Paris Hilton Films Nude Bath Scene for New Reality Show

  • Paris Hilton Films Nude Bath Scene for New Reality Show
A nude Paris Hilton is seen taking a bath in a scene from her new Oxygen reality show, 'The World According to Paris.'
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  • john edhar
    john edhar

    paris i love you. come to moto gp again honey so i can see you again with your glasses

  • courtneybaaaby

    your a slut paris hilton, and you cant act for shit.

  • untouchablegirl

    Paris needs to focus on her goals in life if she even has any!

  • Lori

    I kinda noticed that Paris says one thing then says another. The other day on the View,she said everything is real on her new reality show. Then when Barbara asked her a question about why she complained about having to do her community service, she said "you have to play up to the camera and say things to make the show seem exciting". Now is the show real or is she acting so the show will seem exciting? I always liked Paris,but I think she just wants some attention now. I really think she just didn't want Barbara to ask her that question. She really is just concerned with doing what she has to do to get her community service done. She really doesn't care about helping people,like she claimed when she got out of jail. She wants people to think she does though.I think most of her doing good things is all for the camera and the public to make herself look good and that's it!