New Judges, New Habits

  • New Judges, New Habits
Keith is the king of comparisons. The country heartthrob often compares contestants to celebrities, making “name-dropping” his signature judging strategy. “Your voice is very Aaron Nevile-y.” (To Kiara Lanier, 21)“I love the thick tone. Gavin DeGras-esque.  I loved it. “ (To Matt Farmer, 26)“A lot of Faith in there. Faith Hill.” (To Anne Difani, 23)“It reminds me of Leanne Womack’s first record and your runs are very Dolly Parton-esque as well.” (To Mackenzie Wasner, 17)“Like a Carrie Underwood/ Gwen Stefani blend, it was amazing.”  (To Stephanie Schimil, 21)“A little Winona Judd-ish” (To Rachel Hale, 21)“I love your voice. It’s not of a gender, like Boe or something.” (To Charlie Askew, 17)
Source: FOX
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