Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley showed off perhaps a bit too much skin when she performed in a teeny miniskirt and a vest with no shirt during her "Sweet 16" celebration benefiting Youth Service America at Disneyland on October 5, 2008.
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    worst out fit its looks like a monkey dressed up ready to go in a circus!

  • Chessie

    All of your parents must be so proud to know you stick up for someone as skanky as Miley Cyrus. Such low self esteem it is sad, you guys should really work on that, preferably before you date anyone else. There is a big difference between sleazy and cute, you may want to learn it.

  • Scoobysnooze

    Looks like she's delivering baby on the stage!!

  • Felipe Quiroz Quezada
    Felipe Quiroz Quezada

    you look gorgeous in that photo

  • Suck it
    Suck it

    People are just hating on her because she's from Disney, and she's not the "innocent girl" she used to be. Check out Taylor Momsen who dresses kind similar to Miley and she doesn't get half the hate Miley does, because she wasn't on Disney Channel. I don't really get the big deal, It's not like Miley is making a porno or something.

  • alex ruff
    alex ruff

    What the fuck is wrong with that bitch? She has the most shit knees OMG! fuck you miley fuck you. ur full of crap!

  • Maurice Okram
    Maurice Okram

    people are just so mean .... i don't find any of the dresses risque

  • Madonna Howard
    Madonna Howard

    The vest is great and Just because she's not wearing a shirt under it doesn't mean that she's a skank, you see people do it everyday on the streets in the summer time. And if you look at her skirt, it's really not that short, and look even more carefully and - gasp- she's wearing shorts underneath!!! :0

  • amanda

    dude why should she close her legs she's performing , You all need to calm down honestly . and if you look you can clearly see she's wearing white spandex shorts underneath . god do you have nothing better to do than hate on a girl who grew up in the spotlight and had to watch every tiny mistake she made publicized ? it's disgusting .

  • Caitlyn Dooling
    Caitlyn Dooling

    A gold tank under the vest woulda made it better. Just a little more gold on her torso. The sudden flash of flesh throws off any balance.

  • Sevenia Francis
    Sevenia Francis

    did u see anything? cuz i sure didn't.......whats up with u people an hating on the girl? if she wants to grow up let her....u guys were once like that. even though u people hate her u still watching her n commenting on her videos and pics. y`all are something else....let the girl be oh n i dont care wat y`all have to say i already made my comment... i bet yall dont look half as good as the girl u people need to chill n give the poor girl a brake let her explore n make her own mistakes n learn from them in the end

  • 2sence

    I love this one not bad at all she looks cute shes even wearing shorts under what wrong with that? lol her others are worse.....?

  • Amanda Garvin
    Amanda Garvin

    I dont know, none of these outfits seem risque, or skimpy to me. Nothing valuable of hers is visible not even cleavage so I don't know what these people are talking about, a lot of other celebrities are much much worse.

  • Anon

    Do you even know what steampunk is? This outfit definitely is not steampunk.

  • Danni

    The outfit isnt to bad. But seriously, youre wearing a skirt, close your f**king legs!!!

  • jus saying
    jus saying

    this outfit isnt bad its actually cute. but unlike rihanna n madonna. miley came from disney bring alot of her young girl fans with her. they follow her ok. n im pretty sure more than madonna n rihanna cuz they c her as hannah still. so she needs to b more aware than others about what she wears. but this outfit is good, especially compared to the one before this one.

  • opinionated

    everyone needs to get a life when it comes to this girl...she isn't wearing anythning wrong. Rihanna wears body suits, it's ok...madonna wears pointy nippes, no problem. She wears a short skirt (god forbid) and she's a horrible role model...

  • eva

    its very steampunk!

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    All you little jealous girls are a trip. Miley is smokin hot in just about anything she wears. I'm quite sure that she could really give a rats ass as to what you all think. She's making bank bitches -- BANK!!!

  • coutneybaaaby

    i love her, but hate he outfit,

  • Luz Galicia
    Luz Galicia

    that is lk almost up to her kness very mini indeed -____-\

  • Ana


  • Paula Bustillos
    Paula Bustillos

    I really like her outfit. she looks great. its new. its really pretty to me. i love it. but some comments on here really make me crack up.

  • A big fan
    A big fan

    She looks better barefoot.

  • Tavia Han
    Tavia Han

    LOL She's wearing a white and black converse!! :) So amazing<3 Love her!

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    i'm only gonna give her on point for the skirt cuz she didn't match it with a good top or shoes and it is the the only thing good about her outfit

  • hailey

    this isnt bad at all! its cute, and she wore that like 2 or 3 years ago, when she was like 16.

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    This is just flat out rude. She's singing to children at Disneyland, wtf was she thinking? WTF were her parents thinking, or were they just money hungry when they put her on the market???

  • cc

    is she taking outfit advice from lady gaga?she looks so ridiculos

  • alipali

    this outfit is totally gross...on anyone!!

  • livesinafairytale

    This isn't even remotely attractive. She just looks like she put her clothes on in the dark and forgot the shirt.

  • Ana

    The shoes totally threw me off, I'm not even gonna lie. Lol.

  • neya

    come one guys she's wearing a skirt at least!

  • me:P

    love it.<

  • tay

    how is this showing a 'lil too much'? is cute! she's so pretty.<3

  • anna

    i know i like it! :P

  • Kay

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  • krissy

    suck face agin

  • 45_Optimusprime

    I like the vest the skirt is awesome but I would put somethig under the vest before I wore it

  • adriana

    Yeah wow this is what all the strippers are wearing...

  • doode

    Haaa awesome outfit :DD

  • amtfan

    this outfit isnt bad, its cute!

  • bigpapa

    She got that itch and just wants to show that thang off..wanting it scratch sooooooo bad; it hurts