Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley Cyrus performs onstage during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 live show at La Caja Magica on November 7, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.
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  • Warr

    1 girl...No cup!

  • Joyce Renee Navarra
    Joyce Renee Navarra

    i mean those shoes

  • Joyce Renee Navarra
    Joyce Renee Navarra

    omg i love hose shoes :)

  • Lilyann

    The dance pose was an awkward moment, that happens, but my problem is with the outfit because it would be at times like those with dance moves like this one where having good coverage of that area would help a lot.

  • Maddie

    she just irritates everyone! a spoiled little lollita (not gonna call her a bitch bcs she would be proud if she read this), and a wannabe. she should grow up, get a life cos she's so clueless! she puts on so much make up, she really needs it? she hates flaws, she needs to be perfect. she's so weak! NOTHING BETTER TO SHOW! sorry if my english is bad

  • Silky Way
    Silky Way

    I'd do her...

  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith

    ok what the hell do you want the girl to wear? u want het to go on stage in bloody nun clothing because that would be more 'elegant' or less 'slutty' the only reason your criticizing is because youre soooo use to seeing her in long dresses and trousers from hannah montana when she was like 13 SHE IS GROWING UP... yes she has a body to die for and yes she can wear those clothes because she has the figure to do so. I think you should stop moaning, get a life and let her be herself. You wait Selena Gomez will dress like this soon get over it!!!

  • HG luva
    HG luva

    Oh dear god, what is up, i realize most if the pictures are taken at bad times, but just the clothes themselves are inappropriate. Only someone like, 'Rick Hatfield' would find that appropriate.

  • mileycyruslove

    Someone has to take a poop...

  • veejay

    She should try Ex-lax. It would be more comfortable than forcing it.

  • theZee247

    LOL thank you..thats the dumbest comment here...poor thing

  • Jpizzle

    hey aren't you that old man that was stalking selena gomez and then tried helping her to get a restraining order against yourself

  • Jpizzle

    jason im just guessing here.... you're gay

  • emuse

    maybe if she didn't always look like she was taking it up the ass from a fucking elephant, people wouldn't say mean shit. i realize a lot of (all) the pictures of her are bad, but it's NOT just the timing.

  • Tanj

    What about the fact that she ADMITTED to taking drugs and smoking pot? I'm not talking 'legal' drugs either. Look past paracetamol and you'll know what I'm talking about. Miley's trying to act older, I get it. She can't be stuck in Disney forever.The fact is, however, that she was doing all this 'slutty' business while she was still a part of Disney; whilst little girls still looked up to her. She could've at least waited until she totally left Disney and moved onto new things. It's like Joe Jonas; he does Camp Rock and JONAS LA and shit, and then a couple of months later, starts kissing girl's faces off in music videos. If they're celebrities who are doing their 'job' they should consider their fans because they make them who they are. So until they actually learn to settle down with their careers, dressing up in skimpy clothes and squatting on stage all the time, wearing next to nothing, is considered 'slutty'. Besides that, I'm sure she's a nice girl. People will judge, we're only human.

  • Craig

    i'd tap dat

  • Anon

    ouch thats a bad picture......

  • m*

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH almost died laughing at your comment!

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    Just Saying...... Go to Madrid, people dress like that and worse, it's the same in Brazil, and Japan, and you can even see it in Russia and other countries like MADRID that find the human body to be a beautiful thing and where are very comfortable with showing what it is that they have. Miley is Comfortable with her body, and she looks good with what she has. So what if she wan't to flaunt it a little?

  • Natalie NeverThink Nilsson
    Natalie NeverThink Nilsson

    Yees disney T- shirt XD

  • tbone

    I'm a big girl now...stage is where i can express what my daddy hates at home.

  • Tomme73

    If you're a good driver, you don't need seatbelts. If you're a good cook, you don't need to eat out. If you're not sick, you don't need medical insurance. If man-made global warming isn't real, we don't need Al Gore. Wait! That last one makes sense!

  • Tomme73

    Is that like a cross between "fingering" and "figuring"? She's trying to figure how she can finger herself in public. Is that what you're saying?

  • Tomme73

    Irrelevant, your post is. Let the 5-year-old girls' parents decide what's best for their daughters. Chances are there were no 5-year-olds at Miley's house when she was smoking salvia. Plus, the only pictures of Miley smoking the bong were posted on the web. 5-year-olds shouldn't have total access to all things Internet.

  • Tomme73

    She wasn't "caught" smoking a bong. She was smoking salvia, a LEGAL herb, at her OWN DANG HOUSE and a "friend" posted the picture.

  • Tomme73

    Did it ever occur to you that the pictures in which she's wearing the same outfit could have been taken at the same time?

