Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley sported a silver and pink long-sleeved bodysuit when she performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards on November 7, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.
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  • Harry

    She looks like JLO

  • no name
    no name

    what does winning the family competition has to do with it......

  • saynotohomophobia

    Fucking beautiful <3

  • Anon

    No one complains when Beyonce wears outfits like this

  • Hersnot

    Oh so you go out of the house dressing like that? Good for you!

  • borntoshine

    so much hatred that it's burning, i don't approve with wat she's wearing but i disagree with the nasty things you had said about her, regardless of wat she wears and the mistakes she does miley is a nice and wonderful person we should never forget that.

  • Angel

    Dude, you dont even know what your talking about. OK call her a slut and all you want but she is very talented... she is actually one of the best live performers in the world! and thats not coming from me! so shut your face and listen to the DAMN good music out there pff

  • Angel

    People, stop talking trash about Miley Cyrus! That just shows how jealous you are of her... she is very talented and we should all respect her.. at least I do, i respect her as an artist she is extremely talented... musically!

  • Angel


  • Angel

    your face isnt cool nigga

  • Juan de la Rosa
    Juan de la Rosa



    I love the way her fans are defending her. Oh well, what do you expect in today's society? People full of shit. Oh and really? She's on disney? Well then Disney is going down hill fast and it's everything today is slutty. A good example: MILEY CYRUS.


    Wow! You think being almost 20 years old is GROWING UP?! Dude, I'm pretty sure you're done with puberty when you reach 16-18.


    Stop posting rude comments on the internet . . . Mhmm . . . WELCOME TO THE FUCKING INTERNET WORLD! :D Would you like a cookie with that?


    First of all, I think you're a guy and yes she is a slut. Have you seen the picture of her sucking a guys dick? If you don't search for it. Second of all, she's trying to have fun and look great while performing? Yes she is, she's picking on guys in the crowd of people to invite backstage to fuck with. Third of all, you have taylor swift and selena gomez because they have no talent because they were dresses at concert? They are being real lady like. And lastly, YOU DARE SAY SHE ROCKS OUT ON STAGE?! Bitch please I'm a true rocker and a metal head and please, her wearing those kind of clothes does NOT make her "rock", her genre of music isn't even rock!

  • aidenxkaylaluv

    ok. i hate when people say that miley looks like a sllut. the only reason they even say that is bcause she was on disney. they said the same thing about britney spears. people grow up and change. nothing's wrong with that. if it aint broke, don't trash it

  • M

    Umm Taylor does rock out on stage and Selena is very talented. They just don't have to belittle themselves by wearing disgusting trashy outfits.

  • Anonymous

    Alrite dat aint even real... has nothin 2 do w/ her singin!!!

  • smarthermione

    everyone has talent and the picture only looks ridiculous because of all the gem diamond things she would look good if it was just a regular bodysuit besides she isnt showing anything inappropriate so that bodysuit just looks ridiculous

  • sara

    you can tell she grew up watching britney all her life and taking notes...

  • Liv

    I used to respect Miley Cyrus, but to go from being a Disney Star, throwing concerts with her as 'Hannah Montannah' for an audience/target market of 8 to 10 year olds to drastically changing her look on stage - the prostitute boots, hair extensions and bra's, wearing this on stage is totally innapropriate when the majority of her fans are still young girls. She is talented, i am not denying that, but artists such as taylor swift and selena gomez are also talented - and if you have been to either of their concerts the atmosphere is amazing and they certainly do 'rock out' actually. They dont wear princess dresses - they dress appropriately to what their audiences are and to what the majority of society would deem appropriate and appealing. I loved the hannah montanna series, but with miley dressing like a prostitute as shown in these pictures i have lost respect for her. she is trying to grow up too fast, to copy rihanna and other artists that have more mature and better bodies to carry off outfits that are similiar to this.

  • emmacool

    just because yr a fan of stupid miley doesn't mean that yu can just pick on selena and demi because they wear different things. i mean for my opinion in prettiness selena, demi, miley in talent selena, demi, miley and in stupidness miley, demi, selena. selena and demi are great and miley is just a little spoilt brat who hasno life. i love u selena!

  • Salina Nunez
    Salina Nunez

    I'd agree With Selena be Talented

  • demilovatojassyfan

    ummm btw selena g. is dressin lik dat sooo...

  • Realist

    like srsly? miley DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK! do you think she gives a fuck about what all of you are saying. she's amazing bout what she's doing. and besides. DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW HOW HOT IT IS ON THE STAGE!? all the lights flashing on you and stuff. it's freakin crazy up there. so stfu.

  • Candice Green
    Candice Green

    I am wit 100% on that 1...

  • Dan

    I'll bet she has a huge bush!

  • mwahaha

    Dear Miley, RuPaul called. She wants her outfit and tuck panties back. You look like a drag queen in the outfit.

  • Sonia

    Ok everyone compares her to selena, but selena is no angel she wears belly tops on stage and wears short cut out dresses on the red carpet so dont compare them and pixe lott wears outfits like this why does noone call her a slut?

  • boomboompoww

    I love her shoes. Like I cannot even describe how much I love it.. <3

  • BigBalling

    From an unbiased stand point from the Male gender... :0 she looks great and probably looks better than all the people calling her skanky

  • denton

    i am not calling her fat i am just saying...some people shouldn't wear tight

  • Not A Selena Gomez Hater
    Not A Selena Gomez Hater

    I agree that everyone has talent but then again, Selena Gomez has SUCH a pretty voice... but she isn't the best singer around. I don't even like Demi Lovato much but I think she has a nice raspiness to her voice and can hit high notes... But I do still love Selena! And she won the family wizard competition! :)

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    Your saying she famous for being talented. That's funny wow I had no idea Kim kardashian is talented ..

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    Everyone just shut up, your nasty comments are not doing any good. You don't know her so don't call her slutty. Just because she doesn't wear fucking turtle necks and a dress to the floor doesn't make her one.. She isn't Hannah Montana any more she grown up so you all need to as well. She is so successful. People wear revealing outfits all the dam time on stage and no one says anything

  • StupidQuestions_StupidAnswers


  • K.k

    WTF are you nuts?? i love selena and taylor they are sooooo talented! and i love miley tooo! its just that she can rock without using this outfits that are for more grownup people! selena and taylor rocks and i love how thwy dress, they are the best role model and example of how all the artist would be, so if you wanna say that you love how miley looks wearing this, is ok, but dont get selena and taylor involved in this because there are wonderful!

  • naden

    i think she looks good. now if selena WAS wearing this no one would say anything!i hate when people say selenas better then miley HAHAHAHA thats the dumbest thing i ever heard in my life!miley can sing, act and shes beutiful. selena on the other hand cant sing for shit!and shes a bad influance on girls. ever since she started dating bieber, shes been a sluttt!!! not a hater just speaking the truth LOVE YOU MILEY=]

  • Mark

    She's trying to shed the Hannah Montana stereotype. Mission accomplished, but she went a little far. Not because she looks like a skank, but because some of the outfits are downright ridiculous.

