Pants-Ditching Celebs: Lady Gaga

  • Pants-Ditching Celebs: Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was scantily clad and wearing some sky high platforms as she hit the town in Stockholm, Sweden after a performance on May 8, 2010.
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  • melodaw


  • Guest

    No name why don't you get a life and stp crying every time someone expresses their opinion on your beloved lady gaga. It appears that you're the one who can't seem to break free of your mom's basement. Please go get yourself a real life already.

  • Guest

    Fuck please. Doesn't she care if there are kids or families around? Why does she always have to be "on"? Not appropriate in the least. Try to at least put on the appearance of some class at least. Society is just falling to pieces when people look up to someone who goes out in public dressed like this. No regard for anyone but herself. Classless to say the least.

  • Deena Nicholson
    Deena Nicholson

    what a fucking joke this bitch is

  • Cee Lo Black
    Cee Lo Black

    It is a shame that she still refuses to look and dress normal. She could be so hot if she wanted to.

  • noname

    all of you haters seriously need to shut THE FUCK UP and get a life. she's not fucking wearing "granny underwear (insert stupid-ass emoticon here) you can all suck jabba the hut's fat dick.

  • Katerina Biliouri
    Katerina Biliouri

    Like my granny's underwear :P

  • MileyMusicUK


  • hater

    yeah "gaga can rock anything." shut up asshole

  • not impressed
    not impressed

    Rock what? The drug addict hooker look? How does this not just look skanky? Looks like she just crawled out of a dumpster. Put her back in there where she belongs.

  • kenzieannc

    Gaga can rock anything