Photos of Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber Christina Cho

  • Photos of Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber Christina Cho
Christina is the older sister of PETA's Special Projects Manager, Michelle Cho.
Source: Getty Images
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  • bob

    we should save our own people here in us instead of giving millions to countrys that hate us but women r hot no matter what

  • yo

    what do you say to a vegetarian? simple .. my food poops on your food...

  • Tariej

    People eating meat stimulates animal cruelty ... And cycle of life ?? Get real, certainly not the kind of life I wish to lead ... It's 2012 Laura, not 1912 ;)

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez

    I think they should focus more on animal cruelty and stop focusing on people eating meat. Its the cycle of life.

  • Johnny D
    Johnny D

    don't asians eat everything?? What a weirdo.. although I do admit it's kinda sexy to see her in this pic.. I love meat!

  • Liz

    Go, Christina Cho; you're my hero, not mention our furry friends. Thanks for your dedication.

  • beckalicious

    people have been eating meat for thousands of years it's NOT GOING TO CHANGE!! Get a real job, your 15 minutes are over

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    she looks like a cat !!!