  • JessicaK

    ugh Eucolnna, if you like Miley Cyrus, I believe it's YOUR style that needs changed, this is not singing what she claims to do, it's bellowing. a dying cow sounds better than this twerp. and ya know what yeah, you guys are right I'm super jealous, I always really admired the beaver field goal teeth. . . .

  • JessicaK

    wow man do you speak often?! we speak english here, not ebonics, and she's not middle aged you freak show, she's friggin 18 in this picture! would you be okay with your daughter flaunting the nothing she has but buck teeth on stage?! she's sick, she started as a Disney channel star, which was just canceled this year, meaning she was still representing disney when doing this. she's a skank. nothing else to it.

  • littlemonstaa

    Somebody's jealous LMAO shut your fucking mouth

  • Monica Agness
    Monica Agness

    I think she looks like a young Britney... she's growing up I think she can wear what ever she wants. Don't keep thinking of her as Hannah Montana

  • William Griffin
    William Griffin

    Miley's got the cutest face, and when she makes a face, it's even cuter. Billy Ray, you and Miley's mom have to so proud! Job well done. Miley, just go where you want to go with your career, you're all grown up now, you've made it, well, make the best of it. You've got music, acting, or just showing up and talking, your a very attractive, interesting person, oh, and those long legs! You can show them off all you want, there as gorgeous as the rest of you!

  • jazann

    okay so when she was younger i use to think she was the most annoying thing in the world. but now that she grown up and has found her own i have really grown to like her. With all honesty i think she looks amazing in these outfits and no where near sluty, the girl in 19 now she can down whatever she damn well pleases to do now. shit i wish i could be on stage in outfits like this, but thats just me i guess.

  • emily

    lol wut

  • emily

    i totally agree!!

  • emily

    am i the only one who thinks she is stunning?? love ya miley!!

  • Cemilootothehoo

    The only reason people care about what Miley does is because she used to be a Disney star..well guess what? She's growing up and no longer a little girl, just leave her be. You see other celebrities like Katy Perry and Beyonce wear bodysuits and no one criticizes just lay off Miley, she's not being slutty by wearing body suits

  • Wally Lind
    Wally Lind

    Girls do tend to grow up, and Hollywood girls grow up fast.

  • danielle

    i love this outfit, its pretty, girly and classy not slutty. I dont get why people call her slutty? I really respect Miley for choosing not to listen to all the hate she gets. I really admire her for that!:')

  • Justice

    Wow these comments are terrible! Miley can be who she wants to be! Geez you no u want to be like her!



  • Ally

    what is a viginia lol

  • Ally

    you don't even know her to be calling her a slut it's a disgusting word.and tbh it doesn't matter if you hate her because she doesn't even know you exist.

  • Jogieshatiga Wijnhard
    Jogieshatiga Wijnhard

    Oh dear... I swear she has good looks, but pleaseeeee wear some more clothes miley... You don't want nasty old man to look at your pictures all the time, right??

  • Chandra Latrese Baker
    Chandra Latrese Baker

    I’m mad that ya'll are defending her like she is ya’ll best friend or something she don’t even know ya’ll exist! Yea she is growing up but even if you seen your little sister who actually looks up 2 someone who went from being on Disney 2 dis Brittany wannab you would tell her 2 sit her fast butt down! Yea everybody grow up some day but I think she mite have moved a lil 2 quickly to wearing body suits and tiny tops considering the business she is in where she is judged every day.

  • beyonce


  • beyonce

    miley crus is ugly i fin hate her!

  • emiley

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you miley or HANNAH MONTANA!<3 i love you ilove you i love you somuch HANNAH MONTANA(miley)

  • No Name
    No Name

    Every body has talet, how can somebody say that Selena has no talent????? There is no person born without talent. stazzieable must have talent.

  • tommy mo
    tommy mo

    your right she is looking like a scank from the trailer back yonder. goes to show you money cant really change some things, maybe her uncle taught her how to deep throat

  • layla

    its funny that most of yous say that she has no talent and shes a slut and lalalala..... but whos getting the millions for most of use id stay shut

  • layla

    first off i agree with coutneybaaaby ive seen more 12 year olds who are alot slutter than her you no wats so fucking funny that miley has no skin showing besides her face and her hands and 2nd of its at the age that if she wants to were sluty clothes shes aloud to aint no1 goin to stop her ha...

  • damilola ogunlana.
    damilola ogunlana.

    i love miley she is so beautiful she is faboulos

  • dommy

    so yeah i guess what she wears makes her look like a slut. Shes also gotten really fat. But she is sexy.

  • Liss

    you guys dont even know these people so why are you fighting over them hahah its pathetic

  • effy

    YOU SAID EVERYTHING! Miley performances are AMAZING, I hate "normal" performances like Taylor's and the NO TALENT Selena... her voice is horrible

  • Carissa

    And you might want to consider taking an english class because half of us cant understand your weird words. Are u like from that weird time when all those people said thy instead of the?This is the 21st century NOT the old ages!So I suggest you start acting like your from this time period instead of the past time periods.:)

  • desimiley

    ha she looks amazing in that dress!!!!


    You suck motherfucker, Selena is talented, obviously ur not tho, if u where you would probably be like lindsay lohane mother fucker, SELENA IS AWESOME AND SO IS MILEY! BTW how could you hate someone you NEVER met, I Would say. " ugh I hate her or something," THEN when I met the person SHE WAS REALLY NICE! AND WE ARE FRIENDS FOREVER! SOOOOOOOOO STOPPPPP HATTTINNNGG !!!!!!


    Miley has a beautiful body (She prob thinks so too) and that's why she shows her skin, like lady gaga she wears bikinis out in public and probably on sttage and all sorts of things, LIKE SHE WOULD SAY> YOUR BORN THAT WAY AND SHOW OFF WHAT YOU GOT! DON"T HOLD IT IN !

  • Darija

    I looooove Miley!She's my inspiration ♥

  • nooneneedstoknowmyname

    she's 19....not 9 and NOT DISNEY ANY MORE! i know 14 year olds that wear less then that DAILY even in winter ffs!

  • Myriam

    I unlocked it telment ugly miley and I even know why these fat cow what a star in the place! 're Going to hide!

