Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley Cyrus performs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 13, 2011.
Source: AKM Images
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  • manhmax

    So HOT anh sexxy

  • lizz

    huh!! i don't get y u mentioned taylor!! :s

  • lizz

    u fool hw is she a slut!!?? i'm sure u ar more of a slut dan she is! kmt.. go and check the meaning of a slut, cause i can see u've got no idea what it is.... fucking hatters

  • Gaby Leander
    Gaby Leander

    nude miley

  • Heidi AldaY
    Heidi AldaY

    Miley u r great @ every thing. love u and always will . Loveyur music nd love yur spirit. u inspire me. Im a Fl girl who luvs u, listens 2 all yur stuff. Wsh I could meet u 1 day .Keep up great work. Will always be yur# 1 Fan.

  • yasemin

    mk salakları .

  • billyinc1

    Miley You are simply Stunningly Gorgeous.

  • saynotohomophobia

    I'm sure you have no talent. Stop being jealous of her voice.

  • saynotohomophobia

    All you people who are calling Miley a slut just because of an outift she wore to perform in, are so pathetic and arrogant and it's people like you who do my god damn head in. A slut is not one who wears revealing clothes , but one who sleeps around when their married or sleeps around with multiple guys, or is a untidied house wife. Not someone who wears revealing clothes. So grow the fuck up and stop being so idiotic, she's old enough to dress the way she likes. Noone has the right to bash on her for what she wears, alot of girls wear revealing clothes. Hell i've seen 12 year olds, even 10 year olds wear more revealing clothes then miley is wearing in this picture. You guys are so stupid it makes me laugh, before you go calling her a slut, look the word up in the dictionary and find out what it means !

  • Mrs Miller
    Mrs Miller

    Well the child has to do SOMETHING to distract audiences from her utter lack of vocal talent...

  • valera

    она ужасная!

  • amanda

    she's old enough to dress how she wants and she can pull off dressing like this let her...yall call her a slut cause you can't wear the shit she's wearing...stupid judgemental bitches

  • Wally Lind
    Wally Lind

    The zipper is interesting. Other than that, it looks pretty tame to me.

  • kristyn

    Why is there a difference from when she does it, to when Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or any other pop star does it. You people are dumb.

  • Era

    Tiffany Like nobody else wears like that but please SHUT UP

  • Yvette Jones
    Yvette Jones

    oh god.

  • LH

    -_-... you people are stupid... I mean, I'm not a big fannatic of Miley, but she is a really hardcore persone.. you can make fun of her, insult her and she doesn't give a fish* to what anyone calls or tells her... now she's talented, and very rich.. so? I actually prefare her than any other show off celebrity (like Rihanna, idk Jennifer Lopez.... disgust me ugh..) that's my opinion, this girl isnt very VERY common like the popstars of today, i think she's quiet wonderful, specialy a loving father that she cares other than any of the fashionable-vanidasious celebrities... i say, or maybe I'll be called a "slut" too... go away and listen to your Selena Gomez (another one that gives her race a bad name, no talent) Miley your down-to-earth!

  • lancy

    She is a talented woman. That's why I love her. I am kind of thinking That I saw her before on a celebrity and millioniare dating site like ____wealthyfinder.com_____ or something. Whatever, this is not my thing. Good luck with your love.

  • Angel

    Miley Cyrus is my Idol! Hell yea!

  • Danilo

    Miley linda como sempre

  • Amal Singh
    Amal Singh

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  • Latifa

    I think the main problem here is that she started off with Disney channel. When you start of there, you're gonna have young fans, and those fans that Miley made were her base and continued from then on. When she had that whole, sweet innocent Hannah Montana persona, and with a mainly 8-12 year old fan base, it doesn't just disappear. Suddenly she had a drastic transformation, with new clothes and a new look, which I believe we all can agree is eccentric and out-there. She wanted to start her own music career, and get her own persona. But what kind of fans did she expect to have? I don't know any people my age (18) beings fans of hers, or as a matter of fact older. But I do meet many young girls that love her, and these come from her initial fan base, 8-12 year olds, which came from her Hannah Montana fan base. And this is the problem. You have all these stars Nicki Minaj, Rihanna dressing provocatively, but most of their listeners are in the teenage range 16 ++. At that age, they're almost adults and are able to make sound decisions, deciding right from wrong. She does have the liberty and freedom to dress and do whatever she wants, I agree. But if she truly did care about her fans, and realising they are young kids that can be easily influenced, especially by a star like herself, she would take that step and present herself as a role model and someone to be looked up to.

  • shihan333

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  • Kayoo Wealthy
    Kayoo Wealthy

    SHE 18YET!!!? LOL

  • Humi

    i still LOVE MIley and yh she dresses lyk that but . . . SO WHAT?!? you have 10 year olds killing ppl so she's not as bad as them. plus abut the whole kids and role model thing . . . i used 2 idolise her alot when i was younger but then afta a while you meet different ppl and like new things so you won't really be influenced by her Hannah Monatanna's old and gone, so i hardly doubt that most of the kids these days are influenced by her And her concerts? and the way she dresses? EVERYBODY knows now, it's nothing big and new. so parents just stop allowing your kids to go there! if you're so concerned!


