Hollywood's May-December Romances

  • Hollywood's May-December Romances
Sam Taylor Wood, 43, and Aaron Johnson, 20.
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  • Terri Carroll
    Terri Carroll

    A lot of people really want to do it, but are scared to step up to it.

  • Terri Carroll
    Terri Carroll

    To each his own. I applaud her for being brave enough to be with who she loves that makes her happy and forget to what people think.

  • Jane

    ok , now that is simply disturbing. sure the man doesnt always have to the oldest but 23 years different is seriosuly scary

  • Ashley

    I'm sorry but that seems kinda gross. I'm sure we've all had our Johnny Depp and George Clooney fantasies but come on? And they've got a (naturally conceived) kid together as well!