  • Zoe

    she is losing it

  • danielle

    miley why do u smoke it messes with your lungs!?!?!?!, people sould think before they do stupid stuff like MILEY DUM CYRUS

  • Nigist

    Hi, Miley I like your songs very much. I like you better than Justin bieber. But I still like him. Bye

  • Tiana Lynn Yew
    Tiana Lynn Yew

    I think Miley has talent. She just wastes it. Now before you jump down my throat for saying that, lemme just say: Miley is trying to grow up too fast. I mean look at her, grinding on guys AND girls, letting them touch her boobies and stuff on music videos like Cant be Tamed and Who owns my Heart? I am EMBARRASSED to be her former fan. When my younger cousin asked why Miley had to act this way, I was literally speechless. Seriously, Miley, youre beautiful, youre talented. Why you gotta waste all that? You are a role model. Believe it or not, thousands of girls look up to you. Look at Raven Symone from Thats so Raven, she was a disney star too and she remained clean. Look at Brenda Song, Ashley tisdale, Hilary Duff?? They still know how to control themselves. SO no, I wont say I support miley. Sorry Miley, but youre on your own this time.

  • Venus

    You are ignorant and a hater. Envious, jealous, "not pinkypie".

  • laxmi kant
    laxmi kant

    besharam prani

  • Taylor

    she a hoe. get over it. Like fo realz.

  • SelenaDemiJustinMiley1Fan

    No one should get worked up about it. like Miley said, "You when you get older you probably want to explore sexual things." It's not in her exact quotes but that's pretty much what she said. So good 4 her. (: I love Miley and I am not going to be all up in her business. and she not a slut...maybe a little but not the actual her. It's just a freaking outfit. like what about when you wear a bikini or a one piece it's the same dang thang. ( I know that not a word I just like it.) So, Yeah I will support Miley as a fan she is the best actress, funny, happy, sweet, gorgeous, and great singer.

  • Pure

    Beautiful? She looks like a prostitute with teeth of a donkey. Foul language doesn't do anything to help you, either. You just sound as trashy as she looks.

  • Pure

    She looks like a prostitute.

  • FansMiley LatinoAmerica
    FansMiley LatinoAmerica

    miley is so talented she is the best singer ever so fuck you haters you wish you'd have the talent she has! plus she is soooo beautiful and amazing

  • tapha

    most of you gals are saying the outfits she is wearing is slutty and skanky but u would have worn the same if not worst if u were in her position

  • emily

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  • Karina

    I am, by no means, a fan of Miley. I couldn't care less for her music. However, I offer a large, obscene, and hopefully incredibly offensive 'fuck you' to every person who disdainfully calls her slutty. Slut is a derogatory term slathered onto sexually active women. Being sexually active is not a bad thing. Sex is not anything to be ashamed of. It's 2011, people. We've left the time of poofy, oddly shaped dresses that cover women from head to toe. We are not the people who are scandalized by the sight of someone else's ankles. Get your heads out of your respective asses and have a wonderful day.

  • Brian Bin
    Brian Bin

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  • beastinsteph

    Dear Miley, Ever heard of stay classy, never trashy, but still fancy? Yea it means to look sexy and beautiful without having to be exposed and out there.

  • Rawrer


  • bella1992

    I think she looks amazing i love how she isn't afraid to grow up and show a little sexuality cause all us females have it in us. I'm proud of her. keep working hard on your career and remember to always stay pure in the heart. as she is now love you miles

  • dgh69

    It is a pity that this once wholesome tween idol turned out to be just another showbiz W H O R E1

  • Pablo

    miley is a good person i luv her and for all you fucken haters out there leave her the fuck alone dont be haiting all up on her aight you all need to get a life and back off her you dont like her then dont eve bring her up dont be fucken haiting fuck them haters

  • bainiangzi2011

    you can find many cheap and fashion stuff (Christian Louboutin)

  • beastinsteph

    Miley may have a pretty face, but if you have a fucked up personality. It wont mean much. Look in the inside...and all you see is a slut. Just sayin but have you seen the stuff she did? exposed herself? took pictures of herself? Lap danced on a pedofile? smoked marijuana? ETC. are you blind? open your eyes and have a reality check. she came in as an angel and left as a slut.

  • mileylover

    this is very true people just think of her as little hannah montana but shes not anymore and people need to relize that

  • daniellebabes

    fuck you assholes who are looking down on miley shes growing up theres nothing wrong with that shes not that little 14 year old on hannah montana shes almost 20 years shes an adult and she looks pretty and no she doesnt dress like taylor or selena and i love both of them so i dont find anything wrong with the way they dress but mileys not taylor mileys not selena shes her own person doing what she loves and shes doing great at..and yet its ok when brittney and beyonca dreses like that and any other star but no whenn miley does it all the sudden shes a slut like come on shut the hell up you all wish you were her and wish you could be as pretty as her so go get a life and leave her alonne..!

  • daniellebabes

    fuck you asshole shes growing up theres nothing wrong with that shes not that little 14 year old on hannah montana shes almost 20 years shes an adult and she looks pretty and no she doesnt dress like taylor or selena and i love both of them so i dont find anything wrong with the way they dress but mileys not taylor mileys not selena shes her own person doing what she loves and shes doing great at..and yet its ok when brittney and beyonca dreses like that and any other star but no whenn miley does it all the sudden shes a slut like come on shut the hell up you all wish you were her and wish you could be as pretty as her so go get a life and leave her alonne..!

  • Jiit H Choudhary
    Jiit H Choudhary


  • sevenia

    why don`t u people just shut up n leave the girl alone?......u wud never say that about beyonce n them other top singers when they wear stuff like that so y start with her......yall r such haters let her be. at least she not begging yall anything n the biggest thing about it is u people hate her but u still watch every move she makes give the poor girl a break...let her be!

  • mileyloverforever

    shut up all you haters, she's 18 man, not 8. she's growing up and she can wear whatever the hell she wants, she's amazing. when it comes to lady gaga, no one calls she rude words because of her "risque" and "weird" costumes but when it comes to miley everyone straight away calls her every word under the sun, seriously grow up people. she is freaking perfection and i love her too bites, so please zip your lips she's not gonna turn into britney or lindsay, she'll be fine. just because she wears certan items of clothing doesn't mean she going to fall off the rails and hit the bottles and do drugs, even though she has had a hit of salivia but that was only once and she was only having a try like almost every teenagers does.

  • rutbuster1

    Miley wants to be a skank. Just look at the way she dresses. As far as talent? What talent? She can't even write her own songs.

  • 2sence

    omg lol i admit she is a bad singer and kinda sounds like a dude sometimes..haha But she is pretty and she does have catchy songs. Althought she does dress a lil skanky at times but shes a teenager and well hell she has the money lmao i know if teenagers could they would dress like that too...and ive seen worse any way shes not a bad person you guys dnt even know her, she just makes some misteaks like everyone. And ill admit i hate her a lil only cause im and im not afraid to say that... :P

  • Dcash

    she is wearing baton twilling out fits or ice skating outfits is this messed up I think not Lot's of girls all ages wear custom outfits just check out the local pagents or parades in your area . So get over her doing the same. :)

  • buzzbuzz13

    she is trying to get away from disney channel

  • buzzbuzz13

    Thats not a stanky person she is just tryna get away from the fact that she was on disney channel and she thinks of herself as mature, but im not saying wht she does is right. Its just her attitude.

