Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days

  • Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days
In one of her last public sightings before her death, Whitney Houston is seen leaving Tru Hollywood nightclub looking out of sorts.
Pics from Whitney Houston's Final Days
Source: Pacific Coast News
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  • Anvar

    philbill43 I wouldn't mind her prnivog me wrong, but I think the meth and/or coke (whether crack or free-base) smoking has permanently damaged her lungs, if not her vocal cords (with less capacity she can no longer force the volume of air through them needed to hit some of those notes, so it *could* be her throat's still fine and she just needs aerobics and cardio workouts to regain the voice').

  • Iir

    and oh big up on that Masta Ace shout.That EMC video with Eclipse doin' the radio/online-call-in/email shot showin the kid siittn on the computer late at night?? NIIiiiice! It's good to see that them cats is pushin' as a unit for real. I first read about them hookin up, on MySpace a while back just didn't know if it was official. I hope dem niggas git it!

  • c

    So true! I do not understand why everyone is trying to make these photos so tragic. She had a night out and was sweaty. She had her people around her. I think they just caught her mid-phrase or something like that. I have pics like that. Stop it, media!

  • jordirock

    The media is ridiculous group of money hungry sensationalistic cretins who have no respect for people's pain. She looks like someone who just finished having a great time dancing. There is sweat in her hair and on the front of her dress. There is a video posted that shows more than these brief conjectured moments in time with false captions and she was completely appropriate in her behavior. Thus far all we have is speculation. For her family and the families of all who lose people suddenly this is a heartbreaking moment. Show some respect.