    God everyone.She is not a slut.AT ALL.hate on me, but all Miley does is go do pilates these days.and if you didnt know, CHARITY WORK.just shut the fuck up.I love Miley.If you dont? keep your bloody opinion to your fugly self.What did she do to you?NOTHING.Idiots

  • Claire

    I think she has taken things way off the deep end. You can show a little skin without being ridiculous but the way she is doing it makes it look really bad. I liked her as hannah montana but that part of her life is over. That being said, she should be aloud to grow up but within limits, she isn't the type of person i want to look to as a role model. she says that its not up to her to tell her fans how to behave. however she has been put into the spotlight and therefore should use it to the best of her abilities to provide a good influence. there aren't enough of those in the world. i wouldn't want my kids looking up to her (if i had any) and i'm sure a lot of mothers feel the same way. its up to her but i think fame has ruined how she would've been if she hadn't grown up in the spotlight. lots of celebrities have grown up in it and they haven't gone of the deep end (yet, if ever) so it can be done she just chooses not to.

  • aj

    omg the comments here crack me up! i agree with some of the comments here she is growing up and she wants to show that off but there are better ways of doing that without ruining her "good girl" image.

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa


  • aunnie98

    people should let her do what ever she wants.

  • Blabla

    Has anyone else noticed that Disney produces a few of these kind of girls???? (Linsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hugens< spelt everything wrong but.) I only hope Selena Gomez isn't going to end up like them!

  • aceduce65


  • MaRwa Derdari
    MaRwa Derdari

    that's what we call it growing up LMAO

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  • fayne

    if i had a body like that, i would defo be showing it off, she is 19 give her a break.

  • Huhwhatomg

    All yall are sheep anyway

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  • Dana

    This is inappropriate even for her age! NEVER NEVER NEVER WEAR THOSE!

  • tomjackshion

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  • tomjackshion

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  • Beth

    I think that Miley is beautiful and im not being funny if half of the people saying horrible things on here had a body like her's then theyd' show it off too. So stop hating and being jealous...she has a hot body and she knows it :)

  • psychosis13

    It's too bad people don't know the definition of a slut. Wearing raunchy clothing is certainly not it. So until she starts performing sex shows, this is just sexy.

  • Hannah

    I don't usually comment on such topics that are wasting everyones time, but all of these comments are making me laugh. Most people are just commenting about the spelling mistakes and about the perverts who think they have a shot with her rather than the actual topic. Really people SHAME on you. Come up with something better to do. I'm ashamed to have even partaken in such a worthless topic that has wasted my time and all of yours. I'm geting off this sight to do something more productive as should all of you who wasting your time. (was the funniest comments I've every read lol).

  • guardian angel
    guardian angel

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  • lo

    You are an idiot and if you are not a very young and lonely fucking boy, you're not grown anymore.

  • famous

    i like her jacket :))

  • medo

    fuck u all haters she is sooooo cooler than taylor and selena and by the way selena with her new movie oh my god 100% bitch

  • Aleya Monet Swopes
    Aleya Monet Swopes

    this girl is a grown woman. leave this girl alone.

  • lala1029

    oppsie i spelled wears wrong :-3

  • lala1029

    Okay seriously, your calling her a slut? What about Lady Gaga or Nikki Minaj? They wear stuff like that and nobody has a prblem with it. So what's so different if Miley waers it?

  • Helena

    Honestly, there are more important things in the world than this.I don't agree with what Miley Cyrus does in her spare time, but I have no control over that. She is her own person, and there is nothing people can do to take that away from her. I'm not a fan of her, nor do I dislike her, but I just think there are more important things than this. I just hope this young lady knows what she's doing.

  • Druski

    It kills me how most of you are much older, you should be setting an example. You all talk about Miley not being a good role model, what if your children just happen to see some of the nasty things you all are saying. If this were any ordinary person no one would talk this bad on them. Since Miley is famous and she has money you all want to talk down on her. I don't see her being. And talk about comparison no one is talking about the tattoos that Demi has or the bathing suits Selena wears in public there all the same. And from what I was tault only God can judge so, don't go around judging people especially if you are not in their spot light.

  • KQ

    Ridiculous. I'm sure children (6 years +) are aware Alyson Court (Lunette the Clown of BigComfyCouch) and Joe Jonas (Shane Grey of Camp Rock) are ACTORS with personal lives and styles OFF-SCREEN. To say Miley has to behave a certain way because children watched her as Hannah on Hannah Montana is like saying Taylor Swift should love trees because children watched her as Audrey in The Lorax. They're characters and real people should not have to live up to them. IMO, she did her job. She acted as a character, sang as a character, cashed her check and left gracefully. That's what an actor does. She can dress however the hell she pleases off set grounds. You do and wear what you want after school/work. Music and film/TV are completely different fields. If this is how she expresses her self in music and style, so be it. She shouldn't be Hannah if she is not Hannah.