  • .pretty.gurl.swaqq..

    fuck yhu bitch shes not ugly maybee yhur thhe one thats ugly!

  • howard

    the girl has defied gravity! give it up for her. how does anyone with 0 talent as suggested really have such a huge spectacular career? aside from the occaisional wtf hairbows whe wears, i'm all over her with sheer adoration. the live show is better than the negative types here say it is... you go MILEY!

  • 88blades

    Pretty awesome!

  • Richard Ackbar
    Richard Ackbar

    She's got a really flat face and a hugely wide nose.

  • Tereza Boqnowa
    Tereza Boqnowa

    hey mailyy your very talented {}{} <3

  • Catherine Bell
    Catherine Bell

    miley is amazing, leave her alone! she is so talented and plenty of other stars wear outfits just like this on stage, its not like she wears this on the street everyday! plenty of ballet, gymnastics and calisthenics performers would wear leotards just like this and no-one judges them.

  • eve0824

    this is not slutty nor is it risque thats lik saying wearing a one piece bathing suit is risque . smh ya need a reality check . and to leave her ass alone she aint duin nothing a normal teenager aint duin .

  • Ingrid Bieber Ravndal
    Ingrid Bieber Ravndal

    I bet U are a Selena fan !

  • AishG

    LOL all I can say is I really hope you all get over teenage stars soon. Honestly speaking the ONLY Disney star whose music I still listen to is Selena :) Miley's songs are okay but I don't like her voice.. and jblover, I think you're wrong there. Selena Gomez is famous and well liked. Miley Cyrus..umm, just famous. Lol. I think Selena shows that you don't need to be a slut to get famous! And no, I do not find Miley hot/sexy. at ALL. As Emma Watson says, less is always more. The less you show, the more people wonder. So, leaving nothing to the imagination? Not so cool, lol. You've got it wrong Miley. I believe truly beautiful women are those who know how to conduct themselves and at the same time can be fun too, and are really smart. Miley doesn't strike me as this type. Miley can throw herself around all she wants, but that won't make her beautiful. Beauty is NOT only skin deep.

  • minisaur

    @SaraDeVries First of all, your spelling is atrocious. You might want to consider getting a dictionary before you try to type comprehendable messages. And secondly, if I interpreted your message correctly, you said "and who cares what she wears?" I would like to point out the fact that YOU took the effort to come here and look at what she was wearing. Hypocrisy, thy name is you.


    Taylor is a lady and also country. Country performers do not look like sluts. Unfortunately Miley is a beautiful girl but she has no class and she doesn't have the talent of Britany who gets away with it. Miley's talent is suspect and I don't think she'll be around much longer. She will soon be a has been and its shame. I remember her on Oprah at 14 saying she would never do the things Britany would do and her father saying that she was a good girl and would keep her Christian values. SO SAD.

  • I think
    I think

    That this is what happened. A hooker was drawing home from her "rounds" and then Miley was walking down the street to her show after buying a taco and the car splashed mud all over her when it passed her AND THEN, the hooker said,"Oh, lulz, Miley, take mine" because she's a hooker and didn't mind and Miley said ok and she changed in the alley and walked to the show. And that's the end of my story.

  • SaraDeVries

    guyz just please stop this ! Miley's gunna leave teenage year next year ! Can we just make this year one of the best year 4 her !? Its okay to don't like sum1 but dont need to hate ! Just keep it 2 yourself.. Telling to every one wont make u a better person.. miley also won't cre a single thing u (h8er) said ! OBTW who cres wht she wears ?? Miley has pure talent that not every1 have !

  • jwblackpride

    Nice to see that Cyrus has grown up to be a little white tramp.

  • Paige

    Miley doesn't need to change anything about herself for your liking. Miley is a beautiful person, and if you don't like it, you can GTFO. She doesn't need a negative person like you as a fan anyways.

  • witchgoddess1

    I love Miley, I think she's a really talented singer and very beautiful, but it's such a shame that she's taken to dressing in such skimpy clothing while performing, because although she looks great it distracts the audience from what's really important, her MUSIC...

  • Macchan

    LOL if you guys think this is bad, check out AKB48. They're a Japanese girl band, and most of the girls aren't even legal age, but look at their music video. Smh.

  • Scratch Higgins
    Scratch Higgins

    While not a fan and I think her voice is weirdly masculine, I am not opposed to seeing her vajayjay and camel toe if she is comfortable showing it. Bring it on I say, the more the merrier.

  • ariel

    she started out an 11 YEAR OLD. her apologies for growing up ....

  • ariel

    everyone is always talking about how miley is a bad one asks your kids to be so gullable. kingsley put it best when he said that if you spent half as much time raising your children then leaving it to the television to do so then you wouldnt have a problem

  • ariel

    i've never seen so much jealousy in one comment lmao you must have such low selfesteem. poor child

  • hanna997

    sweety, I don't know how old r u but I guess 7? sorry u like Selena?Taylor? wtf? yes milay is good on stage but that's not the point sweety. the point is that she is trying sooo hard to keep the bad girl image. like ashley said, so she can prouve what?


    I prefer Miley in leather and feathers, as opposed to lace and sparkles. It doesn't look like her personality. This girl likes to smoke salvia and get loose!

  • sweetjhee

    i luv miley cyrus so much, even though shes wild on stage.

  • vickey

    one word.....GROSS

  • courtneybaaaby

    yuck to taylor swift


    you say, aw yeah miley shouldnt be dressing like this cause she has young fans that look up to her, like seriously, so many young people look up to lady gaga, and what she wears, shows so much more skin, lil skimpy undies and bra's, and shes not being called a slut, miley IS an adult, she can dress how she wants, and what shes wear is beatful in my opion.

  • jimbooo

    I hope Taylor Swift has more Strength, and Character then Miley did.

  • jimbooo

    Congratulations, Hollywood has succeeded in turning another young innocent girl into a tramp. Oh the lure of fame. Now wait till they take it all away from her.

  • CassiLove

    Lady Gaga is older than Miley, so she has a right to wear outfits like that in her videos. Everyone has their own opinions about Miley. They either like her or they don't; and you just need to accept that. Even if you didn't, there's no use in saying Selena and Taylor don't have talent, because if they didn't they wouldn't be so popular, now would they? They're all beautiful. I agree with others that she should set some boundaries on what she wears in front of her young fans. They do look up to her, and are going to want to dress/be like her. She's 18 and practically an adult, but God forbid she doesn't turn into the next unstable Lindsey Lohan ): That. Would. Be. TERRIBLE.

