Paris Hilton Sports Teeny Bikini Top to Coachella

  • Paris Hilton Sports Teeny Bikini Top to Coachella
Dressed in a bikini top and maxi skirt, Paris Hilton heads to watch boyfriend DJ Afrojack perform at the Coachella Music Festival on April 20, 2012.
Paris Hilton Sports Bandeau Bikini Top to Coachella
Source: Pacific Coast News
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  • Octavio

    I think their PR strategy is to come out in a plubic enviroment and be themselves. I do agree with Lainey that they're testing the enviroment to prepare the media n plubic for award season. By that time the tabs should get it right about their relationship and the plubic should be use to seeing Brangelina out n about as a couple.I'm glad their letting the plubic into their relationship. I was getting tired of the media telling us what their relationship was about now Brad and Angie are showing up how close they are and how much they love each other by their actions.Those are lovely photos.