Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall on

  • Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall on
Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall on the set of 'Sex and the City 2' for a red carpet scene at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC on October 16, 2009.
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  • ruby martin
    ruby martin

    Wow! What street corner did Miley come into the set from? Not a role model for children sure. I just hate to see someone rushing to grow up, instead of taking life and living it where she is, I don't know. I'm just tired of seeing her follow down the same trail as the other half dressed "tart-lets" out there. she is no different that the rest of the crowd. You've seen one and basically you've seen them all. Nothing special anymore.

  • coo girl
    coo girl

    am i the only person who thinks miley is to young for SATC?! Last time i checked it wasn't for kiddies

  • what?

    i actually CAN'T believe miley is doing the sitc2 movie. i heard rumors but i dont know i guess well have to wait and see. PS. chill on the miley comments!

  • sangene

    Nope. I agree with kimishot. But not sorry for Miley. She'll learn, but 16 year olds don't really know anything about their own sensuality. Whereas Kim (and her character) knows all about it and can therefore work it

  • germanxxannie

    that's actually pretty nasty. next to a trained 16-year old, any women would look worse

  • kimishot

    too bad kim catrall looks wayyyy hotter. sorry, miley.