Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley sported a see-through lace dress with white underwear during a performance for Wetten dass in Germany.
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  • Jason Peterson
    Jason Peterson

    Miley is in her symbolic white dress showing her hot body singing her words of encouragement to all. In the case of this particular pic she "stumbled" backward and is being healed by the black guy. In Heaven she wouldn't stumble backwards and she wouldn't need healing and of course she would be "naked" all the time. The white angelic dress is nice but yes she is hotter without the dress on. Her hair is amazing in these pictures. I love you Miley.

  • Raquel Ofwgkta
    Raquel Ofwgkta

    lol stfu

  • Silky Way
    Silky Way

    she's edible and she knows it...

  • dude you got it wrong
    dude you got it wrong

    if she was singing she would have her mic at her mouth but its no wer near :p no offence :L

  • brittanie

    Really calling someone a slut really than im a slut and im proud miley can dress how ever she wants she is a grown up she wants to fuck every gut let it be....BITCHES ON HERE NEED TO GET A DICK IN THEIR FUCKING MOUTH

  • Grace

    Oh come on, it's just another annoying girl trying to prove to the world that she's a young adult when really, nobody cares.

  • guardian angel
    guardian angel

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  • kate

    her outfit isn't bad and so what allooottaa stars bend backwards in their performances. Bad momennt + everyone is always finding a way to knock her down. im not a fan of hers anymore but still i don't see anything wrong with this photo. and she is not having an orgasm, calm down. she's not that bad, that'd she do that on stage. it was a bad moment

  • Me

    Horrible influence on your lil sis, no offense but u look like a slut

  • susy

    she looks lik someone is f***** her and she is enjoying it

  • gg

    regardless if she was singing or not, she is performing she gets into her performances and loses herself in the music how the fuck could she get an orgasm from someone touching her head are you really that dumb?

  • Mohini

    i wonder what kind of role model she is there are A LOT of little girls who like her and want to do everything she does... That is sooo not appropriated

  • hihu

    you can grow up without being a skank

  • danielle

    she was singing when they took this picture guys! i love the oufit its not too revealing...she looks gorgeous! and what the hell is the women wearing whoes behing her:O now that is shocking!

  • Ally

    just because she is famous doesn't mean she has to be a role model for everyone i forgot what song it is but it sent a good message and that's what kids look up to not this they're not sheep that will copy everything she does! gosh let it go i know 13 year olds wearing skimpy outfits and they don't look up to anyone

  • Clover Willams
    Clover Willams

    WTF! she looks like shes haveing a wet dream

  • courtneybaaaby

    if you're gonna call me a hypocrite, could you at least spell it right, i know i have my spelling and grammar mistakes, but really hipacrit?

  • rayyyy

    haha has everybody failed to look at the lady standing behind her.....

  • Caitlyn Dooling
    Caitlyn Dooling

    I'm finding it funny that all these people calling her an awesome role model are also screaming things such as "shut up you bitch, you're just a hater." the moment some even begins to nay-say. Obviously the whole role model thing isn't working out too well. It's just distasteful. I bet even she would be embarrassed. I don't dislike Miley, I listen to her music and such, watched her show with my younger sisters. I just wish she dressed a bit more classy. There's nothing mysterious about you when you're flaunting everything for everyone to see. And while I do understand workin it cause you got it, you don't have to go out in practically lingerie. Jesus, sometimes a pair of well-fitting jeans and a cami tanktop are sexier than something all cut up with cut-aways. And this is coming from a teen too, it's not hard undestanding that you don't have to show a lot of skin to look sexy. It's more showing JUST enough; leave em wanting more.

  • hihu

    normal people go to college,smoke some pot.. and that's iiit ¬¬"

  • Meldel MacDonald
    Meldel MacDonald

    When i saw the picture I said . What the heck then I scroll down to read the comments , I bursting laughing .

  • emma

    and i think that u love her no matter wrong is wrong



  • angie7225

    ok umm I'm not exactly a Mley fan so this wasn't way too big a suprise but still! Like i knew she wasnt the smartest but this is taking it a little overboard.

