Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
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  • Lilyann

    I think the design is nice. I wouldn't use the term "elegant", but it is pretty. I just think there could be a nice skirt attached.

  • Mara

    Nicely done!!!

  • Martina Vegel Davidson
    Martina Vegel Davidson

    OMG, its not like she is wearing this on the streets...come on guys! IT IS A PERFORMANCE!!!!

  • Aria Styles
    Aria Styles

    i think she looks beautiful in any thing she wears. it's her style choice, and it makes me angry that she gets called a slut, but if selena wore this (which she has worn clothes like this, even without the tights), people would call her cute, not a slut. just because miley actually has curves to show off doesn't make her a slut.

  • Jen

    Fighting online is like the special olympics. Even if you win, YOURE STILL A RETARD.

  • Abby

    I think she is beautiful in her own way. Everyone has there opinions and everyone has different ways of expressing there selfs. Just because she is "expressing herself" doesn't mean she wants everyone to talk trash about her. Not that it even matters to her if people do, it's just that why waste your time if there isn't a reason to?

  • Nicole

    Must I remind people that she doesn't pick her own outfits. I don't like them and I'm not a big fan of her but I don't think judging her is right. She doesn't choose that. I mean if it were you what would you do for money ? You're famous and wanna keep that fame, what would you wear ? I'm not the kind of person to sit here and tell someone what's right or wrong and say if she is right or wrong. I'm not gunna blame anyone for what she does. She is a teenager, whether it's what she wears to make money in concert or drugs . That's her choice and who are we to just judge. Everyone in this conversation is gunna make mistakes. Sorry if you disagree. My opinion.

  • mom of teens
    mom of teens

    who told her that body suits were everyday wear? I can't decide if she wants to be a pole dancer, a stripper, or a gymnast/figure skater. Her outfits have me confused as to what job it is she thinks she has because as far as I know only gymnasts or figure skaters wear body suits and the whole see through gown and dancing on a pole sounds a lot more like a stripper or pole dancer then a singer to me. I used to really like Miley and respected her for her commitment to her fans and family. Now I just feel sorry for her.

  • Craig

    look at those gorgeous legs

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    I think it's great that everyone is bashing her outfit when there are worse things - people YOUNGER than Miley's EIGHTEEN years that are wearing less clothes than she is in half of these photos - on the the streets in or non-celebrity lives evverywhere

  • terr

    LOL. you're all fucking retarded. Why are we so against someone elses' opinions that we have to be a complete bitch to each other? I remember those days when I was 7 years old.

  • Yuck!

    Are people really trying to suggest that Miley isn't repulsive? It kills me that if her dad weren't rich, she'd just be some busted up trailer trash shopping at walmart. I mean, sure, her body's fine - I mean, I guess you could cover her face with a pillow, right? Yuck!

  • Yuck!

    Uh, she isn't pretty either.


    she looks great. some of these outfits may be hoe-ish if you wore them to a club or on campus sure, but she's a famous singer performing on stage. not only that, but partly known for her looks/body. get over yourselves and start enjoying life.

  • Em.

    So? She has her legs out. It's a high neck and long sleeves. It balance's it out. Sure, you wouldn't wear this on the street but it's a stage outfit! She's a performer. Chill,guys (: x

  • cadence

    haha you guys all needa go and listen to your taylor swift

  • beezykidd123

    it worries me tht i dnt see any underwear!

  • arcticsandra

    I think Miley is trying so hard at being an adult she forgets that she's still a child. I don't care if she's 18 - in my opinion she's just a kid. Those are not appropriate clothes for a teenage role model. A question for those who think it's okay for her to wear slutty clothes when she performs to children aged between 5-16: If you were working in a bank, would you turn up there wearing nothing but a miniskirt and a corset? Of course you wouldn't. You would get sacked if you did. Do you see doctors wearing nothing but little else beside? You don't. It's not respectable to wear something like that when you're in the position to influence children. Of course responsibility comes with age and Miley is still young... I hope that she'll get back to her senses. The sooner the better. I don't mean that she doesn't look good in those clothes. She has a great body and she looks beautiful in those clothes. Anyone who disagrees is either blind or just stupid. Even so, that doesn't mean she should be wearing revealing clothes in publicity. Secondly, I don't understand why people keep arguing about the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus -problem. Yes, she started as Hannah Montana and now she's trying to get rid of that role. You have to realize that those who watched Hannah Montana are most likely the ones who buy Miley's cds and go to her concerts today. It's how the entertainment world works. Everybody remembers Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox from Friends and you don't see them complaining... In my opinion Miley has a responsibility to dress accordingly. You have to be realistic about who are her target audience. Unarguably they are teenagers below 18 -years and younger children. People at that age are very sensitive. Those of you who have read psychology already know that people learn by copying each other. We even have cells that specialize in copying (mirror cells). And what do the kids learn from Miley be it conscious or subconscious? My guess would be something among the lines of that in order to be successful you have to wear very revealing clothes and perform soft core porn. People who are blaming here the critics by saying that we're jealous aren't very experienced what comes to sophisticated argumentation. Being jealous to Miley is a totally different matter. I myself can say that I do envy Miley not only because of her good looks but also because of her talent and succes.