  • Artgenius

    What is up with all you people. First of all miley's outfits are not sooooooo bad!!!!!!!!! she's gone through some bad phases but its true she's just a regular girl. celebs arent super humans. Also dont diss selena.I dont understand why you people argue so much for people you dont even know. Honestly i see screaming obsessed fans a lot and i'm like whats up with that you dont even know them.

  • Marina

    You can't hate someone until you know them and know what they're like. Miley is just a victim of fame before her time, and the media making things up about her. It's really nice that there are some people who are really sticking by her. Even when she makes mistakes. Just don't HATE someone if you don't even know them! Don't judge a book... I'm not a fan of her music, and it sometimes annoys me that she is famous for it, when I believe there are better artists around. But, I don't HATE her for it. xxx

  • Marina

    Eucolanna. Chill. I don't think everyone who actually 'reads fashion magazines and watches fashion shows' is walking around dressed like a sparkly prostitute. x

  • Marina

    I think everyone needs to calm to fuck down. Miley is really talented. But she is also a role-model for little girls aswell as teens, and she needs to remember that there are girls looking up to her and wanting to copy everything she does and WEARS. If Miley goes out with booty shorts on and her chest hanging out, what are her naive fans going to do...?

  • Guesty

    What song is she singing? Lol

  • NIPNIPS101

    if you havent done it than you must not love your body, alot of people take [ictures of them selfs in bra and undies, it doesnt mean they show them to people, like seriously, everyon has taken pictures in there bikinis and that shows of more skins than bra and undies.

  • louise

    why does she make such ugly faces when she sings

  • lalalia

    Hey guys! Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga(who may be weird sometimes) and Taylor Swift are one of the best singers in the world right?

  • lalalia

    excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! miley, selena and taylor rock out on stage! they're all really really great singers who really rock out so maybe you just ran out of your taste for singers!

  • Annired

    It's best for everybody to just shut up with the hate comments. Because guess what? She can do whatever she wants, nothing you say will change her. Waste of breath or fingers typing. Shows how low you people are. Other teenagers are doing worse, & she's 18. Leave her the hell alone, & noones saying anything about Ke$ha and all the other people her age, dressing like her. She dresses this way on stage, not for normal wear. That's what sluts do & she's not one. Why is everyone judging her instead of everyone else? Because it's obvious everybody loves Miley & is obsessed, because it's always her back that everyone jumps on to beat down. Thank you. (:

  • livesinafairytale

    That comment is so amusing to me. Not everyone has taken pictures of themselves in their bra and underwear. The people who do ARE sluts. It's inappropriate to do that and it shows you have no self respect whatsoever. I never plan on doing such a thing and I'm proud of that. Don't try to make excuses for Miley acting slutty.

  • gogetter

    I agree that her outfits right now are a little much but i wouldnt exactly call her a slut either. She isnt hanna montana anymore but and wants to be treated like an adult- completely understandable. My opinion though is that she should try dressing in more appropriate adult attire something trendy like selena gomez style or miranda cozgrove.

  • Don't Care
    Don't Care

    I couldn't care any less about Miley Cyrus. She is just one of the many female celebrities who is helping push back the women's rights movement. If you don't have issues with some of her clothing then apparently you don't care if you're viewed as a mindless sex object. She isn't dressing like that because she likes it or thinks it's comfortable. She's dressing like that because it grabs attention and unfortunately dressing like a stripper and even dancing around on a pole like one sells.

  • siuCyrrus

    I love Miley so much she is realy talent she is so beautiful

  • Christy

    love her boots

  • Ashley12344

    Miley is so obssessed with not having a good girl image that is why she is doing all this crap. She is not doing all this not because that is who she is. She is dong it to be rebelious. I don't understand her. She has alot more than most people have and she doesn't appreciated. I don't care if people tell me its hard to be a celebrity. People are struggling to put food on their table and pay their bills and she is out there doing all this nonsense to prove what exactly? She is a ungrateful, spoiled, selfish, rude, and untalented brat. She is pretty but that doesn't mean she has to flaunt everything for everyone to see. I mean I think I am beautiful that doens't mean I am going to go around walking half naked.

  • Sasha

    i think she looks awesome

  • hanna997

    I loved miley soooooo much, but then she tottaly changed she became a bad girl and at first I didn't notice it and didn't beleave that such a nice girl would do any of that, but than I grew up and noticed the differnce :/ I miss old miley.

  • tay

    she's not a bad girl.. she's a human being and she makes mistakes. she's not showing anything. there's no reason to hate her. if you don't like her than thats fine. but at least respect her, and stop calling her ugly. she has a body to die for, so stop writing your rude comments on the internet.

  • ddlostaystrong

    Well, i love Miley. And I think how Taylor Swift acts is her style, she's not singing Hard-Pop, she's coutry, and she's natural sweet

  • courtneybaaaby

    how the fuck is this trashy? its fucking amazing!

  • britt

    lol miley trying to be seen as sexy. epic fail. she cant shake off that disney image with her chubby cheeks and kid face. she should embrace the fact that she has millions of kid fans who look up to her and quit trying to display a sex kitten image. it clearly isnt working for her. plus she has no talent. i like taylor swift a whole lot better as a role model for young girls. just my two cents.

  • ag12

    the way you dress doen't affect your talent.taylor and selena are way more talented than miley. if miley wants to dress trashy let her be she's the one who'll bear the consequences

  • pinkypie

    No offense but Miley is a bad girl! I hate her! Maybe if she changed her personality and her singing and her face and her bad girlish stuff I would like her. BTW she is SO UGLYYYYYYYYY

  • shin

    Miley I love u so much ....but don't wear like this .Truely I say,U r not cute in these photos. But I still love you so much.YOu r my ....Miss u

  • nicole

    i dont know what happened to miley cyrus I have a 11 years old and I live in mexico I'm a big fan of miley cyrus and hannah montana miley understood that tube to stop being hannah montana because she seemed very children but not right now as I imagine please if miley reads this because they think every act has a consequence I am not inpidiendo no longer make your life but I think what he does at every moment, second, minute, hour, day. week, month ... because every thing he does is to believe some of it never believed it I love miley a lot went to your concert in mexico q haci you came out with clothes but red and touched a drum I saw you was in line as q 4 and you almost fall and I saw you and smiled at me I love you but do not count on me I can tell you never change because if you change the way you were before you would be a better idea .... I love you ... nicole atte Pretelini rock I love you .... I'm your FAN

  • courtneybaaaby

    your calling her a slut for taking pictures of her self in bra and undies, hasent everyone done that before? dude she didnt mean for them to get on the interent. she is NOT a slut!

  • courtneybaaaby

    noway! what shes wearing is so so so beautiful!

  • courtneybaaaby

    no shes not, im a fan and i dont hate her, i love what shes wears, its not slutty at all, i would rather her perform naked than be all self concious and wear like a full body suit that shows no skin, whats shes wearing it beautiful, shes flaunting what she got, she has an amazing body, and if i was her, i would be wearing even smaller clothes. love you miley.

