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  • JS

    Jealous ass bitch! You are just mad because you are probably a fat cow and nobody wants to have sex with your fat ass. Get over it and stop hating!

  • Chucky Picnato
    Chucky Picnato

    A face not even a mother could love. lol, because her own Mom doesn't recognize her from all the crap plastic surgery. She has some God awful lips & scars & just ewwww, ok. Yes, I said ewwww.

  • annoyed viewer
    annoyed viewer

    has nothing to do about the's a way for her to get her name out there & try to make herself a star & wants the money only. NOT fair to them beautiful babies

  • Kerr

    i think it's cute she's doing something for her have you not been reading any of the stories about her??? she does EVERYTHING for herself.

  • ihavecellulite

    who's her plastic surgeon?

  • missthing06

    i think it's cute she's doing something for her