Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes

  • Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Agerke, along with some friends, dressed as the Kardashian sisters.
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  • pee wee
    pee wee

    How do i upload my halloween pics?

  • Megan Donovan
    Megan Donovan

    [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/31/JLBGRR-340_127.jpg[/img] the picture is of me dress up as Kim.. This was from the 2011 TCA .. I have my hair in a bun, white nail varnish on a black and silver bag. And a black ring and bangles. I am wearing black high hells but you can not see them in the picture .I got the dress kind of like Kim’s.. Hope I get picked by the Kardashians... It would mean the world to me if I did.. I am such a big fan.. I am not going to say the biggest because I am not but I am up there :) I have a fan site for them, a twitter account and a youtube channel and any time there is something like a birthday all the Dash Dolls, Klovers, Kimatics, Krisatics, Kourtatics come together and make some great videos with the nicest messages and pictures in them from all the fans out there. Please pick me dolls.. Love you all so much.. follow me on twitter @Kardash_Ireland xxxx

  • Megan Donovan
    Megan Donovan

    One of the best halloweens ever. I went as the Queen Of Hearts from the movie Alice In Wonderland..

  • mandy

    baby mason.. lol