  • nira

    why did they put the WORST photos of her? There are 800 photos of the same concert which miley appear beatiful and sexy and with the clothes they want to show, I think that celebuzz hate Miley!

  • Nicole

    Not a Miley fan, but not a Miley hater either. She's old enough to make her own decisions. She's not a slut, she just dresses like one and whether people want to admit or not, it does look like she's having an orgasm in this picture.

  • xcusemiiprettiness

    oohh shut the fuck up...every other celeb is parading around in less than this and she gets hell...she not little miley any more yhou dumn fucks...if she wants to show a little more than the skin on her bee itt all of yhu are just haters

  • felecia

    you r aso right hse does look like a slut & i hate her to :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • felecia

    why did u say that that is not true she looks stupid in those outfits

  • spraytansandfakevans

    DIRTY FAGE. YOU CAN SEE HER FISH FANNY. fanny on displaaaaaaaaaay! woah she ned a brazilian.

  • Gemzy1234

    She's just a slutty tart i hate her !!!

  • ILoveHaters

    she was singing, so i will excuse the face, but srsly. what in the world miley.. shes trying way to hard to grow up and she just looks like a slut.

  • mggy

    watch who your calling a retard. Didn't you just criticise people for calling Miley names. Hipacrit!!!!

  • mggy

    yup courtneybaaaby runnin her mouth again. get off the computer already & get a life!!!!

  • Taylorfan

    ROTF LMFAO is she having an orgasm or what?!!! LOL

  • NIPNIPS101

    jus saying: haha so not reading all of that!

  • Name (visible) XD
    Name (visible) XD

    The backup dancer secretly hates her. His thoughts? "Hmmm... I think I'll snap her neck this way... "

  • jus saying
    jus saying

    if ur 14 and u have done everything u have well u dont needa be doing that shit. n jus cuz u do dnt mean other girls need to follow ur example or mileys. am i saying b a nun? no im not saying that, im say act ur fucking age not ur bra size cuz honestly it aint cute. do u think men will respect u or her? no! they might compliment u n flirt n hit on u n wanna do things. but do u think ur the type of girl they wanna take home to mom? introduce to the family? be urself but have self respect! young girls these days. if u dnt value urself n urself worth then thats sad. a guy should want u for u. not how u should dress or wat u should b doing. miley needs to check herself. i no she wants to be grown n establish herself from disney n hannah but she needs to understand, the majority of her fans where little girls or pre-teens she cant jus start being all rihanna,shakira or lady gaga or beyonce. i no she wants to but think! ur a ROLE MODEL for young girls, they wanna b like u! would u want ur daugther wearing that stuff? think about it. n to be matture or seem older does that mean u gotta b in the smallest outfit u can find? no, i bet shes a nice girl and all n she doesnt deserve the hate but being famous has its down sides n when u wear things ike this (compare hannahs clothes to this) ppl r gonna say bad shit. it means showing ppl how u change inside, she can show them thro her music her, her attitude, n cothes yes. but dnt b so drastic. n remember who ur ur fans n followers are. look at selena gomez n demi lavotoe r they half naked? no n we still c beautiful grown women that no how to carry themselves. n this is coming from a 16yr older n 12yr old. maybe if ppl if thought about wat they promote we wouldnt have shows like 16 n pregnant, or 14 yr olds writing how they've done sooooo much now would we? nothing against those ppl

  • jabster

    Me neither, unless it is a strip show.

  • jabster

    Miley is only dressing like the pig we know her to be.

  • lilly

    she was dancing in singing at the time;

  • plowikipedia

    thats not fair because my bestfriend had to grow up when her dad died& her mum became terminally ill! so dont say growing up is involluntry! but i do agree, i dont like the dress, its far to inapropriate! ps, sorry if some of the spelling isnt great:/

  • courtneybaaaby

    she isnt half naked retard, whats shes wearing is beautiful, half naked, is someone in some skimpy undies and a bra.

