Pants-Ditching Celebs: Jessie J

  • Pants-Ditching Celebs: Jessie J
Jessie J displays her outrageous fashion sense wearing a long white 'wedding' dress, complete with Angelina Jolie-style split, as well as huge black boots. Jessie herself referred to the white dress as a "wedding dress" throughout her show at the Hordern Pavilion on March 8, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. Later on in the concert, she removed the dress part of the outfit, making it a white leotard.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • qwerty

    She is really not. Listen to her earlier songs like Do It Like A Dude and then say that. Can Katy Perry rap? Probably not.

  • tay

    Was suppose to go to her concert but she cancelled :(

  • Mize

    She is nothing like Katy Perry. For one she has the most amazing voice. I was there last night right at the front and it was the greatest experience of my LIFE!

  • Kassy

    Wanna-be Katy Perry..