Paris Hilton and Her Pets

  • Paris Hilton and Her Pets
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton says she is not a princess but her pig is. The rather large pet pig is named Princess Pigelette
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  • Leighann

    So glad to see you loving your pig. Unless a person had ever looked into the eyes of a pig, and rubbed their belly, they don't realize what a wonderful animal they are. Your pig looks very healthy. So glad you didn't buy into the lies that pigs are "mini's" or "teacup" size. There is no such thing. All potbelly pigs will range from 60-200lbs as adults by age 3 or 4 when they are mature. Paris, you have beautiful animals!

  • Justin Dominguez
    Justin Dominguez

    hahahahaha....I love it :-)

  • Rafael Centenera
    Rafael Centenera

    lol (^_^) //