Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley debuted new found love for skimpy bodysuits during the Rock in Rio Festival on June 6, 2010 in Arganda del Rey, Spain.
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  • Megan

    You're criticizing someone else's spelling when you can't even use your/you're correctly? Yeah, I think you need a spell check of your own. Your last two your's should be changed to "You're"

  • saynotohomophobia

    Dickhead, she is wearing a bathing suit. Not dressing like a prostitute !

  • Angela

    To all the people saying that she needs more clothes, isn't sexy, or is not fit for all audiences... she IS sexy, she DOESN'T address all audiences, and its called a bodysuit. A bodysuit, aka a suit that is meant to reveal the body (whether or not it reveals skin), is a person's choice on to be worn or not. If you don't want your younger siblings or children to see such disgrace of profanation, and they still do, its your fault; they either clearly don't listen to you or you don't stress enough on its limits. Miley Cyrus has the body to pull this look off, and whether or not you admit it, you would want to pull this off to if you had such an attractive figure. It's not shameful, embarrassing, or WRONG to put on such an outfit, it's just the society you live in that tells you so. Some countries allow nudity on beaches and even on the streets, imagine living in such a place or visiting such a place where your judgemental comments or nasty responses aren't accepted or noticed. Yes, it is a person's right to freedom of speech and one's own opinion, but it's not respectful (whether you have the respect or not) to the respective person, or to the readers. If a person has something bad to say, make it brief or at least make some sense when you do say it. Miley Cyrus is beautiful, hot, clever, mature, and sexy. It's her choice to come off as a so-called slut, but if you don't like it or care about it or her, why bother with the superficiality or nastiness? Please, save your comments and judgements for people sharing the same opinion as you.

  • Jayne

    this just looks 'stoopid' too much bong smoking I guess.

  • Maura Muller
    Maura Muller

    she looks gorgeous.. like come on, Paris Hilton is getting out of her limo without underwear, Rihanna is naked in her video's. She's being herself and she's feeling sexy and confident, i think she's fierce for wearing this, and it looks great on her!

  • ANA

    I think people need to remember that Miley isn't a little girl anymore. Beyonce, Lady Gaga and other superstars wear the same outfits on stage with no criticism so, really people, leave her alone.

  • Caleb

    I beat my meat, cam, eat my load off my hand and beat my meat again finishing with eating my load again all from looking at this picture. Miley Cyrus is soooooooo sexy.

  • JustSayin

    Miley is amazing. The only thing I don't like is her outfit. It looks to plain. Mayb if she wore a tube style top with shorts.... I'm not tryin to change her way of dressing... I just don't like this outfit... P.s...... Both Miley n Selena have talent, just not as much as beyonce or shakira.... and, don't hate them when u can hate bjustin bieber, he SUCKZZZZZ!!

  • Sofie

    im not gonna lie, she has nice legs

  • rewang

    Bad voice+low taste of fashion = Miley Cyrus!

  • naden

    i dont think i disagreed with anything you just wrote lol you just saved me the writing=] finally someone smart

  • Kristyn

    you can clearly see her vagina.

  • K.k

    danm!!! she should wear this for the pool parties, not for concert. she looks very thin in this outfit though, but i want the old miley back!

  • Mohini

    that outfit is just Wrong! It looks like a not-so-sexy-langerie

  • Brit

    My fav pic. She is gorgeous!!!!

  • dv

    18yrs old, she's well on her way to becoming a has been before 25

  • lalalalala

    i actually really like this body suit, it just doesnt seem like its really her style.

  • danielle

    well i agree this outfit is a little to old for her and she did show off a bit too much, but if you have it flaunt it and that is what she did. It is hott on that stage and Miley would have been trying to stay cool while having a good time! i think she looks beautiful and i would die for them legs. hahaha.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i do, come to the gold coast in australia, where i live, and you'll know how slutty all the 12 year olds act here.

  • bwag


  • LikeaBOSS

    someone who really knows, i don't think you do know. . . WOULD EVERYONE PLEASE QUIT JUDGING EVERYONE AND SHUT THE HELL UP??? IT'S JUST AN OPINION, K?

  • loridans1

    She's an attractive young girl who is using what G-d gave her in an attempt to "stay in the business". Women should be able to be judged by their talents, not by their sexuality, but except in a few cases (e.g., Amy Winehouse) w/o looks only a killer songs/big hits will allow a woman a career in Rock 'n Roll. Note: I don't know enough about other genres to comment on Rap, Jazz, Country (though Carrie Underwood's cosmetic overhaul, boob job, etc., speaks volumes), etc., to write anything about whether, e.g., a very talented, female classical violinist can rise to the top w/o "looks".

