Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes

  • Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Ellanon as Lady Gaga along with Russell Brand.
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  • Lollipop

    WOWWWWW.. he looks like Russell.

  • Renee Duffus
    Renee Duffus

    His hair really resembles Russell Brand he did good her I could guess who shes trying to be but not really as on as he is

  • Teresa Michelle Composano
    Teresa Michelle Composano

    This is awesome hahaha, great costumes!

  • Tanya Jane Silbernagel
    Tanya Jane Silbernagel

    Wow I thought this was Russell brand!!

  • Jenn Scarbrough Driggers
    Jenn Scarbrough Driggers

    WOW O.o he really does look like Russell Brand

  • Amy Brame
    Amy Brame

    Russell look-a-like is awesome! Great job!

  • boots

    he looks identical to that guy

  • WOAH

    OMG..Cover the left side of Russell's face....WOW...it looks just like him....=/

  • brittanyh52


  • Rebecca Bryan
    Rebecca Bryan

    Love it!

  • zahndra

    Whoa the Russell Brand guy is spot on!