Actors Kellan Lutz Elizabeth Reaser

  • Actors Kellan Lutz  Elizabeth Reaser
Actors Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Rachelle Lefevre, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and Noot Seear attend Summit Entertainment, The Twilight Fan Experience Screening during Comic-Con 2009 held at Gaslamp Theater on July 23, 2009 in San Diego, California.
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    Okay guys, listen to this! You see that t-shirt Rob is wearing underneath the plaid and that jacket? If you haven't seen the new pictures of Kristen wearing a grey tee-shirt just like that one, the Subject Title was something like Rob and Kristen Hotel Date Again (or something), it seems like she's wearing his t-shirt doesn't it? I MEANSERIOUSLY, it looks exactly the same. the same color and collar is round. except minus the dark stains Rob made.

  • kim

    see her right hand ,, (kristen'S) shes in taylors shirt HA HA XD .. but just a coincidence!!

  • Louise Smoker
    Louise Smoker

    does it really matter if they are dating or not its about the books and the films not them as actors.

  • sparkklez1

    i actually think that its an act and there trying not to really look interested in each other. Shes probally just trying to distract herself.

  • shara

    hmm. but its as if she's finding a way to ignore edward. who was talking to christian.

  • Luiza

    Not at can see in all videos and pictures with the cast..Kristen is always holding Nikki.

  • Steph Infante
    Steph Infante

    omg. i think you're just right

  • maryk

    i've always thought that the whole robsten thing was bullsh*t.. buuuut this picture kinda changed my mind.. i'm about kristen age,, and yeah, girls, we act like that when we're around our ex's (leaning over our bff and trying to hard not to look at him and never to touch him).. and the guys are like always ALWAYS around other girl/s,, no mater how ugly they are,, they're acting like they've just broke up!