Overexposed Celebs Revealing a Bit Too Much

  • Overexposed Celebs Revealing a Bit Too Much
Octomom recently posed topless to show off her amazing weight loss.
Source: Startraks Photo
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  • paul

    after that many kids hot

  • Ashley Crain
    Ashley Crain

    I think I just threw up a lil!

  • Ed

    First, I am not in agreement with all of the negative comments that appear above. Second, in my opinion Octomom is not posing topless. In my opinion, for her to pose topless she would have to completely drop her hands from her breasts, and NOT use some other way to cover up what she is covering up in the photo. And lastly, I do think that she looks attractive. She's a pretty woman! In my opinion, she has a body she can be proud of.

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    dosn't luk gud

  • Ron Camarena
    Ron Camarena

    What's up with all your bad comments she's fine for having baby's I think all you need to look at your body's in the mirror and compare yourself to her's looking at your photos melody , melek ,Kira all unattractive woman .

  • Jessica

    Obviously she's been thru alot of surgeries! Where the heck is her belly button!?

  • Rofi

    THE BIG REVEAL!Not like a lot of us didn't realize what was going on, but still. Definitely an OH SNAP mmoent for Meela. XDNow the question is, why DID he look like her? AND, is he actually talking to her now, or is she sort of conversing with Feral's subconscious/inner child?

  • Melek Yıldırım
  • Melody Soto
    Melody Soto

    She's just gross!!!!

  • Kira Griswold
    Kira Griswold

    She's doing the Chicken Pose..LoL

  • MaryBeth

    This is disgusting! This is not amazing weight loss...this is the effects of over-use of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. This lady's body is all FAKE.

  • Krista Keller
    Krista Keller

    put on some shades.

  • Emlyn Copson
    Emlyn Copson

    Yikes, put some clothes on, yuck