  • chavalín

    She is not so sexy as she believes

  • em

    i actually looveeee itt

  • Vivi

    She has a lovely figure, but she doesnt even look comfortable wearing that =S Her body language screams self consciousness....wouldnt she be better off with killer heels a sexy top and so skinnys or something?


    why does she dress like a prostitute ????oh!!i don't like her outfits at all

  • mileyloverforever

    MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON EARTH <3 she's my baby, so shut the hell up haters (: she's perfect and youse are just jealous that you don't look that good in the costumes she wears.

  • someone who really knows
    someone who really knows

    HAHAHAHA HELLO? you should have no ears to say that! since miley SINGS and selena NOT EVEN tries! she just talks watch her tca presentation OMG! that is horrible !! sometimes when i listen at her i ask myself why is she there? there is REAL talented people out there and i am listening to a slut that tries to be like miley with no voice!!! SELENA LOOKS, ACTS AND SINGS LIKE A PIG! OH SORRY SHE IS A PIG! ugly girl at least miley has a different face and BEAUTIFUL eyes and hair, SHE HAS HER LOOK SHE DOESNT LOOK LIKE KATY: KATY IS WITH BIKINIS MADE OF CANDIES AND ICE CREAMS! she is not! she is always with that funny, disordered , crazy and HAPPY look, no ice cream or bitch look, selena is miley's clone ! excuse me ! miley was selected as hannah at the age of 10 replacing jamie spears and jojo (hannah was thought for a teen of about 13 or 14 years) THAT IS TALENT! AAAAH! YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THAT SELENA CAME OUT BECAUSE OF MILEY'S PROGRAM!!! IF NOT SHE WOULD STILL BE IN BARNIE! (SHE SHOULD HAVE STAYED THERE! HER REAL PLACE WHAT SHE DESERVES!!) talent is sth selena never will have and miley yes! OU! ALMOST FORGOT IT! selena does have talent, the talent to use people for fam! first nick, then taylor, now justin! hello????? she is famous because of justin if not she will never be known SHE JUST SUCKS! LIL BITCH THAT APPEARS IN TOPLESS AT THE BEACH, MILEY HAVE NEVER!!!!

  • eve0824


  • fapmaster

    I fapped

  • Rose Medhat
    Rose Medhat

    bananas2 look at yourself first

  • Sharon Welty
    Sharon Welty

    She'll be the next Lindsay Lohan !!!!

  • erin

    miley can do whatever the hell she wants! she's 18 ! Jesus-____-

  • nrsmeg

    U know 12 year olds sluttery than her. dude, your a freak. haha lol!!!

  • aaa

    id hit that

  • Eva

    Talia, You're saying that she's not fit to judge another human being as if you think it's wrong to judge, but you're clearly judging her. Also, I think it's pretty funny that you commented on her spelling, yet you use "your" incorrectly, it should be "you're not fit to judge". So learn grammar and then you can comment on her spelling. And Courtney, she clearly said she "looks" like a slut, not that she is one. It's fantastic that you were able to define slut (experience, perhaps?) but there's a difference between calling someone a slut and saying that they look like one. Just like I could say that I think someone looks like a man, without saying that I think they actually have a penis. Jesus Christ if you're going to criticize someone, can you please try not to look like a moron while doing so? Kaythanks.

  • courtneybaaaby

    mia, your a fucken retard, she is NOT slut, obviously you dont know what a slut it, its when you sleep around alot, not what you wear, and wtf, beyonce, lady gaga, rihanna and SO many more singers where stuff like this, and there not called slutty, there called beautiful, so why should miley be called a slut, she doesnt work for disney channel anymore, she isnt hannah montana, she is miley, an 18 year old girl who is very beautiful and has an amazing body, people with bodys like that should flaunt it, and anyway its not like she wears stuff like this out, only when shes performing, so everyone needs to grow up and stop hating on miley.

  • Leeanne

    not sexy at all ..

  • Mellolyta

    COOL . I'm a miley fan, she's growing up . N i thought she's just trying to prove that she wasn't a lil'girl anymore. She's just having fun, she'll change her style soon after she's get bored . U rocks Miley !!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    omg she is so cute without makeup on aye!

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Harsh dude...!!

