Phoebe Price wears a Princess Leia

  • Phoebe Price wears a Princess Leia
Phoebe Price wears a Princess Leia costume at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA on July 23, 2010.
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  • starry

    Why is Phoebe Price becoming more and more popular. Well one obvious reason is her looks. Phoebe possesses one of the most gorgeous faces on the planet, a dazzling smile and Phoebe´s cheeks are just too much. Her cheeks are so prominent, you´d think they can defy gravity . Phoebe is the only woman i know who can form enchanting cheek peaks when she smiles. And she knows how to dress. Phoebe Price is a goddess and will go down in history as one of the most glamorous and beautiful women ever.

  • phoebefan

    Phoebe Price is a very beautiful woman ! People cannot believe how her cheeks can grow enormously when she puts on her dazzling smile ! I get asked all the time if those are cheek implants, but obviously they are not. She inherited those gorgeous cheeks, that are mesmerizing the world. Her fanbase is getting larger by the day. She has a faboulous smile. Phoebe Price has such an enchanting aura like no one else. She is bewitching men all over the world.

  • juusi

    Phoebe Price has such gorgeous cheekbones and smile. She has the ability, when she puts on her fabulous smile, to raise her cheeks and make them grow incredibly. Her cheeks seem to shoot out and they really form round peaks ! Her face is so beautiful when she does that, as she then appears enchantingly feminine.

  • juusi

    I dont think there is anyone who has nicer and sexier cheeks and cheekbones than phoebe price. Her cheeks are so big and defy gravity as well, because they do not sag down, but actually form peaks. Phoebe´s cheeks grow so big every time she smiles gorgeously.