  • Cara

    yeah, Miley played Hannah, that was a long time ago and just because some young girls can't differentiate between the two, I really don't see how that gives permission to critize her for growing up. People say that she shouldn't behave this way because she's a rolemodel but at the end of the day there are plenty of worse rolemodels out there and just because she played one character she's not allowed to grow up and make mistakes like the rest of us. People need to find somebody that is actually doing wrong and waste their energy on them instead.

  • lol

    1- how do u know miley doesnt sleep aroound? 2-it doesnt matter that quit being hannah little girls will continue to think of her as hannah and look up to her

  • Amadea

    She has a body to dieee forrrr though i think she can present it to the world in a different manner

  • ols

    lady gaga biggest role model to people and she wears bloody prostitute clothes and she was an ex stripper so atleast miley is not half that and people dont even insult that slut like seriously she is someone u call a slut not miley that wears clothes that singers wear worse

  • excala

    On the contrary,... el·e·gan·cy [el-i-guhn-see] –noun, plural -cies. elegance. Origin: 1525–35; < Latin ēlegantia. See elegant, -ancy —Related forms hy·per·el·e·gan·cy, noun su·per·el·e·gan·cy, noun, plural -cies. elegance or elegancy (ˈɛlɪɡəns) — n , pl -gances , -gancies 1. dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behaviour 2. good taste in design, style, arrangement, etc 3. something elegant; a refinement elegancy or elegancy — n My dear naïve person, please be right if you wish to correct someone, we wouldn't want you to look a fool, now would we? :) School is a friend to thy brain!

  • Elley R.
    Elley R.

    No. Miley Cyrus just needs to understand classier clothes. Wearing a prostitutes clothes implies that you sleep around a lot. And Beyonce was and is MUCH older and MUCH more beautiful and talented than Miley Cyrus and therefore she isn't a slut. Please and thank you dumb bitches.

  • Courtney Alexis
    Courtney Alexis

    I don't think this is elegant I think this is kind of slutty. If it were a a dress then sure. But then she would be a little more clothes on her.

  • Ashley

    u guys ever thought lilian might have been sarcastic? obviously she was.... a normal person cant call miley cyrus 'elegant'

  • courtneybaaaby

    haters need to shut up, and stop looking at her pictures aye

  • Felicia Renee
    Felicia Renee

    I couldn't agree with you more. It's not the clothes that makes the slut, it's the actions. She looks amazing in her outfits, I like this one especially, but I'm a sucker for ornate things hahah :3 and she IS growing up, she's allowed to change just like everyone else. D:<

  • coutneybaaaby

    miley is amazing, she dresses like this cause it looks good, she isnt hannah montana anymore, and she should be called a slut just because she was disney channel actor and now dresses like this. she is an adult now, and beyonce and many other singers dress like this when there peforming and in there videos, and there not called a slut, there called beautiful, so why should miley be called a slut and not them, miley cyrus is a beautiful talented girl, i love you miley, fuck all the haters, its true ALL you guys dont know what a slut is, its not how they dress, it when you sleep around alot, miley doesnt so stfu,

  • Thisisbeneathscum

    Honey, first of all, "elegancy" is not a word. The term you are seeking is "elegance. Your grammatical error alone indicates that you are not experienced with what most people define as elegance. Never mind the trash in the photograph above.

  • Punana

    she looks yumiiii in dis pix....sexi miley XoXoXo

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark

    get tits out love

  • jess

    i think it looks a little see thru on the bottom which is kinda gross

  • Tatashak


  • mike

    dude...dnt b sure different pple hav different ideas of wat 'elegant' is...and i think it's rather strange that the whole world keeps criticizing the same teenage girl...cuzin incase u havnt noticed she doesnt lose a minute of sleep over anyone's comments..sooo....jus sayin

  • Alex

    Y'know, she is pretty..... She's just not classy. :\

  • moni89

    I think this outfit is cute! im sure any girl that could rock this,, sooo would! and if u say no,,, thats BUULLLSHH*****T. ;)

  • GotnothingonYoU

    have u ever thought that's HER idea of elegancy? maybe she is talking about the design on the (whatever it is) . i think the boots and the design is great

  • ElleWood45

    Have you ever seen 'elegant' because usually, it includes pants or some form of them. Elegant is a full length gorgeous dress. Not a pair of panties and a tight shirt.

  • lilan

    ur outfit is so elegant