Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits

  • Miley Cyrus’ Most Risque On-Stage Outfits
Miley wore a sexy white bodysuit during one of her performances at the MuchMusic Awards in June.
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  • Marie Yancy
    Marie Yancy

    i agree with you sherry

  • Kimberly

    uhhh no.

  • Lucy Luu
    Lucy Luu

    Has to make sure its still there ahahahah

  • lexi

    noodle takes insperation from miley cyrus. thats why shes acting like stuck up conceided bitch.

  • girl......

    you are soooooo right girl ;))))) she is exactly a shallow bitch !!!!!!

  • Paul Braxton Hicks
    Paul Braxton Hicks fail... nothing sexy at all.

  • Wot shame
    Wot shame

    Wot a waste of time to cactch those Stuff over thausands of pics..

  • Charlene Watson
    Charlene Watson

    I agree she is not an ugly girl at all. So the camera caught her in the moment singing her song. Does anyone even know what the song was? Sometimes the occasion calls for a facial shot like that. All this nastiness for a simple 10 second shot? Wow......gotta love this age of hiding behind a computer and letting out the nasty side of you over absolutely nothing.

  • HG luva
    HG luva

    That's exactly what you are doing, I think you should know the limit between pretty amd grabbing your tit. Btw what is she supposed to be, a slutty mummy?!?!

  • Selene

    I didn't even see her clothing. Only that amusing facial expression.

  • kate

    Veronica, calm the hell down!! That wasn't even necessary!!!! So what they don't like Miley...? I'm sure you don't like everyone?? You're not perfect! So before you start calling some girls ugly with pimples, try to harness the UGLY PIMPLY version of you! and seriously shut up! because what if by you saying that, you hurt someone who already is self conscious of their looks! Think before you talk! I bet your the ugly girl with pimples sitting at home anyways!

  • Sb

    Shes so fuukin hawt.. Why doesnt she do a po*n movie



  • miki

    what the heck is wrong with her face?

  • non-hater

    She is 19 get over it.

  • K.k

    wow! she looks like a slut here!! and when she kicked the air she showed the vagina!! thats too risky she suolldnt drees like thaat!! really!! still love heer!

  • naden

    lmaoooooooo so fuckin trueeee

  • Brit

    So I love Miley, and her hair looks so damn good short.

  • iamcasey723

    let's be honest people, you're calling her a slut because you're jealous that you can't pull off an outfit like that

  • jazann

    i 100000% love this outfit and this picture. i wish i could get away with wearing something like this.

  • lalalalala

    body suit is fierce but shes trying to be gaga

  • Angelblueyes73

    nobody's haten, but class is class and that well let's keep it 100 that shit is not classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '

  • danielle

    i think her peformance was amazing at the muchmucic video awards:') i loved the oufit and people who say its a ugly picture shes singing and thats a expresion on her face!

  • Maurice Okram
    Maurice Okram

    i like miley .. she's hot and talented .. i like her more than selena and demi .. she's got beautiful figure and damn hot legs

  • english isn't this hard, people
    english isn't this hard, people

    Seriously?!?! Someone that uses a phrase like "learn how to spell" should know how to spell. Also, she should learn the difference between your and you're before she starts giving other people crap about (their, there, they're... hmmm, I wonder which one to use) spelling and grammar.

  • Mileyisok

    Hey there was no reason for that you don't know them you don't know what they look like how would u feel if someone had said that to you that was pretty shitty thing to do.

  • arielle jenkins
    arielle jenkins

    that nice what she has on accepte it to gron for her age!!!!

  • Snides

    Nothing makes daddy more proud than when he leaves the tool shed with a twinkle in his eye. snif, snif.

  • nameless

    no ur the one who has pimples all over there body :p

  • Brianna

    Hey Lola do you have an e-mail? Will you send me that crotch photo? My e-mail is

  • Kelll

    I think it is all just a part of the act,she is on stage preforming people.

  • Sarah


  • julia linda santos r
    julia linda santos r

    how are you? Miley you is ..... cat cat cat!!!! uuurrruuullll.....

  • huri


  • ,The Honest One
    ,The Honest One

    calm down there mother teresa! u need a reality check now these days every star dresses provacative and even regular people so calm your tits!