  • courtneybaaaby

    um are you retarded, miley doesnt wear anything that looks like lady gaga, no offence to all the lady gaga fans, but i think her outfits are horrible, she trys to hard to be different, like really, she wore a dress made out of meat, that isnt attractive, its discusting, what miley wears, people think is slutty, when really it isnt, shes only flaunting what she has, she has a great body, its not like she wears it out in public, she only wears stuff like this when she is performing, like seriously, people should call lady gaga a slut instead of miley, she shows ALOT more skin, in her videos, she barely wears anything, usually just skimpy underwear, people really need to stop hating on miley, shes 18, on 12, she doesnt work for disney channel anymore, she is growing up, and in my oppion i thinks she looks beautiful, and i love her outfits.

  • Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton
    Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton

    Stop Judging .. Gosh just Shuut upp and deal with it .. cuz it aint u so why worry , yea i know younger kids look up to her and if ts tht bad stop lettin kids watch her and go to her performances Damn u Haters leave her alone let her do what miley wants to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janetta Harrington
    Janetta Harrington

    why, why, can't everyone let up on this girl and let her grow up. she is beautiful and these costumes are what other performers have worn for years. hers is mild. like one piece swim suits. are you guys just jealous or what is going. on. i am 65 and i don't see what is going to help with all the negativity about this little girl that needs to be embraced rather than ridiculed.

  • katrina

    i find she is too young to be wearing skanky outfits especially when she knows that young kids are going to be looking at her she can look good and not have to dress like a skank people do it everyday its not that hard

  • mmm....

    shes so hottttttt.i wanna have sex with her

  • mmm....

    miley is sexy. she is a porny teen afterall. ppl just wanna do alot of things like sex

  • izzie

    yes miley looks good in all her outfits but don't start saying that Taylor swift and Selena have no talent cuz they do just as they where dresses don't mean there no better than miley or anyone else

  • Charles Almon
    Charles Almon

    She looks like a pekinese dog. pa-leeeeze.

  • courtneybaaaby

    moe and whats wrong with shaved heads, alot of women shave there heads, it doesnt mean there less beautiful.

  • blahblahblah

    who says she doesnt look like a SLUT? OH COME ON! LOOK AT THE INTERNET ALL YOU CAN SEE IS HER BRA AND PANTIES! YEAH RIGHT SHE IS NOT SLUT! shes teenager or anything but i dont see taylor swift doing that stuff that mileys doing! even selena gomez! miley is a SLUT! growing fast or trying to be adult oh come onn! i just saw a picture of her JUST PUTTING A BIKINI TOP IN FRONT F MANY PEOPLE! DO U THINK THAT IS NORMAL? YUCKKK!! miley BONG cyrus! that is the problem of the kids that grow up NATURAL RICH! they are turning into SLUTTT!! like lindsay :p I REALLY HATE MILEY BONG CYRUS!

  • SelenaJUSTINDemi

    Well, I think that Miley is okay but yeah she is kinda in the middle... And Selena does too have talent!!!

  • Ashlee Ninja-panda
    Ashlee Ninja-panda


  • Jad

    dont get me wrong , miley is a gorgous and pretty girl , with a nice curvy body , which every girl would die for , i like this outfit , i think it looks good on her and suits her body , the rest of them just make her look like a trashy slapper

  • Cutiesapphi

    Wat d fuck's wrong being dressed like this in d middle age? Half of u people lose ur virginity in good is that? Keep your bullshit wid yourself!!!

  • roxy

    miley is a beautiful girl, if you've got it, flaunt it, lol xD plus, i've seen her live and out of all the people i have seen, she is the best. Her voice is actually BETTER live !! who cares what she wears?! The girl has pure talent, that's all i give a shit about.

  • Moe

    If this girl doesn't be careful, she could end up being the next Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears all together. The next thing you know, they'll have shaved her head and on the verge of going to jail at age 23.

  • Yo' Mama!!!! Jaaay
    Yo' Mama!!!! Jaaay

    Someone already said that Nobahdi... No originality. People are just hating.. This girl has SO much talent. And doesn't look slutty at all. It's called growing up and getting out of that Disney shit. (and don't pretend you didn't watch Hannah Montana. That was the best show on when I was 10 xD). Selena Gomez has absolutely no talent, I don't know why people have to lie and say she does. Oh wait, it's cus she's part of the illuminati -____- She's pretty and all, but she sounds like absolute shit. AndsucksJustinsvagina whaaaat? Miley, you always have been and always will be gorgeous! And fuck these niggas, they're all just jealous (;

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  • maryanne :)
    maryanne :)

    CrAzY bIaTcH!!!!

  • AntonErnst

    Indeed, Farah, all Miley needs are a couple well-placed tattoos to move from teen-pop princess to just another over-hyped skank.

  • coutneybaaaby

    miley is amazing, she dresses like this cause it looks good, she isnt hannah montana anymore, and she should be called a slut just because she was disney channel actor and now dresses like this. she is an adult now, and beyonce and many other singers dress like this when there beforming and in there videos, and there not called a slut, there called beautiful, so why should miley be called a slut and not them, miley cyrus is a beautiful talented girl, i love you miley,

  • coutneybaaaby

    why the fuck do you keep commenting on this photo, you've commented on it like a thousand times, just fuck off.

  • nikcasteel

    taylor doesnt have daddy issues thats why she dresses like she has respect for her self and she writes all her own songs plays guitar and sings without the aid of a synthesizer so she doesnt have to show off the goodies to be popular

  • coutneybaaaby

    fuck all the haters, i love her outfit, she looks hot., dude i've seen 12 year olds who are alot slutter than her, so yeh stfu

  • Pixie


  • yara

    she got to think about her fans feelings but she dosent she lost her mind it is not the real mily (hannah )she have changed

  • 283-Justin Sipes
    283-Justin Sipes

    I believe M.C going crazy hot at stage... but I believe fans are struggle.

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    the only reason i would ever do that would be to get it through your thick skulls that our thoughts about her are what they are and the reason we say we hate her is BECAUSE WE HATE HER and do not like her as a performer we have nothing against her personally but do not lke her singing and clothing style and like to voice our opinions and not just be assumed to like her as you seem to think, you really should just get over the fact that not everyone likes her.get over it!

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    um,yeah, well heres the thing, just because something is on the runway or in a magazine doesn't mean it looks good and i'm pretty sure if you think something miley wears onstage is fashoinable then it isn't, it is crazy stage wear and stuff you wear in public is usually considered fashoin

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    i have looked at this page and what i see is you saying no one's opinion matters except yours and i have to say that is the most selfcentered thing i have ever heard of, i mean,come one, we are on a comment page and the point of it is to comment with our opinions and just be able to say them without getting punched in the face like people do at work or school. it doesn't matter what people think and you guys are acting like you have to convert every single person to what you think is best or we're all gonna go to hell.grow up!

