Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley Cyrus performs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 13, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • Dene

    She is lame.

  • starr

    you're not Selena, Madonna or Janet Jackson, put your shit away skank

  • saynotohomophobia

    Oh god damn, the things i'd do to this beautiful girl. Everyone calling her a slut grow the fuck up, and she isn't Hannah Montana anymore she's 19 gtfo morons.

  • maya

    she is so slutty.trying too hard to prove that she's grown you're grown up.we get it.why have to dress that way to state something that simple and now you got a different statement form it.heck even beyonce don't dress like that

  • Joe Dertz
    Joe Dertz

    Billy Ray been tapping that since she was 6 yo...

  • Clemens

    You're not that bright, are you, "Smart"_Blondie_Gurl

  • Idiots

    All of the people saying shes got "cow thighs" or is "nasty" are likely all morbidly obese women who sit at home looking at celeb pics while spoon feeding themselves the latest ben and jerrys flavor.

  • Aliyaa UK
    Aliyaa UK

    for god sakes.... SHE IS OLD ENOUGH TO WEAR WHAT SHE WANTS. deal with it she isnt the 11 yer old who does hannah montanna no more. christ. you guys need to stop fuckin critising! she makes her own desicions like everybody else... SHES ALLOWED TO. get over youselves

  • Smart_Blondie_Gurl

    So u r staight but you wanna have sex with her or at least be sexual with her.....u disgust me

  • crzy4cu

    Miley is the epitomy of suckage.

  • gasser47

    fck is that a body function gone bad on you

  • gasser47

    whats your IQ maybe 10.get a life.maybe too many drugs?

  • Ellie Pelensky
    Ellie Pelensky

    Just because she sells a brand doesn't mean she has to wear it. I wish she'd make a line for women :D

  • Tina G
    Tina G

    She is just like every other artist... yeah they start young and they grow up girl can sing and act, so who cares what she wears on stage... I used to wear little outfits when I used to go out, then I became a mom and had to change what I used to wear to something appropriate... If you have it then flaunt it.

  • Nerry Tembo Kintaro
    Nerry Tembo Kintaro

    dang like ur tatto


    First off. Shes not even a teen smart one. She can look however the fck she wants. Shes got more money then you, can buy your life a hundred times over WITHOUT Writing a freakin check. Get off her, and that gos for all you stupid grown a$$ parents reading this. Leave her alone. Shes better off then all of you t(-.-t)

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa


  • kat

    They didn't performt that for tweenies though.

  • goodgirl12

    Dang. I am a straight girl and I want to hump her like crazy. This picture turns me on. And all her other risque pictures.

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith

    you guys need to all get off your high stuffed horses and realize she is not doing anything MADONNA or Lady GAGA is doing or any other female singer do I need to name more? Rhianna Jeniffer Lopez should I go on? GET REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Bolton
  • angie

    is this a kids concert i cant belive she was on disney channel

  • Steph

    Well for one, she's NOT a little girl anymore, she's 19 and is doing better than most people. Your child will grow up too one day. So all I can say is be prepared. People don't stay little and innocent forever, so face reality.

  • kat

    Inappropriate for a kids concert no matter which way you look at it, kids aren't allowed into stripclubs how are they allowed to watch this?

  • steve

    damn no more pretty lil cute hannah we used to know !!

  • erinsux

    "snagglepuss"? nice name, sounds like a dirty pussy :i

  • Anonymous

    what state do you live in Texas?

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Little girls grow up. Even famous ones.

  • chanique

    thank you someone whos right

  • 221rusher

    Like you?

  • 221rusher

    I accidently clicked the like button,so my bad.But we both know she sexier than you!

  • 221rusher

    She is not!Back off!At least she can sing!Let's focus on that!Leave her alone!Haters are soooooooooooooooo uncool and against the law in my state!So if you don't like what you see,then GET THE FCK OFF!!!True fact!Go suck your balls under that tree you humped last night!So basicallly what I'm trying tod say is LEAVE HER ALONE!Case closed!

  • daisychainsaw

    Man she is a trash skank!


    She looks horrible. Not even 'sexy'.

  • mrskaylaj

    Okay so she is a teen who is setting up the sex appeal look. Which by the way is a really bad reflection to the other teens her age because this look says to them if its okay for me to dress like this then its okay for you. And right now parents are trying so hard to prevent teen pregnancy. I don't think parents want there children to be influenced by her inappropriate clothing. I know because i am a parent myself.

  • Tedd Sapp
    Tedd Sapp

    She needs a Tittoo

  • Tessa

    You can't even spell her name right. Really? She is her own person.

  • Krystal

    eww! shes stupid and gross a few years ago nice and pretty so yeah Snagglepuss go pee on yourself cuz ur disgusting!

  • Snagglepuss

    The crystal balls says that one day she'll star in a homemade sex tape for all the world to see.

  • zara


  • shema

    so wat she grown now she not lil miley ne more get off her tits.........

  • MG

    This is ridiculous! This is the little girl who created the Miley Cirus brand at a Wal-mart that my child wears?? Not liking this AT ALL!

  • bellacandii

    If this is a kids concert, how does the adult concert look like??? Smh

  • brian

    bring out the whips, chains, and handcuffs and let's play. lol

  • Isa

    this is not slutty? all she needs is the mask and you have a sadomasochism outfit

  • Hello kitty
    Hello kitty

    Nice tatto

  • Hello kitty
    Hello kitty

    Nice tattoo