  • ,The Honest One
    ,The Honest One

    LOL shes ugly. Once your a disney star you will always be a disney star she really needs to get a reality check she was hannah montana and ALWAYS will be hannah montana to younger kids so no matter what she wears or says or does kids will be like "THATS MILEY CYRUS <3" because thats who they grew up with. Shes an attention **** and a wannabe! she wants to be like all the stars today! pity

  • Andio

    LAMO that made me crack up lol

  • kaylee

    they took the pic at the wrong shes not ugly or anything

  • rayray

    hahhahahaa all u bitches GET A FUCKIN LIFE!! x)


    Looks like she's really enjoying the boob touch she's giving herself.

  • BonQuiQui

    sorry naynay, i'm not trying to start anything, but you can't tell someone to spell right, when you can't really spell right either. just saying. :p

  • jwblackpride

    She likes feeling her boob up on stage?

  • nerfherder

    Stinkface, much?

  • aa

    thizzzzzz faceeeeeeeeeeee

  • spraytansandfakevans

    no offence or anything but this is a bad photo. when you are performer like she is, the basics you kearn is how t control yourself. yes music is about letting go blah blah but whem yu do this or a living 9/10 times for a person such as her, the songs are writen for you. as a perfomer you should never lose control of where your whole body is and what expressions are on your face. now, i think that she is 'in over hrheels she playing with the sharks as se is trying to be more grown up than she should be, or that se can even deal with, from what i've seen nd met of he off stage and in interviews i dont think she is a nice perso and i thnk she is trying to be someoneshe's ot. there has been no 'development' as a person through her career and her fame has not alot o do withher carer, more te fact the people or more celebs that she knows.

  • Not A Miley Hater
    Not A Miley Hater

    Im not a miley hater or a miley lover but did she smell something bad?

  • reba

    Im kinda scared to go to one of her conserts

  • just dropped by!!!!
    just dropped by!!!!

    All of you are losers!!! Giving time dissing each other about someone who probably doesnt care about YOU!!! grow up people... have a life for once!!!! Get a job or something....

  • just dropped by!!!!
    just dropped by!!!!

    All of you are losers!!! Giving time dissing each other about someone who probably doesnt care about YOU!!! grow up people

  • HarHar

    Lol miley cyrus is ugly. she looks like a fucking bunny rabbit. yuck.

  • Pretty123


  • Yarz

    like she's saying... this is my boob my precious boob

  • Brenda K DeLeon
    Brenda K DeLeon

    It's amazing all the comments on the costumes and attacks on her personality, etc. I would suppose not very many if any of the people here really know Miley. I know I don't. For the benefit of the doubt, I would like to assume she is as any other teenager out there. The costumes are most likely chosen by someone other than her, that she wears them tells me that she either conforms to what she is told or likes them. It doesn't matter to me. I probably would prefer my daughter not to dress like that, but I would think that I might be more alright with it if it were just for the show and not day to day.

  • debora981

    I was wondering: Why Miley always make some strange faces !! It's ugly!! I really love Miley Cyrus but this is the thing what I don't like in her :((

  • super fish
    super fish

    guys chill-ax

  • Taylorfan

    I'm not a Miley hater these nothing wrong wearing a one piece swimming costume but com'on lil girls look at her as a role model and she's not being one herself why do you think they did the whole Hannah Montana thing duh!!!

  • Popular girl
    Popular girl

    I think that Miley Cyrus looks extremely bad in this pic and to all those people who think that we are haters they are just completely blind and they come out bad in photos and thinks it's a nice picture. P.s you bitches stop hating on twelve year olds your just people with no lives who were bullied and were losers and had lots of pimples that's why u don't understand that's these 12 year olds are pretty girls that boys are attracted to like me I've had many boyfriends.

  • Danni

    I get shes trying to show shes grown up but these 'outfits' are going too far. Its not just her respect thats gone downhill, her singing has gotten worse ever since, shes wearing herself out with all the skanky dancing and shiz. She used to be an awesome singer that everyone respected. But i guess thats gone....along with her clothes.

  • stazzieable

    do you think.. demi lovato is better than miley cyrus..?

