Hollywood's May-December Romances

  • Hollywood's May-December Romances
Samantha Barks, 20, and Nick Jonas, 18.
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  • lovely

    nick tweeted that they're not dating

  • Mary

    Doubt they are dating...

  • Azalea Phinata
    Azalea Phinata

    never crossed my mind that these two are dating. duh.

  • The guy who knows
    The guy who knows

    You guys are right, they didn't date. Rumours started circulating about both ms barks and her les mis co-star Lucie Jones dating nick after his brief and entirely unimpressive stint in the show.

  • damnyou

    WHAT THE f*ck? they never dated!!!!!!!

  • Melis Asal
    Melis Asal

    Don't think that they're dating..