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    HERE'S A PIC OF MILEY WITHOUT HER MAKEUP [img] 2-1-340_406.jpg[/img]

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    True Leslie..!! But absolutely fabulous all the same... :-)

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Dude click on View Full Size at the top left of the photo... Awesome legs in full glory...!! :-)

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Miley, never realized you had such a great pair of legs..!! Kudos girl...!! ;-)

  • Keeana Senior
    Keeana Senior

    this is the only outfit that i dont like that she have worn

  • coutneybaaaby

    she looks amazing!

  • kelse

    Looks like she forgot the rest of her costume..This is what I call underwear

  • coutneybaaaby

    wtf it isnt even slutty, its hot, i love what ses wearing, everyone can get fuuuuucked if they thinks she slutty, she is beautiful, i know 12 years olds who are sluttier than her.

  • mallory

    I was a fan of miley for a long time, but these last time, she changed a lot. Maybe the fame did.. She should be more humble and not make the diva all the time. I'm glad and I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Also, can't believe she used to have little kids fans !

  • claudialimon

    Envidiable body !! :| I gotta work out with my body so hhhaha

  • Paula Bustillos
    Paula Bustillos

    Now this one looks good on her but i think it wasnt the best. she has amazing legs though

  • A big fan
    A big fan

    Wish we could see the rest of her great legs...

  • Talia

    Who are you to call another woman a "slut"? Any female that calls another female a "slut" should be downright ashamed. Its just bullying. You can't even spell properly and your commenting on her? Your not fit to judge another human being. Get a life.

  • Talia

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what she is wearing. She is on stage and performing wearing a costume. I am a ballet dancer and god knows i wear skimpier costumes than this on stage. get over it.

  • christy

    lmao this looks like something an old fatass would wear to suck in her belly fat under her moomoo dress at her 50th high school reunion... miley is lame for every wearing this and trying to pull it off

  • Tia:)

    Fukn leave her alone shes old enough to make her own decicions

  • Tia:)

    Fukn leave her alone alone shes old enough to make her own decicions

  • Amanda

    put some pants on dear!

  • Not even a fan.
    Not even a fan.

    Oh my god, are you kidding me right now? People seriously need to get over the "pole dancing" bit. That was nothing! She held on to the metal rod that was on the cart. She did not once grind up against the pole, and she was hardly ever facing the damn thing. I think some people need to learn what pole dancing is. I'm not even a huge fan of hers, but I think this is getting quite ridiculous. She is a young woman, let her wear what she wants! There is always going to be SOMETHING to complain about. If you don't like her, then don't watch her, or don't let your kids watch her. It is as simple as that and now leave the poor girl alone.

  • hailey

    shes really pretty, talented, and a HUGE amount of stage presence, but that would look better with those leather jeans she wore at MTV house of blues. i dont think shes a slut at all, just wants to prove her self that shes not a disney princess. i love her voice and her vibe on stage and all though!

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    I'm guessing ur Spanish, but u live in America, so watch what you say about us being morons, or take ur happy @ss back to where u came from, MORON!!!!!

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    She def. needs some more clothes on. Especially when she pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards, come on, what's she teaching our teens/kids about what u got and shake it on the pole it's ok, I'm your hero, no one cares if you get a bad rap. This is redicioulous!! WHERE IS HER DAD AND MOM FOR THAT MATTER??? It's called class and the only part of that she got was @ss!

  • alipali

    she is a typical media grabbing, talentless fool who has to wear no clothes to make up for the fact that she CANNOT sing and she is only famous on the back of her dad!!

  • Mia

    The top is fine but from her waist down she shouldnt wear anything that tight because it doesnt flatter her. As for Rihanna she has that specific type of body to pull it off where it doesnt make her look round in the little gut section.

  • kewl

    in my opinion any dress looks good on her, even the slutty ones. Well, that's just me.

  • livesinafairytale

    This isn't attractive. She looks like a desperate slut that can't get a guy.

  • MediaMaven87

    Okay, this one isn't so bad, it just looks like a bathing suit.

  • Danny

    are u people morons? this was in spain at summer.. its too hot everyone dresses like that u fucking idiots... then again ur mostly americans who dont even know where spain is

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    shes just being miley.......see what i did there looks hot

  • katherin

    gone back to her girly ways??haha thats dressing like a slut is acceptable as long as ur wearing pink or looking "girly"?doesnt even make sense.just take a look at her S&M video and you'll see wat im talking about.yea rihanna's older but so wat?miley's legally an adult now,stop "mourning"about how shes become so slutty and horribe,this is who she is now whether u like it or not, get over it

  • Kurt Kostzuta
    Kurt Kostzuta

    Hey, does anyone know if she did any photos for Maxim or Stuff magazine??????

  • EucoInna

    Love Miley for what she is not for what you like her to be.

