Kate Moss is one of the

  • Kate Moss is one of the
Kate Moss is one of the world's highest paid supermodels, but can't afford a toothbrush.
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  • Oblaadee

    Her teeth look fine, she just did not pile on the makeup. Looks like she might even have a little lip gloss on. The only thing that looks out of line is her right eye, kinda wonky. Where is she at? Looks like the guy next to her needs a hygiene lesson. He looks like a terrible extra from the Swingtown show.

  • bitchimthebomb098

    kay so kate moss isnt exactly beautiful, but i dont see alot wrong with her teeth...? :s like theese people need to make fun of something that they can actually prove.

  • Team Blonde
    Team Blonde

    What's wrong with her teeth exactly?!?!

  • sfg

    i don't see ANY "plaque"! someone give this photo another title. If someones teeth or hair or any thing else for that matter is dirty, I would have the eye to detect that. Kate moss is not at all unhygienic in this photo.

  • lucy

    i heard from top model that to be truly successful as a high fashion model u have to be "ugly-pretty", i guess thats what kate moss is

  • name

    don't tell me that you actually believe these women are perfect. if you look at her in this picture she's not at all beautiful. cute maybe, but not more... in this photo she's uglier than most of the girls i know. all women can be beautiful if they afford having a stylist, but most of them can't afford that

  • Dave

    You must look fantastic to be able to criticise a supermodel...