Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley flashed her long legs while wearing teeny-tiny shorts during a charity performance on June 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • wendi

    When she gets naked and has a dog sniffing her ass like Madonna, then call me.

  • LoveMe

    Is she eating up the mike? Seems like !

  • cuite kayla
    cuite kayla

    u know wat at least shes doing soimething with her life and so wat he not alittle kid she is 20 i like her peace

  • Chelseeeee

    Lord God she looks weird nowadays!does she know the kind of fans she has out there?? Flipping 7 year olds!!

  • Angel

    This is what you call a true musician!!

  • Cheyenne

    People very rarely ask to be rolemodels for kids. That's a very hard thing to do, and Miley was pulled into it by Disney. She's grown up, get the fuck over it. She's not 13 anymore, and the clothes and way she acts isn't half as bad as the middle schoolers in my town.

  • guardian angel
    guardian angel

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  • kate

    this outfir isn't even bad...and so what stars open their legs on stage. just happened they got a photo of her doing it and y'all are hating on it. She was performing, seriously she's an adult. It's ok to wear shorts and open your legs for a couple of seconds and move to the nxt move.

  • Kohi Whitehouse
    Kohi Whitehouse

    Who cares. People who are judging her for revealing "Too much skin" have nothing better to do to fill their day. WOW she's wearing a bodysuit, ohh she's wearing shorts. C'mon people, most of the worlds population have worn shorts in their life time. The majority of the girls I see walking around these days are wearing "Shorts" that could just as well be classified as g-strings. Stop focusing on ONE girl and worry about yourself or your own teenage daughters and nieces and grand daughters.

  • ken men
    ken men

    wow! this bitch is soooooooooooo sexy. hey babe miley if u ever watch this lets have some sex heres how it goes! 1 change:noclothes so ur ass will be shown as well as boob. 2put ur gut next to mine babe! Then ill put mine! 3kiss me ur and tell me how sexy i am while we r naked

  • Kassandra Iam WhoIam
    Kassandra Iam WhoIam

    she is not a kid anymore, ppl grow up and they make changes some for good some for bad. let her grow up the same we some of you did and how some of you are still doing. Besides I thought God was the only one perfect.

  • rsmit925

    It isn't the length of the shorts I have a problem with, it is how she is standing. Legs wide open sends the message " look at what I have." Very trashy. A true young lady that respects herself would NEVER stand like that.

  • amanda

    She's doing what she wants dude , for the past few years she's been repressed by disney channels rules , let her live a little . And get to know a person before you talk shit about them , Miley does charity work for so many different causes .

  • Minaa

    OMFG, if you dont like her then why are you wasting your time by commenting on this, she can wear whatever the f*ck she wants to wear. You dont really know who she is so why are you guys being a**holes? If you dont like her STFU and get on with your life!

  • Kraken

    It makes no difference what she wears,she still sounds like a goose farting in the fog.

  • Lyss-Maire

    These outfits aren't even risque...People just took pictures of her in poses that make her look like "slutty". For example, that picture of her holding onto the pole... It didn't even show what she was wearing, people just wanted to make her look bad by taking a picture that looks like she's pole dancing. Or there were a few of her with open legs, that again did not even show the outfit she was wearing. Miley fans will never stop loving and supporting her, so you're just wasting your time attempting to ruin her reputation. ;)

  • Nzwanglos

    Bay she's off, and one thing SHE'S PERFORMING ! so, i think all artist ( okay almost all ) are having on some creepy or almost naked clothes, because of the SHOW! that's it.. go on her concert, and imagine that she would look like she's going to work in office, and wear clothes like that, act like that. Thaaaaat would be awesome show, don't ya think DUMMIE ? ;)

  • duntchakno

    hmm.. i'm thinking that the people judge this outfit cuz.. she's performing with open legs :P the way she perform u know? and then the shorts

  • XOXO

    She is so not sexy, no matter how much she thinks she is.

  • Paige

    Honey, she is off of Disney Channel.

  • Aimstaaa

    its not a pose its called a film capture... some one with a camera caught a split second of her stage movements and you act like she was just squatting there on purpose ...i bet she was just dancing and at least she wore shorts. I think it would be gross if it was a dude ....i wouldn't want to see some dudes "junk bulge" in spandex ew. Theres nothing offensive to see cuz shes a female wearing black shorts. ::rolls eyes::

  • sheaslut

    she probably wants guys to look at her crotch


    This gal is doing what every starlet must do to keep selling tickets.Maybe she will tire of the circus and do humanitary work in the future. She is up against a lot of fresh and bold artists who care less about your sensebilities. She is becoming a woman and best of luck selling downloads to Rihanna fans

  • Wow

    Umm. If shes going to do a charity performance, shes needs to close her legs. Ew.

