Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes

  • Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Kalia07 dressed as Kim Kardashian.
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  • Lia Betourney
    Lia Betourney

    Offended by a bunch of people i dont know, nah i think not. Like i said it was a Halloween costume, stop taking it so serious. Have fun a little..haha. I was Kim K cuz i had a fake a** on. I was making fun of it. But its cool, i thought it was funny thats all it matters. These people seriously dont have anything else better to do than to try to put others down, you guys must have some low self esteem seriously. Like i said i just laugh it off, come on guys its HALLOWEEN!! hahahahaha.

  • Jenny Brinkman
    Jenny Brinkman

    kalia i dont really think you were laughing. think you're offended. it's okay. truth hurts sometimes!! can you tell me how you were Kim though? couldn't have kept your back turned all night! plus the duck face isn't trademark Kim either...just a lil confused thanks!

  • Renee Duffus
    Renee Duffus

    I think she looks more like Little Kim not Kim K.

  • Amy Brame
    Amy Brame

    Pretty....but looks nothing like KimK

  • kalia07

    LMAO, it was a halloween costume. You guys are too funny, i literally laughed out loud at your comments. i had my back turned because thats how she always takes pics. You guys took this way too serious, thanks for the laugh though! Happy Halloween!

  • Meelori

    How ugly.... You look like a dumb high school bitch. Quit trying to look like Kim, you're failing at.

  • Christian Yaacoub
    Christian Yaacoub

    no one does Kim Kardashian like Kim Kardashian !!! <3 <3 <3

  • Rebecca Bryan
    Rebecca Bryan

    An offence to Kim Kardashian

  • freshup16

    girls dressing like skanks and they call it kim Kardashian costume.. whatever.. thats what this girl dresses like all the time probably..