Most Shocking Moments From Rihanna's 'S&M' Video

  • Most Shocking Moments From Rihanna's 'S&M' Video
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  • Shhhhh

    The song IS called S&M.

  • thomas

    iv always liked her music and evrything ( wernt keen on the emo/goth look though ) but she went too far with this song and took it even further when she released the video.

  • nicole12

    ok so she was all preety and nice and inocent before Chris brown den after what happend with him she started to look and act like a porn star and its all because she wants to make chris jelouse and trys to make all her videos sexy so chris will want her back shes trying to show him what a big mistake he made and what hes missing on!

  • hater


  • Sumbody

    she's a gotdamm SLUT who would take pics like this and WHY?? what's she tryna say?? why would she want tha world to see her in this manner? i swear these pictures make me wonder WHAT REALLY HAPPENED BETWEEN HER & CHRIS BROWN .... i USED to like her a LITTLE bit. when she first came out. i thought that pon de play shhyttt was kinda cool. she was pretty & all, i had a nice respect for her. as she grew in her career i noticed her fashion style off the hook - real nice - that's when she had the black hair in the short hairstyle. i thought her style was really nice back then. then i see alotta pics of her & chris brown & i thought those pics were sexy/nice too (of her & CB). next thing i know they blowin' up tha media with charges of abuse/violence. it was around THAT TIME that i started questioning who SHE really is & wha's REALLY up with HER ... seems like eva since then she jus' went off on sum "otha" shhyttttt

  • NorthTown Klown
    NorthTown Klown

    sexy ass lips

  • asher

    what tha fk riri smfh

  • orangecrushlol

    i also wonda,

  • orangecrushlol

    u r such a waste of precious tym, riri .we alwayz tot da crazy ones wer brit n lindsay but gues hu surprizd us!!!!!!!!! america, get ready for the next porn starrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dafish11

    uhh what is she trying to proove lol