  • Jayde

    What a poor sad lady u are! are you speaking from experience love?? Or a one of your kids outta control so you want to hate on others??

  • emmacool

    i hate miley she is vane, uncool and mean i know because she is always horrible to selena gomez and demi lavato on their show by mocking them and also i know that she is evil to her family and friends (if she has any friends)

  • jhil

    wow ppl are still interested in her

  • Olivia13

    ummmm... i'm not too sure about that but it isn't my choice and she is growing up! Sorry to those old hannah lovers but this is who she is now!

  • Samantha

    Its called a tour outfit. You're supposed to go all out with it. And why do you care what she's wearing? She can make her own decisions. She not Hannah Montana anymore. Se left it for a reason, she wanted to grow up. So leave her alone! All she is doing is living her life!

  • tammy

    I love her to she is Hot.

  • joe

    I blame the holocaust and hitler!

  • coni

    Someone needs a reality check. If you dress like this as a teen then where does that lead? Porn movies, crack, rehab, a laughing stock. Miley needs an intervention PDQ.

  • coni

    Wake Up honey, you sound like a complete moran. Miley has become a ho straight up simple. If you act like one you probably are one.

  • Paula Gonzalez Borges
    Paula Gonzalez Borges

    her bday is in november, she turned 19.

  • NyanCatIzEpic

    I agree with the sensiblepersonwithabrain. She practically spells out the whole thing correctly! Love you Miley! I hope you realize what you're doing!

  • Sensible person with a brain.
    Sensible person with a brain.

    At naden, and many other 'haters'. First off, quit acting like you own the whole place. Because you don't. This place is for entertainment, and comments with everyone's different opinion. So before you come back here, grow up, learn how to spell, and most of all, RESPECT everyone!!! You wanna know what I find wrong? That all you 'haters' have your own opinion, yet YOU go around abusing the opinion of others. What's to gain? Beside the fact that your twelve year old brain receives personal satisfaction, there is really nothing else. I personally don't care if you 'swing that wayy' or 'love miley cyrus soo muuch', everyone is entitled to their opinion. So back down, and go let everyone talk with out you haters. Now you can flame me as much as you like, but at least me and many others know that we're not the idiots here. We have a brain, and aren't twelve. Miley Cyrus was my favorite artist, until she grew up. My respect for her slowly died. I still slightly admire her, but not enough to call respect. Ray Cyrus is worried for his daughters. Miley's sisters are launching a damn lingerie brand! They take after her sister, and half of you don't give a damn! Hopefully after reading this message, you people will understand the seriousness. Oh, BTW flamers, I'm 18. So you had better watch what you say.

  • Sensible person with a brain.
    Sensible person with a brain.

    At naden, and many other 'haters'. First off, quit acting like you own the whole place. Because you don't. This place is for entertainment, and comments with everyone's different opinion. So before you come back here, grow up, learn how to spell, and most of all, RESPECT everyone!!! You wanna know what I find wrong? That all you 'haters' have your own opinion, yet YOU go around abusing others. What's to gain? Beside the fact that your twelve year old brain receives personal satisfaction, there is really nothing else. I personally don't care if you 'swing that wayy' or 'love miley cyrus soo muuch',everyone is entitled to their opinion. So back down, and go let everyone talk with out you haters. Now you can flame me as much as oh like, but at least m and many others know that we're not the idiots here. We have a brain, and aren't twelve. Miley Cyrus was my favorite artist, until she grew up. My respect for her slowly died. I still slightly admire her, but not enough to call respect. Ray Cyrus is worried for his daughters. Miley's sisters are launching a damn lingerie brand! They take after her sister, and half of you don't give a damn! Hopefully aft reading this message, you people will understand the seriousness. Oh, BTW flames, I'm 18. So you had better watch what you say.

  • demilovatojassyfan

    isnt it funnyy how some1 said dat selena isnt dressing lik dis when she kinda is... hate to brake it to ya :P





  • Tanya

    Okay so firstly, even if she started as a Disney star that doesn't mean she needs to stay like one all her life. I was a kid and a fan of Hannah Montana, but I think when people grow up things obv change. The way you dress, what you want to be etc. Everything changes. People should be smart enough to understand that now she is not that lid who appeared on Disney. If her parents are allowing her to wear all that in public, then I doubt others should have a problem. And if your kids are the one who you're concerned for, you should just NOT send them to her concert then...l

  • daijah

    dont you see beaches she is a toatal sluuuuuuuuuuuuuut and every body knows.duuuuuuuu!!

  • food for thought for ya!
    food for thought for ya!

    lol what hypocrites all these haters are. you watch lady gaga, beyonce, katy perry, even great actresses like jennifer aniston etc who all show a lot of skin and even sometimes pose naked for magazines. but for some reason you feel that its all okay for them to do it but not for miley just because she was in the public eye from such a young age. sorry to break the news but she can't be your hanah montanah anymore and she has broken out of that disney mold. and she's not a role model for all you kids posting your immature comments. she's just a singer who's doing her job that requires her to dress for the show, just like any other singer that you have on your iPod, stop being such kids, you're wasting space, makes me face-palm just as i scroll down.