  • yara

    mily your making your fans to hate you

  • yara

    the pop stars will always have bad news thats why i am not crazy at them but i love demi and selena and miley but miley is not ok now

  • yara

    in hannah montana film her dress was pertty but why she is doing this ? but now in this year (2011) i dont think she is cool in this drees please mily i dont want you to change

  • yara

    she was very cool when she was wearing drees in hannah montana show but now she is not

  • yara

    i love her very much she is the best star for me but she is not great now cauze her dress is not cool i want her to be the real hannah she was cool when she was wearing pretty dresses in hannah montana show bot now she is not

  • shay

    Miley cyrus looks really gud...nd all of yu who sayin that she luks like a skank r jus jealous yu need to get over yur self nd stfu she is not a little kid anymore she can do watever she wants shes 18 yu guys need to get that through yur head its not like shes outside wearin this shes on stage...yu all need to get a fuckin life nd stop hatin on miley...nd by the way she can sing better than selena nd taylor nd she can look pretty y she do it...soooo haters yu can kill yur self nd stay out of her life nd her business

  • Hannah horsley
    Hannah horsley

    i lik it

  • annoyedsister

    sorry about spelling mistakes and grammar shits :D

  • annoyedsister

    i honestly dont give a s**** about what an ADULT singer who is of age wears at an stage. i am not into pop songs so i dont like her or selena's songs. but atleast the gomez girl didnt go around sending "shank-y" pictures. my 8 year old sister used to think of miley as a role was a pain trying to tell her why it was wrong to take pictures in knickers and pass around

  • kimmy

    I love selena and taylor they actually sing and do good without having to show everything off like that

  • MAry ROse
    MAry ROse

    seriously Selena Gomez rock \m/ .. you just don’t appreciate her .. and if Selena have no talent then why is she more famous than YOU sucker .. oh god use your head sucker don’t juge other people cuz only god can juge us. Taylor and Selena are great .. don’t judge them cuz you don’t have the right .. it’s not the outfit they wore it’s about there personality … Fuck you haters, insecure

  • selenalover

    seriously Selena Gomez rock \m/ .. you just don't appreciate her .. and if Selena have no talent then why is she more famous than YOU sucker .. oh god use your head sucker don't juge other people cuz only god can juge us. Taylor and Selena are great .. don't judge them cuz you don't have the right .. it's not the outfit they wore it's about there personality ... Fuck you haters, insecure

  • megan

    just because you like miley, doesn't mean taylor swift sucks. you suck for saying that. if taylor swift doesn't rock, then how come all her performances mean something? and not just taylor swift, anyone. it doesn't matter the outfits. people like taylor swift, pour their hearts out on stage. and miley, too. you don't gotta dress a certain way to "rock" ; and just because you like one performer doesn't mean any other "SUCK." get off the drugs man.

  • megan

    whoever says taylor swift sucks, sucks themselves. how does taylor swift and other people NOT rock ? they all have their moments where they put their HEARTS on stage, not just get attention by wearing their outfits. who cares. just because you like miley doesn't mean the other people suck. that is just stupid and hateful. get off the drugs ><

  • livesinafairytale

    um, yeah, of course. whats the fun in not dressing like a total slut? no, just no. miley shouldn't be dressing like this and doing these things, she does have fans, whether she chooses to embrace it or to ignore it. obviously she chose to ignore it, though, and thats why people are insulting her. it was selfish to choose herself over millions of little girls across the globe watching hannah montana. i understand if she wants to grow up but growing up doesnt mean becoming a skank, whether you believe it or not.

  • MediaMaven87

    While I don't agree with putting stupid, hateful comments up about someone just because they're famous...Seriously, Eucolnna, you think that because someone says they hate Miley Cyrus, then that means that they really love her? Sometimes it just means that they hate her! Not everyone is obsessed with her, as you seem to be, and not everyone enjoys her music.

  • nobahdi

    wait she is famous?

  • nobahdi

    is this someone famous?

  • kwps03

    very nice show

  • Jaz

    Oh right of course,because everyone else like her that means I should too!Like totally,sheep mentality for the win!!!1 Seriously,how old are you?Coming to her defense on every comment that doesn't agree with yours is pathetic and useless.There are gonna be people who think she's a worthless insignificant spec,including me.Guess what,everyone has a different opinion.You on a mission to convert everybody to love Miley?Fool.

  • EucoInna

    she is not trying to look fashionable. she is trying to be a lady. she is not the 15 years old we used to watched in Hannah Montana. She's 18 so let us all give her a chance to be a normal one.

  • EucoInna

    She is not the 15 years old we used to know but I like her than before. She is more herself now.

  • EucoInna

    She is just an ordinary girl sometimes she's lazy, she get bored she get scared, she feel ignored she feel happy, she get silly she choke on her own word ") she is just an ordinary girl, if you just know how hard to be like her. Imagine your life as Miley. Many peoples hating you, sending you bad messages in your youtube account. WTF, can you feel about that. Happy or Angry

  • EucoInna

    excuse me, she's genre is POP and slightly rock and I'm so sure not metal. Selena is a good singer but not that good. Miley rocks the world and you haters should admit the fact that you like the songs of Miley 'cause everybody do like it

  • EucoInna

    your right. Miley is the one we can call rock star in this generation. She performs like Britney and I know she will be so famous like Britney.

  • EucoInna

    maybe U don't know the word fashion to say the others look like what!!! You should try reading fashion magazines and watching fashion show.

  • EucoInna

    if Miley has zero talent. Okay Fine Whatever. but I know those who hate miley so so much really love her songs. She compose her songs and all the songs are awesome so how can U tell me Miley has a zero talent.

  • EucoInna

    she doesn't look like a slut. she look so perfect and pretty. -she is a teenage girl and as a teen like me and other teens that love miley so much... Excuse me but I think you need to go for a shopping 'cause for sure your style really sucks.

  • SAM

    Seriously , ever since Lady Gaga came out everything other artist do has something to with her ! Miley DOES have talent , have you seen her sing live , she is actually good . & all you guys are arguing about Selena Gomez ; she does have talent , she is a great actress but not so good a singer , she doesn't rock out on stage like Miley does . Miley is beautiful and people she is 18 already let her grow up .

