Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley Cyrus performs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 13, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • grundle

    doe? a deer, a female deer? or dough like you might find in a bakery...oh yeah and she is gross white trash


    what happened i remember when she used to look decent :-I

  • Kirswinc

    I have outgrown my Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus superfan days. That said I was not surprised when Miley began growing up as well. Maybe it's because I'm not famous and don't have to break out of a disney star image, but I don't feel like these outfits define "growing up." I don't feel like her maturing is a viable excuse anymore. We all grow up yet most of us do it without looking like a dominatrix. However calling her a slut is rude too. She's a still a human being.

  • :P

    i like her i mean i don't hate her but i don't love her either. but i don't agree with the people who are calling her a slut. a slut is a person who goes around and um sorry but i don't see her dating a different guy every day. you guys have to get over it she's not Hanna Montana she never was she was always miley cyrus and now all shes doing is proving that because she got tired of pretending to be Hanna Montana. i mean i respect everyone else's opinion this is just mine so don't hate

  • Tom Joad
    Tom Joad

    she is ugly

  • Liz

    I think she looks amazing!!

  • Angel

    I call that a STUPID COMMENT! gtfo

  • Angel


  • Angel

    yuor face is fat!

  • Angel

    Miley Curus!! Best live performer ever!

  • sjensen

    Guess she just wanted to be a tramp!!! Well she has accomplished that!

  • Jayne

    She's never been anything but a pudgy hillbilly girl.

  • Anon

    Cyrus taking on Gaga to shed off the disney image? ...hope she doesn't become Britney spears.

  • boo

    If you think she's fat then....

  • sara

    she is not cute. but daddy cyrus sees it as raking in the doe!

  • Shajwan I. Khalid
    Shajwan I. Khalid

    risque on-stage?? i call that ugly on-stage.

  • daisychainsaw

    She is starting to dress like Kesha and in this photo she has the same body shape which is no body shape. Seriously go look up Kesha in a bathing suit she has not shape and both these girls are built like that. They both have that straight up n down shape to where if they are not tiny they look strange...

  • daisychainsaw

    DRUGS ARE BAD! it does look like a big black diaper. For all the morons who are saying these are just shorts ummm I have never seen a girl get away with wearing leather shorts/panties that ride up to their ass cheeks and show a penis/camel toe and those leggings make it look worse. No teacher would allow this and hell no adult should dress this way it looks like a trash outfit for a skank. I see stripper outfits with more class! The jacket does not hide her huge stomach either!

  • mileyfan

    is that lighting or some really bad thigh sunburn??? :P looking great miley :D

  • Bud

    It looks like a big, black diaper. :|

  • loving miley
    loving miley

    u guys need to be quit she klooks stunning and hot get over it i love you miley

  • Bea

    She looks like a fatter Lindsay Lohan, someone shoud give her some advice and fast!

  • lalalalala

    i feel like she's trying to channel lady gaga. i love her jacket but everything else seems like it's not her