One Direction's Best Bromance Moments

  • One Direction's Best Bromance Moments
The boys of One Direction love to get up close and personal with each other. Check out some of their best "bromance" moments on and off stage.
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  • Blaine Austin
    Blaine Austin

    First off, I'm gay. And I feel offended that SOME of you make it seem as if being gay is a bad thing. It really isn't. I like to think of myself as a 1Directioner. In fact, my two favorite are Niall and Zayn. (Their adorable lol) I like to believe that they aren't gay. But IF they were, why should it matter? It doesn't make them any different then anyone else. It's their business. Oh and they do have a bromance. A bromance is a close, intimate relationship between two or more men that isn't sexual. I just wanted to add my opinion on the matter.

  • wendz

    <3 1 direction

  • Directioner Forever
    Directioner Forever

    They are not gay. Do any of you people know how it affects them seeing and hearing of people saying they are? They have actually changed a bit because of it, and that isn't fair on them. They shouldn't feel so much pressure that they change the way they act in public. No matter what, I will always love and support them, and I wouldn't go around saying things like that about them, I wouldn't talk about them like that, and say they are gay or stupid or whatever else people feel the need to get a high from calling them. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, but their ain't no need to take it overboard like people do.

  • KitKat13

    Please stop saying they are gay! All they do is mess around and joke around like they're doing in the picture. You know harry he's awesome, cute, talented, and hot he's just joking with Liam that's all. :)

  • KitKat13



    WHAT OMG ..1 member of one direcyion is YAG i mean GAY...

  • Claire

    There not gay.

  • Claire

    There not gay they rock!!!!!

  • birectioush

    Ok i absolutley love liam and i think that harry and louis are being accused and the rest of them are trying to like ease the pain but harry and liam are making stupid jokes and thats whats making them pissed of but ya know that gay moments of one direction thing just kinda hurt my heart,..

  • afasf

    lolololololo GAYYYY

  • king of the world, rap rules and a7x
    king of the world, rap rules and a7x

    that's sooo gayyyy

  • ssbu

    They are soooo gays!! haha They looks like gay too!

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    It's Ok it was a misunderstanding i guess but yeah i definitely agree these stories bout them being gay is BS and i'm like freaked out that someday they'll stop being themselves because of shit like this.But the boys don't seem effected by it and i hope they never will :)

  • One Directioner Forever
    One Directioner Forever

    Ok yah whatever I didn't mean it was fake-I meant to write "this is a stupid fake story" not photo. The boys have a great bromance and I love that about them. So sorry if you thought I'd believe that was a fake photo. But, you know, whatever.

  • Hajar Bessal
    Hajar Bessal

    Honey this is NOT a fake photo the boys are pretty stupid ans silly and like to mess around with eachother THEY ARE NOT GAY but directioners like to joke bout their bromances and unfortunately louis is pretty annoyed with fans who actually believe that he and Harry are together but Yeah anyways i just wanted to let you know that a "TRUE DIRECTIONER" or whatever SHOULD KNOW THAT THIS PIC ISN'T FAKE but it doesn't mean they're gay!

  • One Directioner Forever
    One Directioner Forever

    HE ISN'T GAY. This is a stupid fake photo and that bothers me. No frigging way would a REAL Directioner believe any of this crap. I'm sorry, but shame on all of you that believe that's real. Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, don't you ever let that crap get to your head.

  • MiimZ

    This cannot be true...!

  • anon

    THE FUCK?!