  • Amanda Elaine Doolittle
    Amanda Elaine Doolittle

    I think its sad! She was a role model for tweens and young girls and now she is turning into a Britney Spears wanna-be. Lets hope the next two in line (Miranda Crosgrove and Tori Vega (iCarly and Victorious)) don't turn the same way. When I was 11, I had my jump rope, bike, chores, and an extremely rare moment when I got to get on the computer (under supervision), now 11 year old girls have their skinny jeans, make up, designer clothes, cell phones, lap tops, Facebook, etc... It makes me sick to my stomach...

  • Jessica Brooke Barrows
    Jessica Brooke Barrows

    I'm twelve wat is this. Lulz.

  • Milestogo

    Why should she shut up? She actually had something to say that makes sense. While immature and stupid people like you just right crap and curse every other sentence. I mean really? Grow up.

  • Milestogo

    So true!

  • Rainnyday

    Whoo says we like it when other singers dress like that. I don't think anybody should dress like that unless they are going to the beach. I don't understand how people can't see that Miley is only doing this to be rebelious not beacuse it is her personality. She doesn't appreciate all that she has. I mean part of it is her parents fault. And so what she is 19. What the hell? Being a grown up doesn't give you a pass to be slutty. If this is how our generation views adulthood to be then we are in trouble. it should be that you gain maturity and stop doing all the rebelious and stupid stuff of your teenage years.

  • Rainnyday

    WOW! I can't believe that people are bashing each other just because someone has a different opinion than them. Listen, those of you who are Miley fans, that is great for you but some people just don't like her. That doesn't mean their jealous or ugly. I mean seriously grow up. I use to be a fan of Miley's but now she is so weird and she is getting way to rebelious. She is going to be 19 years old she should atleast try to mature a little. Being a grown up doesn't mean you have to dress skanky. Nobody has respect for her anymore, jusy pity. I get that not all of her outfits are that bad but I still don't get why she has to be so risque. She is going down a bad road. I do hope she can change for the better and can appreciate all that she has and all the fans who are supporting her.

  • Jess :)
    Jess :)

    hahaha yea, then again when she's singing she does have a lot of weird faces when people take the pics :P

  • I don't hate :)
    I don't hate :)

    oh my god NoodLe u know realize ur 12 right?? i'd be suprised if u weren't flat chested :P girll u need to learn to chill and don't comment on this kinda stuff because u obviously have no clue what ur talking about

  • What is wrong with u 13year old!?!?!?
    What is wrong with u 13year old!?!?!?

    holy crap lol calm down. miley doesn't know u and u don't know her. all that girl was saying was that she was making a weird face so calm down and get over urself buddy

  • Mary Louis
    Mary Louis

    Oh NoodLe… where to begin..Having a big rack and boyfriends does not make for a happy fulfilling life..that’s only on TV and make believe world created by men.. Stay in school study become a volunteer in school or your community and develop your personality. Women and girls are worth far more than what they look like..I know it’s hard to understand that because of imbecile shows like gossip girl and Jersey Shore but it’s true and being a woman myself with a daughter, I know sometimes kids your age only judge you by what you look like but we’re all a thousand times more than what we look like.. Peace and love to you and your mom..

  • Danielle

    I totally agree 110%. Miley Cyrus is acting horribly. I hate it when people say, "Oh, this is how a normal teenager dresses!" NO! A normal teenager dresses in normal clothing (T-shirt + Jeans, etc.). If they do dress like Miley, it's because they were 'inspired' by her because she's their 'role model' (Which she shouldn't be a role model for anyone...), or they are a slut. And it is not a swimsuit!! If she was singing a song about going to the beach- than sing in your swimsuit (As long as it's not slutty)! But not if the song has nothing to do with it. If you were a parent, would you want your child acting and dressing like Miley? I suppose the answer is NO. Unless you have major problems and don't no right from wrong.

  • Honestly, some people....
    Honestly, some people....

    Lilly, that was incredibly rude. Why don't you, as you so eloquently put it, 'shut the fuck up'. Thanks.

  • AndyLuver97

    There is nothing wrong with her outfits most of them just look like one piece swim suits and everyone knows there is nothing wrong with one piece swim suits

  • lilly

    BunkerSixteen shut the fuck up.

  • Hanan Doss
    Hanan Doss

    I like Her Bodyyyyy O.O Don't Ya Wishh A GirlFriend HOT like Herrr :P

  • savanna

    yeah i almost fell out laughing at this pic

  • Sazziex

    There is waaaay too much bitchiness on these photos :/ I personally don't agree what Miley is doing with herself. (No I'm NOT some hater either) And the outfits are way too revealing...I'm 19 and wouldn't be seen dead in something that revealing! But each to their own I guess :) She's an adult after all...

