuosly call her a hoe or a slut or insult her at all. How about you read all the comments these people reply to you. Do you feel good? I dont think you do, do you? If you dont like her, dont look at her pictures. Its really that simple. I am taking time just to tell you this so you dont continue hating and end up being disrespected and have people hate on you as well.

  • courtneybaaaby

    how the fuck is she a lesbian? she has had heaps of boyfriends you loser, no girlfriends

  • Punana

    shes touching her kitty kat shes a lesbian hoe...........

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    Guess What people who say girls look up to her? She's 18, almost 19 now. so 1 if little girls' parents are letting their little girls look up to an 18 year old they have problems. k? and 2. I don't see why its such a big deal she tries new things. If little girls want to look up to her that would be their parents problem if its not appropriate. Miley is not 12 anymore. she is changing get over it!

  • missdonna18

    if you don't like her and she makes you sick, why look at pics of her?

  • jassyb

    okay its one thing for her to express her feelings, but that b**** has commented every single picture with some rude comment

  • selenamileykeshakaty

    WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!! you have commented on nearly every one of her photos. jealous much??????

  • curlyluver24

    I like this pic because it looks more natural and not a heavy of makeup and not trying so had to be sexy like most of the time

  • change

    i have a questin for u miley. do you know that little kids look up to you and that is what they see . i was one of them intill you chaneged into a slut. pleaasse change back to the old you

  • LOL


  • Trina Cates
    Trina Cates

    Why is everyone being mean to bananas2 ? Because she expresses her feelings online? Arent we all doing that? Just because you dont agree with someone doesnt mean you can call them names, make fun of them, and be just downright rude.

  • stazzieable

    oh banana...... r you done in sucking!

  • lovelovelove

    jealous or what

  • fjsdkfjasdkl15678

    @bananas2 your point? everyone gets sex hair when they run, or when its windy outside. Go get a life.

  • Chelsea

    Oh man! I love your comment! I literally "lol"ed :)

  • lilan

    @ Miley dis pix is cooool

  • lilan

    bananas ur face looks trublesome and wicked. ur indeed a banana

  • bananas2

    SEX HAIR!!