Showing unabashed public affection a

  • Showing unabashed public affection  a
Showing unabashed public affection, a swimsuit-clad Javier Bardem and bikini beauty Penelope Cruz enjoy each other on the beaches of Brazil Wednesday afternoon. Splashing around and groping each other like lustful teenagers definitely confirms their still blossoming romance, but questions still loom about their alleged engagement or whether Penelope is with child. The actors are notoriously private but Cruz’s beach body suggests a hint of baby bump and her ring finger is adorned with a beautiful ring so prying eyes can draw their own conclusions.
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  • Nicole

    they are in fernando de lovely country

  • cheech

    That dude was great in "No country for old men".

  • veni

    they are so cute... nice couple

  • noah

    Penelope, that's not a bowling ball, that's a butt.