  • cora

    no fence but, rihanna's OLDER than MILEY and miley is ONLY 18, so like no harm but they are nothing a like NOW , rihanna has gone back to her girly ways, and miley well miley is all sluty clothes and horey dance moves. when rihanna was doing disturbia she was all dark not sluty, she was going through a hard time. don't get me wrong i used to like miley and i got nothing against her except the clothes and dancing. but like i just needed to clear tht up. :D

  • veronica

    I Think if She Feels Comfortable With What She Wears Then Shes Confident About Herself And Shes Just Being Herself ... Unlike All These Haters That Dont Have A Life ... I Mean Who Are Yuh To Call Her A Slut Which Shes Not Im Just Sayin If All Of Yuh Are Hating Then Yur Just Jealous Of What Yuh Dont Have

  • dyasmhyn

    UHMMM, i'm a big fan of miley but, i think her outfits are very similar to RIHANNA's out fits, and even her music video "can't be tamed" it also has similarity with rihanna's "disturbia".. right???

  • Sarah

    OMG she wear that afront of thousands of fans ?! I cant even wear this afront of my mom!!!

  • sukit

    idk why ppl say salena is trying to dress like milye when now miley is trying to look & dress like katy perry!! damn miley get your OWN this isnt even cute on you... selena is wayyyy prettier and has wayyyy more talent than miley!!

  • luvmylif3

    I know, this is just my 2 cents but here goes... She is a young woman now and I think everyone is so harsh on anyone who is a celebrity. She is comfortable in her own skin and is embracing it with not being afraid to dress as she choses. There is always going to be someone, saying something about fill in the blank. If it's not comments being made about Miley's attire, then it's going to be about "_________", and how he's/she's become "fat" since the last film or video. Yes, there are the prices to fame, but wow, cut them some slack. They are human beings, as we are.

  • Kay

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  • Candy

    when i look at this picture she looks so naked. i feel like she needed to dress it up more and wear something else with it. she looks like she is standing onstage with her underwear

  • coco

    where are her clothes?? she is too young for this look

  • leslie


  • katrina

    lady gaga wannabe


    Wow ok people r saying this isnt whorish but I have lingerie that looks like that. BUT THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S LINGERIE!! i'm sick of people standing up for her just cuz she is miley. if u saw a girl walkin down the street with this on AT HIGH SCHOOL AGE u'd think it was slutty too. but since it's miley people are like "ooooh no its cute", idiots. and i actually LIKE miley. she is talented, gorgeous, and seems to have a nice personality. But she dresses like a whore. and the fact that she dates guys 6 years older than her doesnt help (idk why her parents are even cool with that). age ain't nothing but a number when youre past 30, but before that it means everything.

  • Melly

    She's not a slut. She's not a whore. She's not a skank. She's a young woman. She's growing. She's not wearing anything less than others on her age. I think everyone that doesn't like her should just shut up. I respect that you don't think she should wear what she wears, but seriously. Calling her a whore and a slut. All you haterz out there can suck my imaginary dick! ;) Miley Is the Best and I'll always love her and support her. She's gonna make mistakes. She's gonna go down different roads and try out different things. She learns from her mistakes. She has grown up with the fame and in the spotlight, and others have made the same mistakes as Miley and worse, but their not in the spotlight. Give her some slack. She's 18. She's a perfectly healthy, and great young woman. Go Mileeeeyy! WoopWoop! <3 haha. xoxo Melly :)

  • briyezz

    i gett y shes acting this way she wants ppl 2 realise shes nott a lil kidd anymore, but i dnt thinkk the way she is showin everyone is th right way... she should've gone a lil slower and thought about her younger fans...

  • mia

    heller i no she does she looks like a slut

  • sweetheart

    Shes not a whore I mean girls at my school wear worse then that. But she could have worn tights. But she was about to turn 18 and for her age thats really not inapropriate espeially just to perform.

  • bananas2

    SHE IS A HUGEE WHORE!! But I give her props, it is a cute bodysuit.. she just needs to dress it up... OR atleast not just have the body suit on by itself!

  • Caarly

    I am a Miley fan but I really think she should wear some more clothes when she performs! Its not even sexy.

  • meee

    its so obvious when someone tries SO HARD to be something they clearly are not

  • fjlka

    This was in spain (in the summer!) and she had a blazer on before, but she took it of because it was like 100 degrees out there, so i get why she is wearing this! And i really like the look.

  • ashley

    u need on some clothes u will perform 4 this one but not as hannah monnta

  • lalala

    okay this looks like a swim suit ahha but with a bra!