  • Tomme73

    "MOST UGLIES THING IN THE WORL"?!?!? Seriously?!? Let's see: Chaz Bono, Meryl Streep, Kathy Griffin, Serena Williams(like Mike Tyson in drag), Whoopie Goldberg, Michael Moore, Carrot Top, the anorexic duck-lipped chick from "Burn Notice", Seal... Not one of these people looks better than Miley ON A GOOD DAY. This is just the short list.

  • Tomme73

    The only thing you got right was about the shoes. They are pretty ugly. What's wrong with her makeup? Why are you obsessed with how her "vag" looks?

  • Haj

    I say let her! Shes 18.

  • Brian

    In my crystal ball I see a blowjob video in her future.

  • Rick Hatfield
    Rick Hatfield

    You are smokin hot Miley! Don't let those who are jealous get you down girl.

  • sammytristan

    LOL these pictures are so dramatic so it makes the story seem one-sided of opinion. Miley's got a nice body and if I had that kind of body I'd be flaunting that out too! You go girlgirl!

  • Catfish

    Her grandfather, the late state representative Ron Cyrus is rolling over in his grave! What a slut!

  • ohheygorgous

    You people are so stupid. You swear like it was a photo shoot & she was posing like this. Noooo it just happened to be a picture during her performance.

  • smilerdep

    i agree with you! but i want to thanks all off you haters cause you make her more famous than she is ;) mileycyrus welove you <3

  • Fab6

    f*** the haters, she looks great. Nobody judged Madonna or Beyonccce and look at how fab they turned out. Miley is an adult now making more money than you will ever see in a lifetime. What did you expect her to wear, disney t-shirts?

  • Dayna Jenna Long
    Dayna Jenna Long

    Hey she's covered! In lace, netted clothes, and see through.

  • Ranger

    All I have to say is this, if you are a good performer, you don't need to dress like this.

  • HA

    actually i wouldnt cuz im not a slut so dont tell me what i would or wouldnt do. and that fact that u r saying i would do it for the money is funny. thats on the verge of prostitution

  • lol

    omg i soooo agree. i miss the old miley. i use to love her and now i can hardly stand listening to her music because she is becoming too slutty. she is trying way too hard to "grow up"

  • lol

    i disagree. her outfits often make her look sluty as well as the nasty poses

  • cameron traynor
    cameron traynor

    is she finguring her self

  • Randomer

    Really in my opinion, I think people shouldn't really be attacking her and what she wears. So what if it isn't that appropriate. But it isn't like she's got her tits out. I'm not the biggest fan of miley, I think she's actually kinda annoying but you gotta remember she's still growing up, what is she 18? But how would you all feel if you were her age and people were constantly attacking you and everything you do. And for her outfits, well she must have a stylist so don't blame her, blame her stylist (lol)!!!

  • addrinna

    for some reason she always forgets the bottom part of her outfits we et it maily u r horny

  • Joanna

    take a fucking joke!

  • Tatum

    I don't think there is anything wrong with these outfits! As long as she is covering up!

  • sara

    yeah and she's showin her thang to the whole world!!

  • "Whatsittooya"

    Hey Ellie, you're one to talk. If you're gonna bag on someone's spelling, make sure you don't use shortened versions of words. It counts as misspelling. 'Kay? Cool. P.S. I'm not a Miley fan, I'm just sayin'. The ever awesome super speller, "Whatsittooya"

  • Mina

    HAHAHAHA.. Thats the way we do toilets in Turkey..

  • Haneul

    I've got nothing against the outfit, but.. that POSE... Do not want.

  • Jennifer Rivera
    Jennifer Rivera

    ok why is every pic she is making a weird face with her mouth or her eyes

  • Maria

    i think all of her outfits are super cute.. there's nothing wrong with showing some skin.. if you got it, flaunt it! people are gonna talk out of pure jealousy.

  • dezcar1

    you are all jealous of her...cuz she is what you want to be. You know - rich, famous, attractive. Get over it people, she is not some little kid anymore. She is growing up. I have no prob with the way she looks. If you were asked to put on one of her outfits, dance, and sing in front of thousands for a million dollars...admit would and you wouldn't care. She is trying to make a living, just like everyone here. If I had a body like that and amazing vocals...better believe I would be up there showing off my stuff, if it were to support my family. I would strip naked and walk across a stage if I would make the money she does. :-)

  • chantale

    she looks like she's calling someone to have sexx!!! really mileyy stop doing things older than u !!

  • Ashley

    okay this was sooo not the best timing for this picture.

  • Concho A-Secas
    Concho A-Secas

    whats wrong with making out with a 24 year old? The clothes... well she needs a new style, but its the MARKETING that does all this, since SEX SELLS and she is selling her image(like britney and all that shit) And I bet she'll end like Britney too if she doesn't go against the image they had created.(they being the producers and staff)

  • Tori

    Lol. Thats funny because I've thought most of these pics have been taken at unflatering times. I really dont see whats the hype with her.

