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  • JS

    Jealous ass bitch! You are just mad because you are probably a fat cow and nobody wants to have sex with your fat ass. Get over it and stop hating!

  • alice

    hmm she doesn't look good look at the's curves at all mate!!!

  • blue angel
    blue angel

    i have no children not sure if i can i would love to try.but thats up too you i look like richard gere, would love to have children.

  • ambybaby2003

    i am looking at these pictures and am getting totally grossed out... shes not ugly its just the thought of who she is i think.... uck...

  • nono

    she obviously had plastic surgery to remove all the excess skin. And thats why she has a fake belly button.

  • the fabulous
    the fabulous

    why does her bellybutton look like a coin slot in a vending machine??

  • kopns

    hell considering she had a HUMONGOUS tummy and a gazillion stretch marks, i'd say she's had some pretty good work done. however, she has no hips. in the photos from head on you could cover her boobs upward and almost see a 12 year olds body, but then you remove your hand and it's like "wtf is going on?" there like 4 decent pictures, but the rest are really awkward for multiple reasons.

  • ranae

    she is so bloomin ugly no wonder she had to be inseminated

  • anon

    its obvious shes had a tummy tuck..its not even a good one.