Nicki Minaj's Wildest Wigs

  • Nicki Minaj's Wildest Wigs
Nicki Minaj sports a green-blue wig at Lil Wayne's Welcome Home Party hosted by Cash Money Records held at the Alfred I Dupont Building Miami, Florida on November 7, 2010. Photo by: Johnny Louis/wenn
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  • missunderstood

    i love the fact when all the make-up is off, she looks just as beautiful

  • key boss
    key boss

    i really like this one! I think the colors go real good together, good job

  • ckrazy barbie 1
    ckrazy barbie 1

    f*ck dhat ish, hell she hot i love nicki minaj sh*t i dhink im ha #1 fan ma she all ova ma room... dhats ma mutha f*ckn' idol

  • keke

    f*ck that that sh*t is hot

  • EVan

    cute but too much pink lol luv u any ways