  • Bianca

    People for the diss Miley Cyrus because she is a great singer, you who do not know it, I'm number one fan of it, cut it inta

  • ruthless

    DUDE wat the hell she's only what 17 idk n idc but omg y would u want to now as the teen that wears all them half naked outfits

  • cedric

    yes miley is amazing girl miley is talented miley si beautiful and miley

  • alisha

    [quote] well i think selena gomez and taylor swift r great god nos how u dont c how popular selena gomez iz den miley cyrus miley cyrus iz ok but im not sayin she iz got no talent selena and taylor r great

  • alisha

    well i think selena gomez and taylor swift r great god nos how u dont c how popular selena gomez iz den miley cyrus miley cyrus iz ok but im not sayin she iz got no talent selena and taylor r great

  • TillahJWilliams

    how can you say selena has no talent, when she really does , and selena as you can see isnt trying to like miley if she was she would been looking like a slut to, i like miley and all, but no selena isnt nowhere tryna look like miley .

  • john mark pastolero
    john mark pastolero

    yeah miley go, go, go, you know your my number number one fun ever i love you miley and we love you

  • mariant

    i think she has a great body..and i love her curves!

  • rmk

    it is okay to like Miley for whatever reason and it is okay not like other performers, but don't be hateful.

  • stazzieable

    miley is great but don't say that selena is not talented cause she's talented!

  • krystalmaycreelzy

    Miley is a mad chicky dont hate on her cuz she is pretty

  • Kay

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  • kiki

    when she can sing and is pretty she can wear these $2 hooker outfits.

  • Angelica Ann Turgeon
    Angelica Ann Turgeon

    Miley Cyrus can covor up but I'm still her fan(:

  • lucy52

    In a way she does look AMAZING and fair play - if I had those legs I would want to show them off! But she still is only very young and needs to realise how influential she is on her younger fans. I agree with Jana, she started out as a cute disney girl with great style - and although she still looks glamorous, dressing in skimpy outfits and showing off your body is not the only (or best) way to look fashionable!

  • Jana

    What the hell happened to miley... She started out as that cute, quirky disney gal with the smile and then transformed overnight to a, uh... I can't even describe it but ya know what i mean!.

  • Lisa

    Well just for the record...Miley has no talent. Her outfits would be nice on an older person and they're slightly disturbing on her since I still view her as a 16 year old. She's not really "being herself" at all, I don't think. Seems to me like she's acting out and acting trashy to try and get herself out of the "kid role" that many people, like me, still see her in. Even if she wants to "have fun and be a teen" she should still know that she has responsibilities. She can't be acting and dressing sluttish when all of these little kids are looking up to her. Yeah it sucks but that's what happens when you're a Disney star!

  • sandra

    I think she has an amazing talent and is a very beautiful girl.People are just jealous of her.Iwant to say for the older generation that is talking bad about her,do you not remember being young and loving to dress like this.or if you could'nt you wanted to.There's nothing wrong with the way she dresses,she needs to be herself.If you say you would'nt dress like this well you tell a lie because once in everyones life they want to dress sexy.

  • Butterz

    You're tha skank whore stop hat in bitch...

  • Artie James
    Artie James

    sorry but miley has ZERO talent ok manufactured & sounds like shit singing ....

  • Meggan Hughes
    Meggan Hughes

    SEROUISLY! dont you have anything better to do than bash her all the time , this outfit is not" risque" in any way. jeez i wish you people just leave her alone she is TEENAGER! if spend u half the time u spend bashing her , you probaly accomplish somthing with ur life.

  • Jess

    how does that look like lady gaga? and just adding, lady gaga has copied plenty. some of these outfits are over the top but... she's performing!.. no one wears tight tops with tight shorts? - victoria beckam.. and if you really want to get picky this is a ~full body costume. unlike many others who dress over the top, she can actually sing. so who cares. i actually love this outfit :)

  • Visual Kei Fan
    Visual Kei Fan

    she just makes me laugh. She obviously is trying to get costumes and dress like the lady gaga. i dont really listen to this type of music im mostly rock,metal, and Jrock and such but i rather watch selena gomes or lady gaga any day over this sad child.

  • lilan

    Miley looks splendid

  • farah

    jblover. im not arguing or anything its just that theres a different between having fun on stage and looking slutty. and miley, shes kinda in the middle stage.

  • blahblahblahx

    Haha, that outfit. looks so bad :/

  • paola

    oi gosto muito dela

  • cutie

    Yeah thats super reaveling. You dont see anyone wearing super tight shorts and a tight tank top. Assholes. Girls on the beah and in the summer wear less than this.

  • ashley201

    shme man shes just a teenager trying to have fun and enjoy her life. fact of the matter is that this what all teenagers are doing these days. (not singing on stage to thousands, just wearing skanky clothes and getting high and sending their boyfriens saucy pics) I dont like miley but i pity her. she is doing wat all her friens are doing but she is being judged for it.

  • psychokittyd

    poor girl... she just wants someone to love her.... ALL NIGHT LONG!!

  • lenna

    i think she looks amazing in all of these outfits. she isn't skanky, she's just trying to have fun and look great while performing. i hate performs like taylor swift and no talent selena, who wear pretty little dresses, and don't even rock out on stage. like whats the fun with that!?!? i love mileyyyy 100% AGREE

  • lenna

    i think she looks amazing in all of these outfits. she isn't skanky, she's just trying to have fun and look great while performing. i hate performs like taylor swift and no talent selena, who wear pretty little dresses, and don't even rock out on stage. like whats the fun with that!?!? i love mileyyyy

  • babygirl3717

    She is a lovely girl and naturally she wants to show it off. what she is trying to do is shed the disney channel star image. i dont think she dresses like gaga , gaga is more dramatic and miley is just having fun. you rock you finaly get me i love miley and i hate when people are putting her down do want to be friends?

  • babygirl3717

    I think she looks great in this outfit. But some of the others are certified skankwear. thanks you finaly get me but the other ones look good to me

  • babygirl3717

    your stupid and sick

  • babygirl3717

    i love you miley you rock selena sucks she just wants to be like you because she knows thta she is stupid go miley

  • Cher

    She is a lovely girl and naturally she wants to show it off. what she is trying to do is shed the disney channel star image. i dont think she dresses like gaga , gaga is more dramatic and miley is just having fun.

  • noobgamer

    I think she looks great in this outfit. But some of the others are certified skankwear.

  • lala

    it reminds me of an ice skater ahhahaa

  • jackie

    shes a skanky whore are she needs to get her own look, stop trying to look like lady gaga. Oh and your vigina is ugly! dont be a hater she's not trying to be lady gaga, shes more gorgeous than lady gaga....miley looks hot...u just jealous coz u dont have any talent....

  • jackie

    shes a skanky whore are she needs to get her own look, stop trying to look like lady gaga. Oh and your vigina is ugly!

  • Sasha

    shes a skanky whore are she needs to get her own look, stop trying to look like lady gaga. Oh and your vigina is ugly!

  • jblover

    i think she looks amazing in all of these outfits. she isn't skanky, she's just trying to have fun and look great while performing. i hate performs like taylor swift and no talent selena, who wear pretty little dresses, and don't even rock out on stage. like whats the fun with that!?!? i love mileyyyy