Pants-Ditching Celebs: Christina Aguilera

  • Pants-Ditching Celebs: Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera
Source: Pacific Coast News/Getty Images
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  • Kassy

    Nothing is wrong with her body, just get rid of that orange skin Please!!!!!!!!

  • lilu

    yeah pants are a must not an option when your wearing tops so short lol

  • liisi

    i think too that she has beautiful curves , but she still should wear some pants,

  • Christine James
    Christine James

    Christina Aguilera has an amazing healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! She’s someone I really look up to. I think she’s really, really sexy and I just have so much respect for her.