  • BunkerSixteen

    Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that perhaps a grown woman woukd be at least slightly mature.

  • BunkerSixteen

    I personally think that Miley isn't doing the best thing she could be doing. I'm not saying it's the end of the world and I'm not saying that I hate her, but I totally disagree with what she's doing. There's more than one way to show that you're more mature, and the best way really isn't to dress constantly in a bathing suit when you're on stage. Miley's got tons of little girls as fans, doesn't she? People that truly have admired her so much as Hannah Montana would also continue to admire her as Miley Cyrus; she doesn't need to prove that she's not Disney's little girl. Then again, I'm not too well informed to really say anything. I just disagree with her based on what I've seen. NoodLe, there's a difference between showing disagreement or the belief in another idea and just plain being an ignorant, petty bitch. I would have to say that you're three fourths of the way there to the latter option. But then again, I'm being bitchy by joining in on the fight when it's close to over, though I highly doubt you won't be back. And also, it's kind of offensive as to the age issue. NoodLe is an embarrassment to those of my age range and is in fact one of the many twelve-year-olds alive, but she does not represent all of us. I am also twelve, and I will not say that I am so much more responsible and mature than NoodLe (or the other girls that I suspect are less than the age of fifteen) , but I will say that I am, by far, more polite than she or he is. I say this because the comment about teen mothers was very offensive; do not look at all twelve-year-olds the same way. And courtney, someone so rude would only be an embarrassment to Miley. People like you make celebrities look bad. If you've got something to say, say it nicely. Wow, am I hyppocritetical.

  • Haneul

    You're... twelve, and you're bragging about how many boyfriends you've had? That's not something to brag about. You're not even in high school yet. Please, wait a few years before coming back to this argument.

  • NayNay

    Little shallow bitch girl.... You should really think twice about the things you call people you dont even know! Your all over here calling someone i guarentte you dont even know a shallow bitch and a fuckin asshole... Youve got some problems FOR REAL! Seems to me like your the fuckin asshole! You SHALLOW BITCH!! Btw learn how to spell before you ctrisise random people!

  • Jen

    Your twelve, enough said. Your immature and embarrassing, what would your mother say?

  • Kris


  • Smyz

    wOw thats a hOt ROcker ! :D

  • coutneybaaaby

    this photo, was taken at the wrong time, she wasnt holding her boob. haha

  • coutneybaaaby

    wow you'se all need to get a fucking hobbie aye and stop hating on miley;

  • angel hogan
    angel hogan

    her face looks like someone farted or something

  • Tammy Holt
    Tammy Holt

    okay.. so you know. GOD dont like ugly, judge not unless you want to be judged. GROW UP!

  • Tammy Holt
    Tammy Holt

    I think that 12 year olds shouldnt have boyfriends, but if they describe the boobs as racks who are we to say they're not? They're advertised that way all the time by T.v and boys at their school. It's vocabulary not the end of the world, and it does not end up with young girls being teen moms. That's a horrible thing to say.

  • Tammy Holt
    Tammy Holt

    So you're juding her on her personlaity by how she dresses? It's a stage outfit so get over it. She's not 15 anymore and people need to realize that. We see other singers dress just like her if not worse. Clothes do not define a person, and little miss everyone likes me and my clothes you don't sound to pretty on the inside, you are sounding like a stuck up child.

  • Paula Bustillos
    Paula Bustillos

    Hahah oh wow. interseting outfit but im more concentrated on her weird looking mad face? wat happened? why is she so angry haha jk jk

  • snooks

    wow its as if she grabbing her boob man thats just disturbing o.O

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    holy cow someone punched her in the boob and now she gettin so mad she gonna punch'm back!ahahah!LOL!!!!!!

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark

    get your muff out

  • Concerned Sophomore
    Concerned Sophomore

    So.. You're twelve..bragging about how many boyfriends you have had... calling your boobs your "rack", and comparing your chest to someone you don't even know? Oh.. God.. Please help ALL the children in this world. Also, to people reading this that are astonished as well, just imagine how the next generations are going to be from all the teen mothers.

