Nicki Minaj's Bikini Clad 'Starships' Video

  • Nicki Minaj's Bikini Clad 'Starships' Video
Nicki Minaj shows off bikini bod in her "Starships" video.
Source: VEVO
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  • ha

    look, if you cover up her bum, you'll realise that she has a perfect figure. I love her work and her uniqueness but i have to admit she went a little overboard with the implants.

  • zazzz

    aww cute name babes, and you say i'm the pathetic one. i'm sick of stupid keyboards who just trash talk about Nicki. well at the end of the day, she is the one making money and living her life and you and the rest of these pathetic people are just wasting their time talking about her. she's not fat so why in the f**k would she need to go on a diet, seeing as her ass is fake, answer that for me ay? she is such an amazing, unique and different type of singer, and ofcourse the haters have to roll in and throw dirt on her name. so have fun talking your trash babes, your not gonna get anywhere in life. ciaoooo xxx

  • zazzz

    you're pathetic.mwa

  • ZazzzisRETARDED

    Actually zazzz you're the one who's pathetic. Replying to every bad comment someone says about nicki. Just accept that people don't like your idol and move the fuck on. Telling us off isn't gonna make us like her, we still have eyes and our eyes don't lie to us like yours do :p

  • dave

    monkey butt monkey butt chimp ass baboon caboose.

  • zazzz

    wow, you're freaking pathetic! diet? are you kidding me? HER BODY IS AMAZING ! she has hot legs, nice arms and her waist is tiny as! she has butt implants that's why her ass is bootyliscious, so dont diss the booty mate! you have issues, get them sorted..

  • Jj

    Thats just gross! What a misshappen big butt! Ick , go on a diet and put some clothes on, pleeese!

  • drop

    you love it, and you know she's hot, otherwise why would you come on this page for? .. clearly to check her out so lol to you mate.

  • John Massey
    John Massey

    Good grief.

  • zazzz

    dat assssssssss!