North West's Baby Photos

  • North West's Baby Photos
Kim Kardashian shares this photo of North West and Penelope Disick on her Instagram, captioning, "BFFs."
Source: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
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  • fashiongal

    Wth? Um I don't know what you ppl are looking at but that baby is super cute- absolutely beautiful little face and chubby and adorable- pretty little thing. Pretty face

  • trinity

    Yeah, Penelope(looks like Mason) looks way better than this poor "direction" from a porn mom.Kourtney's kids have a lot to be proud of, this child has a face to hide when she starts googling.

  • kelliemurray

    Mason is cuter. Just sayin.

  • Erykah Timberlake-Small
    Erykah Timberlake-Small

    That's not mason silly, its penelope and north lol get it right.