  • courtneybaaaby

    your a retard,

  • livesinafairytale

    Slut n. A woman considered sexually promiscuous. So yes, technically a slut is sleeping around a lot. But you don't know Miley's personal life like that...and her outfits do contribute to having a "slutty" image. Also, I do know this is only when she's performing, but that doesn't make it okay to be half naked in front of hundreds of people..

  • livesinafairytale

    I get it that she's trying to grow up, but since when did growing up mean dressing and acting slutty..? I think that's acting IMMATURE, not mature. It's showing you're rushing and trying too hard to become something you're not, and trying to act older but failing. Growing up should be involuntary, and it should just happen slowly. You shouldn't try to grow up because you'll end up like this..

  • courtneybaaaby

    your a fuckhead, obviously you dont know what a slut is, its not about what you wear, its when you sleep around alot, you really need to shut your fucken mouth, and its not like she wears this out, she only wears stuff like this whens she performing, when shes home, or out in public shes wear normal things, that any teenager would wear. so please, just fuck up.



  • Rachel Eileen Pearson
    Rachel Eileen Pearson

    wow shes going to hell for wearing an outfit some deem too risque....that's actually really harsh. who are you to judge. last i checked Jesus didn't throw the stone, so what right do you have to say that?


    OMG! haters haters haters! SEE THE OTHER GIRL IN THE PIC! DO U GUYS SEE WHAT SHE'S WAERING?!?!? yeah, and nobody gives a shit! PLEASE, she's wearing lesser clothes than miley, and everyones hating on MILEY?!?! does this make any sense!??!!? stop judging miley, if u guys dont know her personally!!! D:<

  • coutneybaaaby

    i am inlove with whats shes wearing!

  • kelse

    sorry i dont want to see anyone half naked performing

  • Pixie


  • Ourworld Megan
    Ourworld Megan

    She is suppossed to be a role model for kids, I used to look up to her as a child, But now she is wearing all the skimpy outfits i have gone off her, she seriously needs to slow down, But i do not hate her, i still can relate to her songs.

  • Dstar28

    maybe she was singing thru her..... lol

  • Abi

    Omg! I think she should calm down with these outfits!She looks nice in just a dress! Right??!

  • KiKi

    She's not trying to grow up too fast, she's just trying to grow up...

  • hailey

    aha, funny pic. the outfit is fine, not slutty, or boring, but some of the things she does on stage is kinda strange. i love miley though, she has an amazing voice, amazing stage prencence, and gives u a show tht u will NEVER forget!

  • jinjar

    she is not dressing under the influence? are kidding me she is so trying to look cool and original. btw good to know that you are yourself now but dont try to hard like Miley

  • livesinafairytale

    Um, I`m sorry, hon, but it's her mistake for EVER making this face or this move at all.

  • livesinafairytale

    LMAO. I know.

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    you clearly have never seen porn!

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    how old are you? why do u hate miley so much, its odd. shes not being hannah montana, shes not wearing crotchless pants on road, these are costumes to perform in, shes finding herself after being hannah montana for years, i find her in-offensive. what i find more interesting is you calling her a slut for wearing short shorts...... what do u wear on a beach a burka? r u a slut for wearing a bikini, get into the real world CC.

  • jassyb

    and your reeeal cool for that huh, ur probably a slut, haha

  • large

    she already did 8D

  • EucoInna

    ahm! she's dancing and it's the photographer mistake to shut her ever move then pick the worst one that can really define so HhHHH!!

  • me:P

    Big black guy next to her: Go to sleep miley go to sleep.

  • curlyluver24

    why are her backup dancers always wearing undewear

  • savy

    daddy should get her a pair of pants for her birthday. It appears she doesn't own any!