  • Emily

    Why must she always squat during her performances? You think by now she'd have realized that someone is going to take an unflattering photo at that angle.

  • Crystal Lindsey
    Crystal Lindsey

    As soon as haters quit hating the defenders will stop defending so... Its up to you guys (haters) Make the first move.

  • Not even a fan.
    Not even a fan.

    I love how pretty much every single one of these pictures are in awkward positions. I'm sure they could have picked better pictures.

  • Leah

    OMG shes turning into a slut! i used to be her number one fan, i got her autograph a couple of years ago. but now that shes turnedd into a slut i can't stand her - what is she thinking? and im not saying this because im jealous, i want the old miley back. she was sweet and fun, but now shes slutty and too sexual. so no nasty comments. :(

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    Nice pose Miley, just let it all hang out. Hairstylist, Make-up Artist, Fashion Designer, and Choreography Coach NEEDED BADLY for Miley...apply today, please!!!

  • jess

    i agree that some pics will be bad if your dancing.... BUT so many of hers show her with her legs spread wide open!!! it just CANT be an accident!!

  • mike

    omg...u pple need 2 calm down and stop using her dad as an excuse for her fame cuz no matter how famous her dad WAS nobody wld pay attention to her NOW if she wasnt talented.... and half the female critics would wear this exact thing if they could pull it off... ps: not havin a go at u or anything ur comment is just the only reasonable one that links to my opinion

  • ash

    i mean seriously ppl need to stop defending her she is old ennough to relize she is setting a bad example to these girls and after tht vid of her doin salvia she ddnt even apologize. idc if its a legal drug u wuldnt tell 5 yr olds to smoke it ...seriously

  • Jenifer

    She looks like she's taking a sh!t. Well she has that expression in most of her photos, she probably thinks it's sexy, obviously not.

  • Ellie

    O and say screw u Love Ellie<3

  • Ellie

    Hey shay u need spelling lessons Love the awesome and cool and talented, Ellie <3

  • Shay

    SING IT MILEY! F*ck what haters say, clearly they're jealousss ahaha. Miley, you're gorgeous keep up the performances!

  • Haven

    Ok well all you people are defending her cause you like her here is the truth she is a slut that is going to be a future stripper come on people she was caught doing a bong and making out with a 24 year old so face the truth is she is old enough to do a bong then she can defend her self

  • Your Worse Nightmare
    Your Worse Nightmare

    Obviously the person you were replying to was telling a joke..? Loosen up.

  • Renie

    Some1 needs to peee :')

  • curlyluver24

    Its not her outfits that make her a slut its the positions she gets into she ALWAYS has her legs spead open

  • Anyomous


  • katie

    Her hand is just hanging there. The picture was taken at an unflattering time. Seriously, put two and two together.

  • Stefy

    Wow she looks like she is feeling up her vag or something. I miss Hanna Montanna!

  • mikey

    This girl counts her money and laughs at you losers.

  • raquel

    she wears the same thing in all these pictures.....she needs to have diversity

  • Trina Cates
    Trina Cates

    LMFAO . She kinda looks constipated ...



  • ruthless

    there is perverts out there that will look @ that n imagine

  • jason oney
    jason oney

    why dont everybody leave miley alone she can do whatever the f**k she wants its not your job 2 judge. Hey miley u go girl u look good and u know it so do your thang...

  • ad96

    If you know how to duggy, you would know that if somebody took a picture in the middle of that dance it would look really wrong. Maybe if people didn't take pictures when she isn't posing for a picture she would look like less of a slut.

  • GotnothingonYoU

    people people people, of course these photos will be nasty...she might have been in the middle of a dance step, what if someone took a picture of your dancing, wouldnt ONE picture turn out wrong? jeez the title is risque moments! duh! its not going to be picture of her not sweating or squatting

  • Bayleeee

    *sigh* Good Lord this girl... :|

  • John J. Grant
    John J. Grant

    Horrible - close your f***ing legs! You look like a bitch in heat! If it wasn't for daddy pushing her in the limelight, we may have been spared this tramp's attempt at being a talent. Give up already!!!

  • wathh

    why she fingerin herslef

  • leslie

    what she was thinking: "sorry guys i havent taken a shower in a while....PHEW i stink"

  • krissy

    first off. Those shoes... OMG. and she looks like one of those trippers you see on billboards for like spearmint rhino or something. Take off hooker make up. and im sure you vag is great.

  • CC

    OMG must have been usin all the force from the underworld! hahahahahahah cominnnn out!

  • Sarah!6

    i would hate to hav my little sister watch miley cyrus finger herself on stage