  • notahater

    Half her outfits wouldn't be that bad if she didn't insist on jacking her legs open or bending over during every performance.

  • Eva

    Holy shit, this legitimately looks like a porn shot. If in any of your photos you could replace a mike with a penis and look like a porn star, you're probably pulling poses that are a bit too slutty.

  • plowikipedia

    loving the shirt though!, really rock&roll!

  • Julesss

    What happened to pants?

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    Man, I wish I was that microphone!!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    jassyb she fucken 17 you loser, its not bad for a 17 year old to wear stuff like this, i know 12 years old who are slutier than er.

  • coutneybaaaby


  • chantale

    this uniform is not made for 18 old girls!! miley is not thinking what the fans will say to her .. i was a fan but after i saw her dressed like that i hated her.. she is not thinking for the futuree!!!

  • AJ

    Miley Cyrus is of Disney channel. Has been since January dude. Don't be stupid.

  • Emmy

    she IS off disney channel



  • kgemfe

    myb it is her way of coming out from singing for babies and all d way 2 heff's mansion.u go call girl.

  • hailey

    this isnt slutty at all. its the position shes in that makes it look bad. if she was just standing up normal, it would look fine.

  • Karen

    Legs splayed? If you saw this photo and it was your little sister, what would think? I've got nothing against what she wears, but some of the poses are a little overt. The pole dancing stuff a few photos back, case in point. She's looking a tad like one of those girls you see on those Barely Legal Sex DVDs in some of her poses. It probably doesn't help that all the dancers around her look way older than her.

  • livesinafairytale

    Wtf, please don't tell me a teenage girl actually wore shorts? UGH NOT AGAIN, CALL THE TABLOIIIIIDS.

  • britt

    i think shes sexy , doing her thing i love all the outfits ,shes got the thick thighs and rock hard tummy for it . BUTTTTTTT : i have a very young daughter and dont approve of that for her at all !!! and thats who she is targeting (little girls ) i agree she should move on from disney and nickelodeon and go on to more young adult targeted projects. my friends 7 year old daughter wants to rip her shirts in half and wear fishnet leggings now ...among a million other too provocative things she got from being a fan of miley. all in all i like her but i don't want my kids too

  • jassyb

    can you read the age in the description on the side of the picture? SHE ISN'T FREAKEN 19 IN THIS PICTURE, these are old and inappropriate for how young she was

  • jassyb

    Its not the fact that shes wearing shorts but just the way she acts on stage, like really, come on now, u don't see anything wrong with that pose, she has little kids looking up to her, if she wants to do this, then come onn, get off disneychannel

  • Jake Bluez
    Jake Bluez

    You've got Photoshop ... you know what to do.

  • me:P

    since when is wearing shorts considered being a slut o.o

  • curlyluver24

    what is she doing to that poor microphone

  • Parra Johnson
    Parra Johnson

    and if she were fat you'd all be mad!

  • tay

    this is stupid! some of these photos (like this one) are just fine! -.- she looks good, and precentable. its not like you could see her pussy. grow up.

  • mina

    lol sarcasm I love it! Like omfg a teenager is wearing shorts call the slut police :O *gasps*

  • Scorp

    Wow the outfit seems alright but it sure looks like she blowing the microphone

  • HH

    This isn't racy... But she shouldn't be sitting like that. haha. x

  • Kay

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  • Thegreatestmanalive

    At least she's bringing in big time dough. Besides, by the time sensuality and sexuality start to manifest. It's to late. Sorry Billy Ray.

  • Tiffani

    people need to realize she's not 12 anymore. she's gonna be 19 years old, so of course she's not gonna wear that cookie cutter "miley stewart" wardrobe. of course if she was gonna smoke pot she should have did it with people who weren't gonna film her if she wanted to do it.

  • krissy

    suck face again

  • CC

    wide legs open!!!!hahahahahahahah sooo fugly! owh please help her before herself splits up in two! hahahahah

  • 45_Optimusprime

    I miss when miley was so small and adorable what has society done to her? I have to admit her clothes line is kinda cute though but I cant see the whole outfit in this picture so no comment for the clothes ^^

  • Sese

    Wth!! She has turned into a Britney spears!! (Sorry Brit but ur a horrible role model!) I just think thInk she needs an attiude adjustment. She should go to Tennesse like she did in the movie and maybe that wouldl do something. Our just take an vacation away from paps and she will be fixed

  • gimmy

    Its cause of the cameltoe you cant see in this pic

  • ggja

    hahaha she is wearing shorts and that's sooooo racy. everyone in america wears shorts

  • ashytisdalefa

    this isnt racy

  • fan.

    how the hell is this racy? wtf.

  • Jade Sophie Chadwick
    Jade Sophie Chadwick

    shes wearing shorts :O wtf was she thinking ?