Pants-Ditching Celebs: Lady Gaga

  • Pants-Ditching Celebs: Lady Gaga
The always flamboyantly dressed Lady GaGa revealed a little more of herself while she did some shopping in see through net tights at Bruce Field's before her last gig in Paris, France on December 21st, 2010.
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  • Ana Clara Rezende
  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    Lordy I miss the vintage Gaga. Bring back the long blond hair with the cute bow!

  • Guest

    Not a good look at all

  • Hula

    God she is one worn out and ugly "lady"

  • Jen

    Why do people automatically assume everyone else on the internet is in their mom's basement?

  • noname

    STFU! you're all jealous of gaga because she's 1,000,000,000,000x richer than you and she takes risks with fashion. so crawl back in your mama's basement and leave the poor woman alone.

  • simplydiffer

    Gaga, no one's going gaga for you in that outfit.

  • Michael William
    Michael William

    terrible outfit, looks high as hell

  • not impressed
    not impressed

    Not nearly as bad as the other Gag pic in this article but still looks dead stupid.

  • Hunter Robbins
    Hunter Robbins

    Wow, talk about trailer trash.

  • bbygirl27

    i would understand lady gaga.....