  • chanique

    well you beautiful and wateva anyones says they dont now you that well so say SHIT ABOUT YOU thats my view of things and it should be yours aswell

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  • Dalton

    Well she finally grew up and is just like the rest of them Kentucky girls. Fast woman and pretty horses, I bet Daddy and Mommy are so proud. All she needs now is a senior gang bang and she'll be just another piece of eastern Kentucky trash.

  • cece

    wats so wrong wiv this. pple r so hyppocritical. she's growing up wat do u expect, that she dresses like mary poppins. she aint d only young child dat grew up in our eyes. beyonce and crew wer young too and dey dressed as scandalously and even sang songs 'bootylicious'. y'all were not hating then, y r u hating now

  • Tiamo

    Miley Cyrus is growing up she isn't disney anymore. If you she her interviews it's her personailty I wasn't that suprised when this happened shes just trying to be herself it just so happens that she some of her songs are a bit sexy so what she has enough hatez. she isn't a slut if you want to call someone a slut say it to Rihanna, Christina or britney

  • randomchick

    Haha @all the haters, especially the girls. Tell me again what is it about being a 'slut' that offends you? Go Miley :D Getting hotter every time

  • megs

    o no he is not a pervert. by miley wearing these types of outfits, this is the type of comments she will get. and im sure what she wants to hear as well.

  • megs

    ok there is a huge difference between miley and lady gaga. lady gaga is on a totally different level then miley is. Both careers started out differently. SO by no means can you compare these two. More appropriate comparison would be selena, demi, or anyone else came from disney. Those are the people miley should be compared against.

  • kaity

    I thought it was adorable dumb ass. I have absolutely no respect for Cyrus, but it has nothing to do with the way she dresses. She is a bad role model, period. She is fake. She is talentless. If you want an actress that is real and can actual act look for Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games movie. If you watch any interviews with her in them you actually find out that she is real, gasp! She is also gorgeous, yet manages to look appropriate and not anorexic and... damn I got off topic! The point is I notice all those things in Cyrus and I'm only 14, it is time for you to stop being a naive bitch and grow up.

  • CeceJb

    Nt tht wer h8n on Miley but Every1 is entitled 2 ther own opinion whethr its GUD or BAD. W grow watchn Hannah Montana nd I luk at othr disney stars like Ashley Tisdale(26) who left disney sh hasn't had any scandals....Miley is not setting an example for her young fans hence why she was voted "worst role model of the year"...She turning into Linsay Lohan...She making Headlines for the wrong(Lap dancing on 40yr old, nude photos etc.) I don't c tht as setting an exmple... 1 WORD SLUT

  • joannateri

    P.S, I'm not in any way saying this outfit is a mistake. I think it's super hot and she rocks it.

  • joannateri

    Dear worried parents, I've been a fan of Miley since 2006, when I was 10 years old. I've supported her through all of her mistakes and changes, and I love her to death. I'm 16 now (just in case your math is so bad you couldn't figure that out), and I don't dress like her, I've never smoked a bong, and I haven't taken pictures in my underwear. Miley didn't raise me, my parents did. Miley just taught me extra little things. I think all of you need to realise that your children won't copy everything she does just because she's Miley Cyrus, they'll be influenced by what YOU teach them. And Miley's a good person; she has a tattoo for gay rights, she released a song supporting Occupy Wall Street, and she's not afraid to speak her mind. People like you only tend to see the bad things that she's done, not the good. Open your eyes, please, and stop being so rude. Many thanks.

  • Ian Marsh
    Ian Marsh

    Hay so are you what part of the world are you in I would like to chat sometime ?

  • Vane Spain
    Vane Spain

    I'm Spanish and I love Miley Cyrus she's soooo great and this is incredible I want she go to Spain!!! xoxoxo Love M.C

  • Ghost Girl
    Ghost Girl

    This is so incredibly sad. It appears to me that young girls are convinced that being sexually provocative is empowering but really it’s just playing right into the misogyny that the past 3 generations of women have worked hard to destroy. Girls, enjoy your childhoods! Women, embrace and enjoy your sexuality, but don’t sell yourselves out…

  • naomi

    everyone can say shes qrowinq up blah blah okay taylor swift is how old ?? older then miley and taylor isnt dressinq up like this ! exactly shes qrowinq so instead of dressinq like this she should start actinq her aqe a qrown up which she is or is supposed to be !and shes not showinq a little skin shes showinq more then a little qod did qive her that but not to be showinq it off like that just to seek attention & when her and her family say there christian but shes dressinq like this and doinq druqs thats so not christian .

