Paris Hilton and Her Pets

  • Paris Hilton and Her Pets
Hotel heiress Paris Hilton says she is not a princess but her pig is. The rather large pet pig is named Princess Pigelette
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  • Mini Pig Farm
    Mini Pig Farm

    You are right, this pig is not 45lbs. I have seen other pictures of Paris with her pig and you can tell that this pig was overfed because of the rolls hanging over the poor pigs eyes. There are pigs that stay under 50lbs ( which are considered Teacups) but not all breeders are honest when they are selling bigger pigs. This is why I started a directory and my mini pig farm site so that I can try to stop these breeders that are giving their customers false hope.

  • KATE

    This pig is minimally 85-95 pounds NOT 45 pounds. A 45 pound piglet is a BABY...this a full grown POTBELLY pig....GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP PIG!!! IT IS AN INVENTION OF BREEDERS THAT WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Rafael Centenera
    Rafael Centenera

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