Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days

  • Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days
In one of her last public sightings before her death, Whitney Houston is seen leaving Tru Hollywood nightclub looking out of sorts.
Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days
Source: Pacific Coast News
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  • Sweet T
    Sweet T

    Well she sure doesn't looked messed up to me.... Kayla you look messed up to me on your picture, but does that mean that you are really messed up....

  • NotEasy

    I agree!!! Whitney u r gone but u will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! Bless

  • NotEasy

    Who the hell said that the cause of her death was drugs and alcohol???? I think it was just her time Gods call!!!!

  • msackyb

    people lets just pray for her to Rest In Peace....

  • hodgesae

    Kayla1... I agree with you. and klassy, someone needs to say something to get the point across that drugs and alcohol and partying lifestyles are not the "cool" thing to do, b/c you are right, she is dead, and that lifestyle is what got her to that point! karma has nothing to do with anything. This is just another case of a "celebrity" thinking that they are invincible and they are not! It is such a shame that these people are role models for today's youth.

  • klassy60

    Kayla1 so what if she looks mad .she is dead . say nothing if you can not say something nice. say nothing . Karma is not kind.

  • Kayla1

    she looks pretty messed up