Miley Cyrus: The Haters

  • Miley Cyrus: The Haters
Miley's brief but overwhelmingly successful music career has but one gaping hole: recognition from the Grammy awards. She's never won a Grammy or been nominated. By contrast, in that same time she's won 13 Teen's Choice Awards, five Kid's Choice Awards and an MTV Movie Award for Best Song.
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  • Caroline

    Sure, Miley deserves a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy and why not a Tony? She sure can be the new Barbara Streisand.

  • rani93

    if she doesn't act like she does now, she'd definitely deserves the grammys for her song

  • Anne

    i was thinking of it a while ago . THE CLIMB deserves a grammy fo sure ! so does she at least give her one

  • NNName

    Notice the bullshit meaningless awards she's won... Of COURSE she doesn't have a grammy. Not that a grammy is any better, nowadays.

  • Chloe

    right, but the jonas brothers deserve it *sarcams*

  • Jaylynn Riggins
    Jaylynn Riggins

    thats b/c she doesnt deserve one....-_-

  • Janey

    it's stupid right? i see her like every year at grammy's and oscars...