  • veronica

    i Agree And This Is Coming From A 14yr. old

  • veronica

    Bitch Stop Hating Its Something Yuh Wouldnt Wear OBVIOSLY ... and im just a 14yr old ive probobly done everything yuh havent done

  • David Katch
    David Katch

    trimed but not shaved, I am sure it is in use

  • chelsea

    she's so weird

  • shannonnnn

    OMG. i hate the way haters only call her a slut cause of the FEW bad things she has done. Shes 18. Bare in mind she WAS PERFORMING, hense the outift, not like she chooses it? besides youve gotta get all 'sexy' for performing on stage anyway :L

  • Sarah

    Is she having birth ?

  • i am girl
    i am girl

    she' totally gonna hell

  • sarah

    she might as well preform naked!

  • poiuytre

    I totally agree. don't you agree?

  • Annie

    Shes not naked underneath shes showing her natural body.

  • Annie

    You go girl!

  • Annie

    I think she looks really awesome in her outfit. I also think because shes 18 she should be able to rock out. YOU PEOPLE THAT THINK SHE IS TOO BAD OR SOMETHING, GET A LIFE!

  • sukit

    i agree.... she is tryin wayyyyyy toooo hard!!! && idk what she was thinking when she did this!! && this outfit is not cute but i mean her PARENTS COULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING BOUT THIS..BUT SHE IS 18 NOW && SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER SELF!

  • moon

    obviously not when the microphone is down by her side

  • Kay

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  • krissy

    haha she really likes these swimsuit things. Hmm. i know a 13 year old girl who dresses way worse then her. Girls start off young now a days. Shes proud of her body. Any other girl who would dress like that is proud too. Go MILEY!!

  • Octopussy

    nothing better than miley's soul having an orgasm.

  • abkey

    wtf !!!!!! is that a costume for 18 years old singer? i bet she borrowed it from a porn star...

  • maria

    wow she is gettin whorer

  • CC

    yeas, should all mature women look like this? OMG watta transformation ov character and personality from a former demure role model? She is a ROLE MODEL dear, that is why she should watch herself accordingly. I correct myself she WAS a role model. OK! "still" a role model but to SLUTS youngsters out there. You might be one ov them. Sooo you are just like them!

  • CC

    yeas, should all mature women look like this? OMG watta transformation ov character and personality from a former demure role model? She is a ROLE MODEL dear, that is why she should watch herself accordingly. I correct myself she WAS a role model. OK! "still" a role model but to SLUTS youngsters out there. You might be one ov them.

  • CC

    Yeas;))) oh sooo you really have to look like this? call this x on the stage;) bet you've done that too hahahahah lmao!

  • jakki

    Because she wasnt singing but performing idiot and thats not risque at all she wasnt naked under it!! Seriously people are a bunh of prudes now

  • dafish11

    again shut up haters, she was in the middle of singing when they took this picture. then how come the microphone was IN HER OTHER HAND FAR AWAY FROM her mouth.......hahhahaa yah

  • maddy
    maddy be onest I love the dress

  • germanxxannie

    i saw that live :D there wasn't anything dirty during the performance, only the audience (wetten dass is for the older peolpe...) was a bitt irritated by the see-trough outfit

  • jlf

    again shut up haters, she was in the middle of singing when they took this picture. AGREE! people are saying so much ugly stuf about her, that she is not a good role model and thing like that. But you know people she IS. Those people only see the bad things about her, and not the good things that she does. She is being herself and is saying to people that they need to be themself. I was really insecure but Miley "told"me to be myself. I now dress who I am and how I feel, but at first I dressed how people wanted me to and that's not good! It's not that Miley is wearing these kind of outfits when she is out on the street orso... Tayler Momsen does dress like a slut when she is performing and out on the street, and no one cares about that, and she is even younger then Miley??? Miley is a mature woman

  • amtfans

    again shut up haters, she was in the middle of singing when they took this picture.

  • bigpapa

    NO, not having one yet, trying hard to hit that Big O in front of thousands; now that would be a real high for her. She sure wants everyone to see it, and still wants to be in the protection mode....she will show it alllllll soon..Wait and will be gooood..

  • Gina Maria
    Gina Maria

    What the heck? is she getting a orgasm or sumthing this girl is trippen and trying way to hard to grow up she needs to calm down!