  • Sierra

    Good Lord WHO CARES what she is wearing honestly. Why not use your internet for more constuctive things like looking up upcoming elections, if gas prices will be going up or down in the near future, the economy, or real estate prices (since I'm sure half of the people on here still live at home). Do you think she is really looking at all of your comments and says "Hmm I really care what this person has to say?" I am guilty of looking at this also just because I thought the comments were a little more than funny (Not laughing at Cyrus but at the people lol). Just amazes me that everytime I sign on to yahoo I can't see information besides who's tooshie is hanging out the most or who is wearing the skimpiest bakini!!

  • javiera

    Bark miley cyrus is brilliant for k is a singer very full of happiness that it does k all his fans understand that they all can fulfill his dream as elll already sing or dance. Miley cyrus is the only American singer that cyrus makes be sorry that his fans feel well in his concerts to ecepcion of the Canadian singer justin bieber.miley is a brilliant flood of emotive happiness but if I had to say to him since it is in a word him diria that "special" for that there is no person as her

  • Krystal

    Miley stop acting like a slut

  • Krystal

    I'm 13 and I just started to dress like her and guess what I wore it to school and got kicked out so shut up NELITZA

  • Krystal


  • Krystal

    ewwwwww shes a S.L.U.T.

  • ksea

    she's heading in same direction as lindsay lohan and we know where that got her

  • Yeah, Nah.
    Yeah, Nah.

    You're 14 and you look up to her. You think she looks BEAUTIFUL ?! What is wrong with you ? >.> This is the detrimental effect Miley Cyrus has on the younger generation. You look at the outfits she's wearing in this gallery and think that there's nothing wrong with it ? Doesn't have any sexual vibes about it or what not ? Either you're blind, really stupid, or the way Cyrus acts has already flipped your brain. This is the kind of thing the "haters" are worried about, and start hating Cyrus for this reason. Yes yes, she's taught you how to love yourself, blah blah. But look at what she's teaching you now. To dress like a slut, yes a SLUT, and that sex is the way to achieve shit in life. Like you said, you're 14. You're ONLY 14. You have a lot of growing up to do still, and it clearly shows by the amount of bullshit you wrote.

  • BlackwellCharlie

    Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits read more m a k e c a s h 4 .[c o m]

  • KayEverdeen

    There is a FINE LINE between showing off what God gave you and showing off what God gave you while humping the floor and grinding on guys.And no,she isn't FORCED to grind on guys,so don't go telling me "She has to,they make her do that!" Screw that,and screw everyone that comes to her side to mask every thing terrible she does wether it's doing drugs or posting innapropriate photos for the billionth time.You can be a fan without having to sck up and say the drugs are cool because she can do whatever she wants now.NOBODY should do drugs or dress like she does.So don't tell me I'm just hating on her.But she's a HUGE influence on teens doing drugs,I can tell you that right now.Because if Miley does it,75% of the time her fans do it too.

  • Chels

    oh SHUT THE FUCK UPP!!! Everyone grows up!! she's not a lil kid anymore dayum!! a bathing suit is not slutty,but a fucking outfit 2 perform is??? Oh please!! HAterz get a life!!

  • demi

    Why you do sexy with the girl Miley you dirty girl

  • demi

    Hi why you kiss girl that's rong Miley

  • Lora G
    Lora G

    OK, Yeah Miley is growing up and wants to show it. But she need love aswell. I lover her, big fan I guess. But I don't support the way she dresses. God gave her that. But maybe show it less. So. I'm on Miley's side. She makes mistakes too! And don't most stars that started off in their teens. EVENTUALLY dress a bit more provocative? Just asking...

  • get over it
    get over it

    bottom line she is getting older and just like Hilary duff and raven symone you can't keep looking at them as the Disney stars they started out as, they now want to appeal to a older crowd not the 6-12 year olds that the first targeted. Miley has grew up #getoverit

  • naden

    are you trying to be a smart ass too? its not cute so stop.

  • kat

    also, 'your' is possessive, as in 'i walked by your house the other day'. the form you want to use would be 'you're' as in you + are. just putting it out there.

  • naden

    @ hannah 1.i will say what i want, to who i want, and when i want wether you like it or not 2. you have NO life to sit there and type up all my mistakes,that shows what a loser you are and that you've got nothing better too do.which is pretty sad. 3.its one thing to have an opinion but when you say that a girls dressed like a slut,its really not that big of a deal,most people dress like that even worse. now, if you want to keep trying to be a smart ass go ahead cause ill be responding, kk bye bitch!

  • naden

    lmaoo totally agree! that makes too of us =]

  • Sonia

    Ok for 1. She is what 19? Most 19yr olds I know dont dress much worse & to be fair in this outfit her legs are on show.. that is all. 2. People need to accept the fact that she is done with Disney she has moved on, so should you. 3. This is a Miley Cyrus concert not Hannah Monatanna so all you parents complaining about the way she looks? Dont let your kids go to her concert or listen to her music it isnt exactly child appropriate so its your own fault. 4.I think she looks fucking beautiful :)

  • jessika

    miley you´re amazing I loved when came to brazil congratulations on your voice



  • ren

    she is in dire need of braces, can't stand her teeth! million bucks make it work!

