Neil Patrick Harris Celebrates First Father's Day with His Twins

  • Neil Patrick Harris Celebrates First Father's Day with His Twins
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka head to Bone Yard BBQ to celebrate Father's Day with their twins Gideon and Harper on June 19, 2011 in Sherman Oaks, California.
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  • Peaceman300

    Also not only is it 2011 but I grew up in the chritian church and I also attended catholic school and I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with two men or two women dating or gatting married and having kids! Love is not a crime and we should sopport eachother nomatter what race or sexual orientation we are! A person's sexuality is just as much as their idenity as their race! Think about what you say before you say it! God's main intention is that we leave the earth a much better place then we found it , they are and people like you are ruining it!!!! Stop being so closed minded!

  • Louisa

    Omg..wake up, it's 2011!

  • sona

    at least they are happy! there are millions of heterosexual couples who aren't happy together and are fighting all the time, and then they get divorced, their children get really lonely and depressed and the rest is history. but now see you have a beautiful couple, who love each other, and have kids, and their gonna raise them normally with no violence. didn't God teach us that the most important thing is love? no matter what age race or sexually oriented we are??

  • Miranda

    This is wrong and going against God's plan for a MAN and a WOMAN to have children. Such a shame.