Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Shirtless In Hawaii

  • Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Shirtless In Hawaii
Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas play football on the beach in Hawaii on April 20, 2011.
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  • Chay

    =o not so bad. they need lessons from each other though, ones got arms and shoulders and the other one has chest and stomach. time to swap some routines

  • Pame Jonas
    Pame Jonas

    MYYY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pame Jonas
    Pame Jonas

    THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayla

    Okay, Nick looks so grown up xD Like, he looks more manly than he used to haha And he looks taller than Joe too, I always thought Joe was taller. idk, but they look pretty hott!! Nick looks kinda bootylicious too LOL

  • prettygirlwords

    fuck that, joe is still the hottest.

  • AshliDanielle

    Am I in heaven?? 0.0

  • Deb

    You're kidding, right? Six pack? Seems to me that the Jonas boys need to hit the, tomorrow, and several times a week, for a long time.

  • jerseydevil

    While I love Joe's 6 pack, Nick's happy trail is heavenly. Please Joe grow back the happy trail and chest hair. Pretty please with Jonas on top!!!

  • Robyn McCulloch Rodriguez
    Robyn McCulloch Rodriguez

    While I am LOVING Joe's 6 pack, I love Nick's happy trail. Please Joe grow yours back along with the chest hair. Pretty please!!!

  • Yadirah Jonas Jeter
    Yadirah Jonas Jeter

    Joe's Abs have finally filled in.!! Yess.!! And my husband needs a tan.! <3

  • Anay Flores
    Anay Flores

    omg nick look so hoooooot :) ♥♥♥♥♥ thank you god

  • idaolivia

    ohmy???? <3

  • Ely Fregoso
    Ely Fregoso

    Any more freaking perfect?? *__*

  • MariePierJonas

    ohh myy freaking god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ definition of hotness= Jonas shirtless ;)

  • Jonatica

    OMJ! Thank you God!!! Beautiful Boys *.*

  • JonasFan4ever

    Thank you, G-d xD