Trojan condoms While a few

  • Trojan condoms  While a few
Trojan condoms. While a few of Tiger's lovers admitted he didn't wear them, that shouldn't stop you from doing so. Don't be a fool: wrap your tool.
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  • aj

    all these black celebs going after white girls and getting caught up in messy situations - when de hell will they learn. i agree if he was white this mess would be strained by now. anyhow, why the hell would elin want a divorce now - i'm sure she knew he was messing around, but now the cat's out the bag girlfriend want a divorse - balonie!!!

  • howie

    tiger already has condoms!!! drive your balls closer to the hole in fewer strokes!!!

  • Adrian

    Protect Your Wood!!! Check out

  • caught

    I'd totally buy that

  • Saray Lira
    Saray Lira

    I hope noah is joking! =S lol

  • noah

    Why would he wear condoms? Everyone knows you can't get the girl pregnant if you don't make eye contact.

  • buzzbuddy

    Something about the idea of Tiger Woods' face on a box of condoms REALLY creeps me out.