  • NoodLe

    first of all im 12 and have probably had more boyfriends than u. i cant say im one of the super skinny sized girls but im not even close to FAT i probably even have a bigger rack than u!!! sso if ur gonna keep trying to make people feel bad about hating on miley cyrus they are just gonna be laughing at ur fatass

  • a gurl tat saw a comment written by a shallow bitch
    a gurl tat saw a comment written by a shallow bitch

    with a personality like ur's i cant believe people even find u attractive. ur like a fucked up wannabe, btw u sound pathetic. Also one last thing, the people tat even compliment the way u dress, they just pity you, for being such a fuckin asshole, who only givs a shit about appearances. so die in hell u shallow bitch.

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    us "haters" are not all as ugly as you probably are. i like to say people find me attractive and like the way i dress. just the other day people were complementing me on my outfit and said i always dress cutely and fashionably. so um i seriously think u are just saying that cuz u r ugly and don't know how to dress so just hush up your mouth! some of us are pretty and able to criticize while some of us know we are ugly and don't care because we care about whats inside of them and if miley acts this way then she kinda gives a clue as to whats inside her. "it's not who you are that matters it's what you do that defines you " the best movie quote in history from "batman begins"

  • hailey

    lol, out of all the pics they could of taken in that performance, they HAD to take that one, lmao! well she isnt a slut, but she tries to hard to prove that shes not a little disney princess anymore. i love mileys voice, and her stage precence is AMAZING, but yeah, i think what she wore at the MTV house of blues was PERFECT, not to pravocitv, and not jeans and a shirt like she wore 2 years ago. if u havt seen it yet, search it on youtube, pretty awesome!

  • kimmy

    haha well thats cute lol

  • Jeanie

    Miley is outgoing, confident and has a great body, so why should she cover her body with baggy clothes and like full-length pants? There's nothing wrong with her on-stage outfits because they fits to her attitude.

  • Natalie

    Of she just knows thats a fcking ugly picture of her face...?

  • maddy

    ya why is she holding her boob in most of thes pics jw

  • livesinafairytale

    lmao what the heck is she doing, she looks like shes gonna kill something. -__-

  • anna

    ahahah theres a guy beside her it looks as if hes golding a mop about to stuff it in her face or smthin :P still nt hatin or anything

  • Saara Carby
    Saara Carby

    u people r so wierd, shes mid performance u dopey geeks, its not like shes posing with her hand on her nip nip!!

  • Rosa

    Bhahahahahah to die for xD lol

  • veronica

    Bitches Stop Hating I Bet Who Ever Wrote This hmm BORICUA Yur Probobly A Fatass That Has Pimples All Over Yur Body And Is Sitting At Her Computer Hating on All the Pretty Girls Out Their

  • chelsea

    lol she's holding her boob

  • Smushii

    Hahahah, I love these funny comments. Hahaha, look at her face, wtf is wrong with her??

  • Frances

    Yeah, grab your boob Miley. Grab your boob.

  • i am girl
    i am girl

    look, if she wanna go swimming why don't go to the swimming pool????

  • HA!

    She looks like a badass rockstar. Which, in my book is a good thing.

  • stazzieable

    yap agree too!

  • Kay

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  • Bayleeee

    Hahaha it's like her boob really hurts or somthing

  • Angelica Ann Turgeon
    Angelica Ann Turgeon

    Haha, Thats freaking funny.

  • lahaha

    She looks like she just ddrank sour milk.

  • Sherry40

    I liked her better when she was Hannah Montana and a role model for others God wouldn't approve of her new clothing choices or her provocative actions. I do love her voice.

  • lola

    isnt diz da 1 wit da crotch photo??

  • CC


  • 45_Optimusprime

    OMG ROFL! She is so fugly she alway's been! OMG -dies of laughter- this is going on my gaia signature!

  • anonymous

    rofl she looks like she smells something terrible

  • Linkeve123

    MUMMY!!! haha shes guna kill yeh ROFL! :D

  • germanxxannie

    well celebuzz, you had to take exactly this picture, right? with that face? woaa.... you are cruel...

  • Lilly

    Why is she holding her boob like that???? Weird

  • lala

    MUMMY!!! haha shes guna kill yeh

  • Boricua

    Wow that is a reall ugly picture