  • CR

    Yeah Jeje. She should get back in her burka where women belong. We all know that showing a little thigh or wrists is WAAAY to slutty for decent respectable women. In fact, while we're at it, let's deny her the right to vote. Or to speak in a man's presence. We really need people like you and your prudish, estro-phobic ways to set society back another 1000 years. Thanks! Have a bad day!

  • cindysthought

    You know your sick, Right??? You really sound romantic hah hah- She wouldn't give you the time of day loser

  • cindysthought

    Hey if ya got it flaunt it!! And she has it!! Miley has grown up in front of the camera she's not Little Miley Cyrus anymore... Don't be a hater cause she is a very pretty young lady..

  • cindysthought

    Hey if ya got it flaunt it!! Miley has grown up in front of the camera she's not Little Miley Cyrus anymore... Don't be a hater cause she is a very pretty young lady..

  • rewan

    wtf she is gorgeous

  • BigBalling

    Personally i thing she looks good... enough to FUCK. Anyone that says otherwise is either Gay or there a girl who's jealous that they dont have Miley's goodies. P.S Miley when you gonna let me fuck.

  • Aly

    No offense guys but everyone is entitled to their opinion. You guys are being really rude to Jeje, calling her fat. I am sure she is awesome. Not going to lie I do not really agree with what Miley is doing, but if she wants to portray herself like this it is up to her. But Jeje is allowed to say what she thinks and just because you do not agree with her does not mean you need to disrespect her opinions. Not everyone likes Miley. Not everyone is going to like you star obsession, like I love Justin Bieber but lots of people call him rude names. But I dont go calling them fat and swear at them that is just soooooo rude.

  • BD

    @Ninok How the hell is she fat :|

  • Sean Cyrus
    Sean Cyrus

    if you look slut up in a dictionary it say '' a person that is very sexual'' not for what you wear! GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT. #TEAMCYRUS!

  • Ninok

    I don't care about what outfit she chose to wear and how sexy are they, she is a star after all. More than that she has her own head to think about how it will look in her fans eyes. BUT: SHE IS A GIRL, DOESN'T SHE SEE THAT HER LEGS ARE A LITTLE FAT? How could she look at the mirror and think its ok! It simply does not suit her body figure, thats all. BUT this outfit does not make her a slut, its a bit exaggerated


    Miley is obviously only thinking about herself as a person growing-up, but she never educate herself of what matter she'll be giving to her Little Fans. Not to mention, this Puta smokes.


    Yeah!. tell it!.. I personally used to like Miley, but when she recorded such trashy music under Hollywood records. Miley should sign a contract for a retardation, & did not liked how Miley planned opening a song during her tour, can you imagine that there are millions of little girls paid to get to see a Hannah Montana "Miley" live & then dressed like a HOOKER?

  • Hannah

    @naden I feel as if you don't have any room to tell anybody that they spell like they're eight when in your last comment you misspelled the majority of the words in the comment and you have misspelled words in other comments. Second of all, everybody has their own opinions and they have the right to express them as they feel they should and can. You are calling other people "haterz" while you are sitting there judging others and "hating" on them so that makes you a "hater". The people that sit on websites like this and waste their time yelling at people, calling them rude names, and making assumptions about others disgust me. You don't know these people so why say things about them like this. It could be considered cyber-bullying and that is against the law. Your last comment naden ok well first of all you spell like your 8. secound dont fuckin call me stupid because im not a staker on a celebries age, and third your not her mom or dad, if her parents allow her to wear that let it be!and it looks good so STOP HATING!!! it will not get you anywhere=[ fuckin loser!! -8 should be spelled out because it is less than 10, when you're writing something you spell out the numbers. -Secound is spelled second -dont has an apostrophe after the n -fuckin has a g at the end -staker has an l between the a and the k -celebries should be celebrities -you always start a sentence with a capital letter and a space between the last sentence and the new one I thought you should know your mistakes, in case you didn't realize that you had made them.

  • zara


  • naden

    ok well first of all you spell like your 8. secound dont fuckin call me stupid because im not a staker on a celebries age, and third your not her mom or dad, if her parents allow her to wear that let it be!and it looks good so STOP HATING!!! it will not get you anywhere=[ fuckin loser!!



  • cutie pie
    cutie pie

    I agree she is a SLUT and people say that my friend Jessica is a slut they are so freaking wrong.SLUT SLUT SLUT SLUT!!!!!!!!

  • Ivy

    And you should stop being a hypocrite bitch... Cause it's not like all of you "fans" aren't repeating the same thing -_- For ONCE think before you say all this bullshit dumb fuck

  • Ivy

    To all you people saying were haters were not -_- are you fucking retarded look at this fucking slut someone give her a damn pole I mean it's okay if you're Kim Kardashian... I don't mind showing skin or her wearing that but for crying out loud she's a disney star! If she's on MTV that's different I mean crop top that's no big but this... Seriously. All of you retards calling us "haters" get a brain or a book, learn a few things, think about what you say before you say it, then comment. If you call us "haters" you're implying that you would do this too... I mean with the TERRIBLE reputation Miley already has this is just adding to it!! So guess what Miley, get a brain and learn to COVER UP!

