Most Shocking Moments From Rihanna's 'S&M' Video

  • Most Shocking Moments From Rihanna's 'S&M' Video
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  • nia

    A bunch of haters, do yourself a favor & shut up cause she's making money and your not!

  • riri♥

    You're welcome.

  • ssstephanie

    lol how is it you connect every negative comment about rihanna to beyonce? am i missing something?

  • normal

    i don't know what the difference of a singer and a slut? if you look at that rihanna's costumes..

  • Tina

    her music is more european...i think she should stay away from American garbage..good thiing she doesn't read this shyt...unlike beypornce the kinky hair biotch whose. trolls come on these sites...paid by her company to intimidate people...with her kinky wig wearing self 17 years of wigs... hiding her naps once in a while she will show the you can pretend it's her hair and believe the public relations lies stupid

  • Tina

    perhaps you prefer the quiet sluts like beypornce whose spreads her legs and talks like she so sweet..sweet my ass.

  • Tina

    she's young and having fun. Cindi Lauper, Madonna all dressed like this.. I think you all are really jealous because she's not ugly like Beypornce.

  • thomas

    it was sooooooooooooooooo awkward when i was flicking through the music channels with my mum sat next to me and then she pops up on the screen dressed like this

  • hater

    hahah she got sued from la chapelle for staelaing his outfits... peiceof crap

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    her music is the equivalent of ear rape.

  • anna

    lol she looks lke a fish :P bt i lke her music

  • Sumbody

    totally co-sign with Lola. this b*tch (rihanna) really gets on my nerves. i dont think she can sing well either. these outfits she's wearing ... the s&m thing, the different get-ups onstage, she CANT DANCE FOR SHHYYTT, haircolors, crazy hairstyles, she's jus' too fuuukkin much. perhaps if she tones it down pretty much & QUIETS DOWN all that shit she wears .... right now she makes too much noise & she presents herself like a SLLUUTT

  • Lola

    I'm sorry, but she looks like a clown all the time. Someone is not doing their job right. I know she says she is pushing the envelope, but this is just silly. She looks dumb. I personally cannot stand seeing her picture or videos, but her music is pretty good. Maybe she should try looking normal, and more people will like her work.