Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes

  • Our Readers' Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Milasmommy as Katy Perry.
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  • Jenny Brinkman
    Jenny Brinkman

    this is too easy...the weight...with that ice cream cone..cmon.

  • Renee Duffus
    Renee Duffus

    looks like nightmare on rainbow sprinkles street

  • Teresa Michelle Composano
    Teresa Michelle Composano

    If that's Obese I don't wanna see what thin is these days =/

  • lilmonster43


  • gris

    George hahahaha thats funny... mean but funny. lmao

  • lola

    thats one obese katy perry...lol. OBESE??! Wow. This is a normal person with a little meat on her bones, trying to have fun and dress up for halloween. She's clearly not a celebrity who's been pressured to be rail-thin to maintain a position in the spotlight, and she doesn't deserve your trash talk. It's jerks like you that promote the horrifying expectation that all girls should starve to death to be beautiful. Either pull your head out of your ass, or keep your thoughts to yourself and go back to hiding in your momma's basement.

  • George

    thats one obese katy perry...lol.