  • Duh!

    Wow only 18? and you seem to be one of the most well-rounded of this blog. lol... think your dad is doing a good job. =) Like I stated above, make it an out of sight-out of mind thing... if she is going to dress like this and 'act like this' then they need to take her off the Disney channel and out of our littles kids sections in Wal-mart.

  • Duh!

    Sorry lalala... she is ONLY 19, not 25 and all the rationale people here are right; she shouldn't be wearing this outfit... not yet. AND if she is going to start dressing like this they need to make sure they don't AIR anymore of her shows on Disney and stop selling her clothesline to LITTLE kids at Wal-mart. My daughter is 4 and has one of her shirts that say "Hannah Montana" and I will no longer purchase any of her stuff for my child if this is the way she is going to be dressing/acting. A nice pair of shorts, a dress, or even a skirt would have surficed. I will still be a fan of hers, however my daughter will not be subjected to her until she is older, much older, if this is the route she is taking...

  • MG

    Good! So tell them to stop showing her episodes on Disney then... not cool for our kids to see her on Disney and than turn around and see her like this!

  • ChristinaBarcelona

    Ok. People, she's not a slut. But she wears a slut's costume. Not sexy!!! Slut's costume - it's worse. And formally she's an adult but she is still young and behaves as a typical teen. She just wants to show up.

  • callievincigrl

    Correction on my own statement...yeah she is 19 not 18, but my comment still applies. No matter if you are 19 or 90, if you gotta dress trashy to assert womanhood, maturity or gain popularity....then you got issues. And in her case, she has issues AND she is an industry puppet for sales. People need to value themselves more. You can make money for Corporate, Miley (and others), but Corporate cannot give you your dignity/integrity back, can he/she?

  • Invinceble Dave
    Invinceble Dave

    I just read somewhere around here that Kim and Coco look perfectly fine and natural. WTF?!! Those two are pigs who wear bikinis on public beaches in front of anyone there. Both of them have big fake tits hanging out and fatter asses they can use for pillows. Poor Miley wears stage appropriate clothing and catches hell from the peanut gallery. At least she looks normal and not beastly. For those of you offended by her clothing; don't watch cheerleaders, circus performers or most movies because they will strike you blind.

  • lily

    she's 19 not 17... so she's an adult...

  • K.k

    I dont think shes a slut, i have always loved her and i will always love her. I know she wants everyone to know shes growing, its just that this isnt the right way. i really dont think its bad if youre showing a little bit of skin, but i went to her concert and she was wearing this and there were lots of kids and i think they were pretty dissapointed seeing miley dressing like this. i just want her to know that she has a million fans and she hasnt have to wear like this to have more audience. i mean, look at selena gomez, she has a lot of fans to and she doesnt dress like this, i think miley kinda screw up her career dressing like this, its just not appropiate. milliions of kids are so sad because they feel like miley dont want them anymore, and that make me really sad, i know she cant please everybody and she is 19 now but seriously i have cousins who have about 22 and they dont dress like that just for everyone to know that they are growin, i still thing she beautiful but i still think its unessesary to drees like this :P just saying!

  • smiley

    miley is the best girl and the best role model i love you miley smiler for ever

  • Stefanie

    r u crazzy shes 17 years old! i dont care how good she looks in that idiotic outfit!!!!!!!!!! she is a KID! A CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it definitely shows that she is a big fat slutttt!!!!!!!!!!! shows how much u know stuped!!!!

  • Melina

    um guys, she's 19....

  • callievincigrl

    Ugh...I say this: if you wouldn't walk down the street wearin it then maaayyybe ya shouldn't wear it. I see she is an 18 yr old entertainer and this is stage gear, but the outfits mimic lingerie and all that. She is trying to assert her growing maturity (she ain't there yet) & trying to pull a Rihanna/Gaga/etc. She may not BE a slut, but it LOOKS slutty. You can rock stage stuff w/out bein half-dressed wearing brothel-type clothes. The message in entertainment these days is: if you don't look/act like sex you won't last here. She's trying to make sure she

  • naden

    ok well shes 18 not 5 and if you dont like her or what shes wearing then get the hell off this page dah

  • nelitza

    who gives a shit shes 19 she can do whatever she wants!

  • Kaile

    I'm sorry Tiffany, but people can't keep seeing her as Hannah Montana. She's growing up and this stage she's in is not meant for younger fans. She's just trying to prove that she's growing up.

  • Carol

    Oh and she's NOT trying to copy anyone! She's just being herself, wearing the cloth she likes, doing what she wants to do whenever she feels like it. She's ORIGINAL people, something you haterz should be. All you do is copy what each other says. "SHE'S A SLUT! SHE'S A SLUT!" -_-' PHALEEEEASE, GROW UP! She's not a slut, she's SEXY somethin you guys are not. (: thanks for the attention, bye!

  • Carol

    People, what is wrong with you?? Saying Miley Cyrus is a slut just because she dresses like this? SHAME ON YOU! How old are you? 8?? Well I'm a 14 year old girl and I think she looks beautiful! Miley is my idol since she started appearing on Hannah Montana. I always loved her serie and now that the serie ended I still love her. I don't think it's weird that she dresses like this. I don't think she looks like a slut. Miley grew up, and with her so did I. For the ones who said she is a bad role model, you couldn't be more wrong. Miley teached her fans many thing such as to always be yourselves, to love who we are and always be confident. She inspires us to believe in our dreams. Do you guys even know who Miley Cyrus is and what she doesn? For the people who think they know Miley Cyrus but they really don't, I only have thing to say: STFU. She's no fake celebrity that only cares about herself. For those who don't know, she went to Haiti to help deaf children with noone asking her! SO YA'LL SHUT UP! Miley is a great person and an inspiration for lots of people. Like I've said, she's my idol. With only 19 years she's achieved so much, and she deserves so much more!! Love you Miley!! ♥ SMILEY FOREVER!

  • Daniee

    soo… you all say don’t hate but actually this is quite damaging to the younger generation. anyone who can’t see that is blind! so many young girls look up to her and by seeing her like that they will copy. I’ve got 2 young sisters who love her and now she’s all ”grown up” and disappeared from the young scene doesn’t mean she should go out looking like a slapper?? my dad would smack me sideways if i dressed like that and i am 18. I'm 18 and thank god I've got more class than that! think this world is a disgrace. women should be elegant not a SLAG!

  • Daniee

    soo... you all say don't hate but actually this is quite damaging to the younger generation. anyone who can't see that is blind! so many young girls look up to her and by seeing her like that they will copy. I've got 2 young sisters who love her and now she's all ''grown up'' and disappeared from the young scene doesn't mean she should go out looking like a slapper?? my dad would smack me sideways if i dressed like that and i am 18. think this world is a disgrace. women should be elegant not a SLAG!

  • Roy Henderson
    Roy Henderson

    Miley - you are a young attrative girl with a great voice, you do not need to do dress ups or any other trick or treats. These are limited and you are always trying to think of ways to dress up. There is no limit to quality and dressing tastefully. Then you can focus on your best qualities like entartaining and singing. Try it! Kind Regards, Roy.

  • littlemonstaa

    Sheesh! Miley was EIGHTEEN in this photo. Shut the fuck up! She might not be the best role model but not every celebrity has to be one. You all are fucking dickwads. Leave her alone!

  • Isa

    come on guys! face it and stop excusing her. She is DEFINITIVELY not a GOOD role model for girls ... SHE IS SLUTTY MCSLUT.

  • Craig

    those are some fine legs... mm mm mm

  • Tiffany

    Um excuse me? God did give her that but not to show off like that! She is most definatly very slutty and is setting a very bad role-model for her young fans -_-

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin

    Hot Body, hotter Face, oh, and those long legs! Miley, you grew up to one fine, gorgeous young lady!

  • Mwayi Liviness Kasambwe
    Mwayi Liviness Kasambwe

    i don't hate her but i do hate this side of her MILEY YOUR DRESSING LIKE A SLUT AND YOUR FLIPPING 18 YEARS OLD

  • candyGIRL

    i AGREE whos to say ur a slut cuz u show off what god gave u!!! SOme of you need to show off a little more its 2011 not 1960

  • Rachal Ann
    Rachal Ann

    HAHA U guys are haters who the hell cares what she wears shes not 12 anymore

  • minneymouse


  • Dawn Detweiler Dolly Sampson
    Dawn Detweiler Dolly Sampson

    miley is 18 and she's already dressing like a slut

  • JustMe

    Ha, thats fudging ugly outfit ;D

  • gab

    miley can't perform like this without being called a slut but lady gaga can be dressed in nothing but like a piece of see-through plastic and some tape over her nipples and that's totally fine? seriously guys, get over yourselfes. hating is so unnecessery. espeically when there's nothing to hate on

  • lily

    Gosh she's so hard trying to be like Gaga or Taylor!

  • Figo Lo
    Figo Lo


  • Figo Lo
    Figo Lo

    halo hawrio <3 a3<3

  • brahim

    ilove you

  • naden

    lmaoo wow really a slut cause shes showing a little skin?dont get mad that she can wear that and you cant. its either your not allowed or fat pick one cause i think she looks good and im sick of all the haterz out there plz just STFUUUUUUUU your not going to upset a beutiful talented millionair

  • naden

    lmao all the haterz talk but i LOVE IT!!!! love you mileyyy=]

  • lalala

    that was my birthday! ok, im not a fan of the girl but people just think that she is being raunchy because everyone thinks of the girl on disney channel. Thats not fair and if she just came into the music industery looking like this no one would care. Its the fact everyone is used to Hannah Montana and now shes an adult so people have to realise shes grown up. Let her do her mistakes and her hobbies.

  • jeje

    Oh my god.. U'RE SLUUUUUUUUUT MILEY!!!!!'

  • courtneybaaaby

    i love this